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How to connect LAN cable to PS4

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How to connect LAN cable to PS4: You are a happy owner of PlayStation 4 and enjoy it as soon as you have a few minutes of free time. Recently, however, you have noticed some excess lag in online multiplayer sessions and are looking for a way to remedy it. In this regard, by searching the Net you discovered that using the connection via LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi – like the one you use now – it allows you to have a more stable connection and, therefore, less disturbances in online gaming.

Are you ready to follow this advice, however, having never connected the PS4 to the Net via cable, you would like a hand to understand how to connect LAN cable to PS4 without making mistakes, thus using the right products and procedures. Well, if that’s the case, don’t worry: in the course of this guide, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to choose a good network cable and how to check that you are connecting to the Internet correctly.

What do you say? Are you ready to learn more about the topic? Come on then, you just need to take five minutes of free time, follow the quick instructions below and put them into practice. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure relating to how to connect LAN cable to PS4I think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, when the console system refers to the LAN cableyou refer to what you probably know as Ethernet cablewhich is characterized by a connector, often semi-transparent (it is called RJ-45), square in shape that has a tab on the top and multi-colored threads on the inside.

LAN, in case you didn’t know, stands for Local Area Network: term used to refer to local network. It would be the one that in your home includes all the devices that you connected to the router, to explain it in a very simple way.

LAN cables are generally included in the sales packages of modems / routers, TV Boxes and other devices that need to be connected to the Internet and can be purchased in all major electronics stores, both online and offline. Their prices are quite affordable but, beware, because they are not all the same.

The main differences you have to look at are there length (to be chosen exclusively based on the distance between your router and the console; if the distance is long, you can also think about buying Powerline adapters to bring the Internet signal to the room where the PlayStation resides using the power supply of your dwelling) and the category belonging to the cable itself.

In fact, Ethernet cables are divided into various categories based on the amount of data that they are able to transfer every second (indicated in Megabit / Gigabit per second and in bandwidthi.e. the maximum speed of data transfer at a given time on a specific connection, which instead is indicated in Mhz).

If you want to know more, I warmly invite you to read my tutorial on how to configure an Ethernet network, where you can find everything really explained in great detail. Here, I will limit myself to recommending the purchase of cables CAT-6, CAT-7 or higher that is equipped with FTP shielding or STP.

On the length of the cable, I repeat, choose according to your needs, but do not overdo it: a cable that is too long could in fact lead to signal dispersion.


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How to connect the LAN cable to the PS4

PS4 Pro Ethernet LAN port

After explaining everything you need to know about the LAN / Ethernet cable, I think it’s time to take action and connect it to your PlayStation 4.

Then turn the console and look for the Ethernet portwhich you can recognize by the presence of the space for the “tab” facing down. On PS4 Proit is thelast door on the right, next to the USB one. On PS4 Slim is the third door on the back (with written LAN), while on PS4 Fat (the first PlayStation 4) is the penultimate top right and there is directly the inscription LANso you shouldn’t struggle to find it.

Once you find the door, take the Ethernet cableturn the “Tab” downkeep it pressed and insert the connector inside the connector slot. Generally, if everything has been done correctly, you should hear a “click”confirming that the cable is well connected.

How to connect LAN cable to PS4

Now, take theother end of the cable and connect it to yours modem / router or the Powerline adapter you have decided to use. The procedure for inserting the cable is similar to the one just illustrated for PS4.

Connect LAN cable to the modem router

Perfect, you have now successfully reached your goal and connected the LAN cable to the PlayStation 4. If your modem / router is configured correctly, your console can already access the internet.

How to check the PS4 connection

Use PS4 LAN network cable

Once you’ve connected the Ethernet cable to your PS4 correctly, it’s time to check if the internet connection works.

To do this, turn on the consolego to the upper toolbar and press the button X of the controller on the voice Settings. So select the option first Net and later that Configure Internet Connection.

After that, press the button X of the pad first above the voice Use a network (LAN) cable and later on that Typical (unless you want to change DNS or other connection parameters). Finally, you just have to select the option Check Internet Connection and that’s it: the system will check the connection of your console and give you all the necessary information.

Alternatively, you can use the option Check Internet Connection present in the menu Configure Internet Connection.

Check PS4 Internet Connection

For more details on this procedure and in case you want to access the console’s online features, I suggest you consult my guide on how to go on the Internet with PS4, in which I have explained everything you need to know about the possibilities offered by the console. Sony.

Just to give you quick directions, to play online and download titles you need a PlayStation Network account. You can create one from the path Settings> Account Management> Sign in to PlayStation Network and pressing on the item New to PlayStation Network? Create an account.

For the rest, you need to know that i paid online multiplayer titles they also require the subscription of a subscription called PlayStation Plus: for all the details on prices and operation of the service, I refer you to my tutorial on how to activate PlayStation Plus.

For the rest, I suggest you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to PlayStation 4, where you can find countless guides that could be for you