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How to connect Xiaomi to PC

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You have owned a Xiaomi phone for some time now and now you think it is time to save a copy of the photos and videos you have captured via the camera. As a save destination, you have chosen to use one of the disks installed in your computer, but, once in front of the screen, you have realized that you have no idea  how to connect Xiaomi to the PC , so you are already thinking of throwing in the towel and adopt a different solution.

Did I guess? Well, then I want to tell you that you absolutely must not abandon your goal, because I am here to help you: in the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to make the cable connection between the Xiaomi phone and the computer, both in case which you have a Windows PC or a Mac. In addition, I will take care to illustrate in detail the operation of the software dedicated to the devices of the Chinese manufacturer and, finally, I will provide you with some useful information to be able to make the connection between the phone and the computer without using no cables.

So what else are you waiting to get started? Take a few minutes of your free time, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to say on the subject: I guarantee you that the final result will fully satisfy you. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good data transfer!

How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

In order to  connect Xiaomi to the PC with USB , you must first get the USB cable that you received supplied with the phone (or any other similar cable). When you have it, connect the two ends of the cable, respectively, to the Xiaomi and to the computer: the device, at this point, should be automatically recognized by the PC. Once connected, act following the procedure most appropriate to the operating system you are using. You will find everything explained in the following sections of this chapter.


How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

If you use the Windows operating system  , your Xiaomi should have been configured “on the fly” a few seconds after connection. When this happens, you can choose to browse the folders of the smartphone (to be able to view or download files from the memory), or to import the photos saved on it, using a wizard: here’s how.

Browse folders

How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

To  browse the folders of the device, first of all, take the latter, call up the MIUI notification area and touch the balloon indicating the wording  Device being charged via USB – Touch for other options . Then, in order to enable file browsing through the computer, choose the item  Transfer files / Transfer files from the panel that is proposed to you.

After this step, open the File Explorer / Windows Explorer, by clicking on the yellow folder located in the taskbar, press on the item  This PC / Computer located on the left and double-click on the icon relating to the previously connected Xiaomi (for eg.  Redmi 6 ).

At this point, the game is done: choose whether to access the  internal shared memory or the  microSD (if present) installed in the phone and manage everything exactly as if you were operating on a common USB key: you can view the files present, by double clicking on its previews; copy / move them to your PC, using the  Windows Copy / Paste and so on. Have you seen? It was a lot easier than expected!

Import photos and videos

How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

If you wish, you can import the images and videos present in the internal memory of your Xiaomi device using the Windows wizard. Before running it, however, take the phone, call up the system notification area , touch the balloon relating to the USB connection mode (eg.  Device being charged via USB – Touch for other options ) and choose the item  Transfer photos ( PTP) / PTP .

Then, go back to the computer, open the Windows Explorer / File Explorer (the yellow folder icon  located in the taskbar), click on the item  This PC / Computer located on the left, and locate the phone icon , this time in the shape of a camera, among those displayed on the screen.

Then, right-click on the aforementioned icon, select the  Import images and videos item from the menu that is proposed to you and wait for Windows to analyze the device memory, looking for multimedia content. Finally, indicate whether to  review, organize and import the elements or whether to  import everything , click on the Next button  and, if necessary, use the window that is proposed to you to group the photos and videos, exclude some elements or rename / rearrange the groups of Images.

When you are done, click on the Import button  , located at the bottom, to start the automatic acquisition of photos and videos, which will be saved in the Windows Pictures folder  .

How to connect Xiaomi to PC - Import photos

If you have  Windows 10 , you can also capture images using  Photos , an app included “standard” with the operating system. After connecting the phone to the computer and having it properly configured, then call up the Photos program from the Windows 10 Start menu , click on the Import button  (the one with the down arrow) located at the top right and choose to acquire images  from a USB device .

Finally, wait for Photos to analyze the Xiaomi memory and select the items to import, adding (or removing) the check mark from the relative previews. When you are done, you just have to finalize the acquisition by clicking on the Import button  located at the bottom.


How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

As for the USB connection of a Xiaomi device to the  Mac , the discussion is not very different from that already done for Windows PCs: also in this case, it is not necessary to have additional drivers, as the necessary is already present in the operating system. or in third-party applications to be used for the purpose.

In principle, all you need to do is connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and act in the most appropriate way, based on the operation you intend to carry out: browse the phone files, or import the images and videos present. in memory.

Browse folders

How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

In order to browse the memory of Xiaomi devices (and of all Android devices in general), you must first install  Android File Transfer , a free software designed for the purpose. To obtain it, connected to this website , click on the Download now button  and wait for the installation file to be completely downloaded on the Mac.

When the download is complete, open the dmg package obtained and, using the window that opens on the screen, drag the program icon to the Mac Applications folder  .

Now, connect the Xiaomi to the Mac, using the USB cable, if you have not already done so. Subsequently, call up the notification area on the smartphone, touch the item relating to the USB connection mode (eg  Device being charged via USB ) and select the item Transfer files / Transfer files from the proposed panel.

Now you just have to start  Android File Transfer , calling it from the Launchpad (the rocket- shaped icon  located in the  Dock ) and click on the Open button  , to overcome the security restrictions imposed by macOS on applications from non-certified developers (operation necessary only when the program is started for the first time).

At this point, click on the Start Now button and that’s it! Using the program is very simple: you can browse the device memory by clicking on the various folders and, if necessary, transfer files from the Xiaomi to the Mac simply by dragging them to the folder you prefer.

Import photos and videos

How to connect Xiaomi to PC with USB

To  import photos and videos  from Xiaomi to the Mac, you can follow two different ways: use the  Apple Photos application  , or use the Image Capture program  , which can be called up from the Other folder  of the  Launchpad .

Before proceeding, however, remember to connect the phone to the Mac and set it in Photo Transfer mode  (PTP) : to do this, call up the notification area of ​​the phone, touch the item relating to the  USB connection (eg  Device charging via USB ) and choose the appropriate option from the proposed panel.

To acquire images using Photos , start the program and choose the Import tab  (located at the top right): from there, you can click on the  Import all new items button , to transfer all the photos and videos resident in memory, or select manually the files to import (use the combination cmd + click to make a multiple selection) and finish the acquisition by clicking on the Import X selected button  .

Transferring images and videos with  Image Capture is even easier: after opening the program, click on the Xiaomi device icon (on the left) and simply drag the photos to a Mac folder of your choice.

Software to connect Xiaomi to the PC

Software to connect Xiaomi to the PC

Wait, you are telling me that you did not find the information I have provided in this guide very useful, as you are looking for a program that allows you to manage your phone directly from your computer (creating screenshots, managing backups and so on). )? Then you could consider using a  software to connect Xiaomi to the PC . Xiaomi, for its part, has designed the Mi PC Suite / MiPhoneAssistant utility for this purpose , available only for the Windows operating system  and freely downloadable from the Internet.

Before proceeding with the download of the program, however, I think it is my duty to make some clarifications: first of all, at the time of writing this guide, the software is still in beta version, albeit fully operational. This means that, in some cases, it may work incorrectly or unexpectedly. Therefore, I recommend that you back up your Xiaomi data using other methods (such as those I suggested in this guide, for example) and use this solution only as a last resort.

Secondly, it is right to inform you that parts of the software are in Chinese: this happens because, currently, the program is not officially supported in Italian (the translation is by the staff of the portal ), therefore the information received from the servers keep their original language.

Having made the necessary clarifications, it is time to take action. For Mi PC Suite to work correctly, the USB Debugging function must be  active on the smartphone and the USB installation option must be enabled: to do so, go to the  Settings of the Xiaomi device by tapping on the icon in the shape of a gear located in the drawer, touch the System Info item  and touch the MIUI version seven consecutive times  . Once this is done, you should be notified that developer mode has been activated.

Software to connect Xiaomi to the PC

If you are using a Xiaomi Android One license plate (such as the Mi A1 or the Mi A2, for example), then equipped with a version of Android without customization you must, instead, go to the Settings menu  > System> About phone and touch for seven consecutive times the Build Number item .

In any case, once the developer mode is activated, go back to the main settings screen, tap on the  Additional settings and  Developer options items (or  System> Advanced> Developer options , if you are using Android One) and activate the levers related to  USB Debugging and installation via USB .

After this step too, you are ready to use Mi PC Suite: to start, connected to this website , click on the Click here to start download button and wait a few seconds for the link to be made available. When this happens, press the Primary download button  and wait for the file to be fully downloaded to your computer.

Then, start the .exe file obtained just now, click on the Yes button  , put the check mark next to the  I accept the terms of the license agreement box , click on the Next button  three times in a row and last the setup, pressing on the Install and  Finish buttons  . If everything went smoothly, the program should start automatically; if this does not happen, proceed to do so through the icon added to the Windows desktop.

Software to connect Xiaomi to the PC

When the software starts, use the window that is proposed to you to log in using the credentials of your  Mi account (if you do not have one, click on the Create account item  to get one immediately), then connect the phone to the PC via the  USB cable and wait for it to be correctly detected.

If all goes well, you should see the request for authorization to communicate with the computer appear on the smartphone: to consent to the exchange of data, tap the OK button  that appears on the mobile phone screen.

The bulk is practically done! From now on, you can use the program to create a  data backup ( Backup tab  ),  restore a previously created backup ( Restore tab  ) or to  flash a custom ROM ( Flash ROM card  ). In the latter case, if you don’t know how to proceed, I strongly advise you to seek help from an experienced person, as a mistake could make your phone completely unusable.

Unfortunately, the photo and video viewing features, located on the main program screen (the Mi tab located at the top left), are still under development. On the other hand, the possibility of capturing a screenshot of the screen, directly from the PC, is active: to do so, click on the Screenshot item  located inside the thumbnail of the connected device.

How to connect Xiaomi to PC wirelessly

How to connect Xiaomi to PC wirelessly

If you are not very enthusiastic about connecting Xiaomi to the PC using the USB cable every time, you will be pleased to know that you have the possibility of obtaining results similar to those seen above, in completely wireless mode . As? It’s very simple. All you have to do is install some applications designed for the purpose (both on your phone and on your computer) and pair them with the same account.

By doing so, you will be able to exchange files between the Xiaomi and the PC wirelessly, take screenshots of the phone, receive Android notifications and much more. Let me list some of the best apps of this type for you.

  • AirDroid – is one of the best known apps to connect Android devices (Xiaomi included) to the computer, without using any cables. It allows you to exchange files between the various devices, view notifications on the computer, take screen shots, send SMS and, in the presence of root, even control the smartphone from the computer. AirDroid is compatible with Windows and macOS , has a Web version accessible from a browser and is available in both a free version (with a limit of 200 MB of data per month and 30 MB per single file) and a paid version, with prices starting from $ 2.99 / month. For more information on how AirDroid works, you can consult the appropriate chapter of this tutorial.
  • Pushbullet – available as a program for Windows , web service and extension for the most popular borwsers, it is a solution similar to AirDroid that allows, among other things, to view the notifications of Xiaomi on the PC and to transfer files from a device to all ‘other. In its free version, it offers 2 GB of storage space and has a limit of 25 MB per file sent.
  • Send Anywhere – is one of the best apps ever designed for exchanging files between multiple devices. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android devices (Xiaomi included) and iOS, it allows you to send and receive files without using the wire, simply by using the codes assigned to each transfer.
  • Mobizen – another excellent app to connect the Xiaomi to the PC wirelessly and manage it remotely, which includes the ability to record the phone screen directly from the computer. I told you about it in depth in my guide on how to record the phone screen.