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How to connect Huawei to PC

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You recently bought a Huawei smartphone or tablet , have you tried to connect it to your computer to import some photos you have taken to your PC, but the device is not recognized by Windows or macOS? Don’t panic! This is almost certainly a driver problem or a bad Android configuration. In short, nothing that cannot be solved in a handful of clicks, or “taps”.

I would say, therefore, not to get lost in gossip and get straight to the point. Below you will find explained how to connect Huawei to the PC and how to solve all the most common problems that may be encountered during this operation. I assure you that this is nothing complicated. You just have to take a few minutes of free time and try to put into practice the various solutions that I am about to propose to you. I am sure that at least one of them will prove to be suitable for your case and will allow you to unblock the situation.

Note: I will use a Huawei Mate series smartphone in the tutorial, but the instructions contained in the article are fine for all major Huawei smartphone and tablet models. I wish you a good read and, above all, I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Connect Huawei to a Windows PC

Connect Huawei to the Windows PC

If you want to find out how to connect Huawei to the PC just to access the files on the memory of your phone or tablet (or on the microSD inserted inside the latter), take the supplied USB cable and connect one end to the port USB of the PC and the other to that of the device.

Once this is done, on the smartphone or tablet display, press the Yes button , allow access , if requested, and wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the device and allow you to access its content via File Explorer (as if it was a common USB key or an SD card).

If that doesn’t happen, try connecting your phone or tablet to another USB port on your computer. If this attempt is not successful either, try to access the Android notifications menu, swiping down from the top edge of the smartphone (or tablet) screen, then select the item relating to the USB connection and put the check mark next to the USB File Transfer (MTP) option .

Another attempt you can make, if the connection between PC and smartphone (or tablet) continues to fail, is to enter the Android Settings (the gear icon that you find on the home screen of your device or in the screen with the icons of all the apps installed on it), select the Developer options item  and enable or disable  USB debugging (depending on whether the option is already active or not).

Huawei developer option

If you do not see any item relating to “Developer options” in the settings menu, it means that you have not yet activated this feature and, therefore, the problem relating to the lack of connection between phone (or tablet) and PC is to be found elsewhere.

If none of the solutions I have just proposed work, try to put into practice what is reported in one of the next chapters of this tutorial , in which I will tell you about  HiSuite : the software for managing Huawei devices from PC, which contains inside also the drivers necessary for the detection of the latter by Windows and macOS.

Alternatively, click on the Start button , located in the lower left corner of the screen, search for Device Manager  in the search bar in the menu that appears and choose the appropriate search result.

In the window that is shown to you, expand the list of the USB Controller or that of Portable Devices , right-click on the icon relating to your smartphone or tablet (eg. USB Mass Storage Device or USB MTP Device ) and start the search of new drivers on the Internet, by selecting Update Driver from the context menu.

Windows Device Manager

At this point, you will be presented with a new screen, through which you can start the search for drivers: click on the item Search automatically for an updated driver and wait a few seconds, so that Windows searches for the most updated drivers for the device.

If you don’t see the option to automatically search for drivers (it seems to have been removed starting with Windows 10 19041.423 ), you can use Windows Update and see if there are any updates there for the driver of your interest.

Once the connection between the computer and the smartphone (or tablet) has been established, open Windows File  Explorer (the yellow folder located at the bottom left of the taskbar) and, in the window that appears, click on the item  Computer / This PC located in the left sidebar.

Explore Huawei folders on Windows

At this point, double-click on the name of your smartphone or tablet and enjoy browsing the folders on the device as if it were a common USB key.

It is possible to copy, move and delete files freely in all folders (except the system ones, which are rightly protected), so be careful where you put your hands: you may delete files necessary for the proper functioning of some apps, photos you care about a lot or other important data.

Copy photos and videos from Huawei to PC

Import Huawei photos from Windows

The photos and videos, if they are the ones that interest you, are in the DCIM folder of your phone (or tablet). If you want, you can manually copy them to the PC, by accessing the folder using the procedures I indicated in this chapter , and then transfer them using the classic Windows copy-and-paste function, which I told you about in this guide.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use the Windows photo and video import tool. First, activate the Photo Transfer (PTP) mode on your Huawei device by expanding the Android notification menu and selecting the USB connection item .

Once this is done, start the import wizard of photos and videos on your computer, by right-clicking on the device icon in the Computer section of  File Explorer and selecting the Import images and videos  item from the context menu that appears.

In the screen you see, then put the check mark next to the item Review, organize and group the items to import , click on the Next button  , organize the tags and folders in which to separate the imported photos on the PC and click on the Import button   to start the file transfer.

By default, the photos (and videos) on your smartphone are saved in the  Windows Pictures folder  . If you want to change the distinction, press the Other options item  , located at the bottom left, and choose the folder you prefer, using the Browse button , in the window that opens.

Connect Huawei to a Mac

Android File Transfer to Mac

Do you have a Mac and can’t access your Huawei device via Finder ? Don’t panic, everything is normal. Unfortunately macOS does not allow you to access the content of an Android device via the Finder. This, however, does not mean that you have to give up the ability to manage the files on your smartphone or tablet through the Apple operating system.

By installing the free Android File Transfer application , in fact, you can easily remedy the problem, in order to freely access the contents of your smartphone or tablet and edit all the files you want. You can also transfer files from your portable device to your computer (or vice versa, with a maximum limit of 4GB per file) and more.

To install Android File Transfer on your Mac, connect to the official website of the program and click on the Download Now button . When the download is complete, open the dmg file you just downloaded on your computer, drag Android File Transfer (the name of the program in its Italian version) to the Applications folder of macOS and start the latter by double clicking on its icon.

Now, answer  Open to the warning that appears on the screen and, when you see the main screen of Android File Transfer, press the Start button to close the application.

Mission accomplished! From this moment on, whenever you connect your smartphone or your Android tablet to the Mac, Android File Transfer will open automatically and will allow you to access all the files on the device memory (or on the microSD inserted in the latter. ). If Android File Transfer does not start automatically, open the software “manually” through its icon in the Applications folder of macOS.

Browse Android memory on Mac

In case of error messages, instead, try to expand the Android notification menu (by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom), select the item relating to the USB connection and put the check mark next to the Transfer option USB (MTP) file .

Also, try going into the Settings> Developer Options menu and turning the USB Debugging function on / off , as I explained to you in the previous chapters of this tutorial.

If you want to transfer photos and videos from your Huawei device to the Mac, try setting the Photo Transfer (PTP) connection mode on Android (by expanding the notifications menu and selecting the USB connection item ) and open the Image Capture application macOS, through which you should be able to access photos and videos saved on your smartphone (or tablet) and copy them to your computer using the Import button or by dragging with the mouse.

How to connect Huawei to PC with HiSuite

HiSuite installation

So far we have seen how to connect Huawei to the PC without HiSuite  to perform some basic operations, such as copying photos and other data to the PC. However, if you want to manage your Huawei device more completely by having the opportunity to save backups of the latter on your PC or to start a software update, you must download the Huawei HiSuite program for Windows and macOS , which contains inside everything you need to put the PC in communication with the smartphones and tablets of the Chinese house and to interact with them.

To download HiSuite on your computer, connect to this page of the Huawei website and select the operating system for which you want to use this software, by pressing the appropriate download button. On Windows , after downloading the ZIP archive , extract the contents to a folder of your choice.

Then start the HiSuite_xx_OVE.exe executable and, in the screen you see, click on the Yes button . Once this is done, click on the Next button , then on Allow and wait for the installation to complete. To finish, press the Start button , to run the software.

If you want to use HiSuite on macOS , press the Download for Mac button on the official website and you will be directed to its tab in the Mac App Store . Then press the Get button , then the  Install button  and confirm the software installation by entering the Apple ID or Touch ID password.

At this point, after you have started HiSuite, connect your smartphone or tablet to the PC using the supplied USB cable and wait a few seconds for the device to be detected. If this is your first time connecting your mobile device with your computer, you need to authorize the connection between the two. This is done by meticulously following the instructions indicated in HiSuite.

The first thing you need to do is enable the HDB protocol , by starting the Android Settings app, typing the term ” hdb ” in the search bar at the top and, finally, pressing the item Allow the use of HDB . Once this is done, move the lever from OFF to ON in correspondence with this last item and, after a few moments, press the OK button , in the warning on the display.

At this point, go back to the PC and press the OK button of the HiSuite notice, to start the installation of the most updated version of HiSuite on the Huawei device. Now, start the HiSuite app , looking for its icon on the home screen and report the code that is shown to you in the appropriate box on the HiSuite screen on PC.

At this point, press the Connect button , wait a few moments and, finally, press Allow, in order to allow access to the device information. Perfect, you don’t have to do any other steps: your Huawei smartphone (or tablet) is now connected to your computer.


To manage your Huawei device from your computer, select the HiSuite Home tab (top left) to view the internal memory and microSD status, start a device backup or restore , update Android to the latest version available or access the multimedia items in memory.

If you want to learn more about some topics related to Huawei devices, read my tutorials on how to reset Huawei and how to update Huawei: I hope they can be useful for you to better understand how HiSuite works.

Instead, by selecting the Device tab of the program (top left) you can access a practical menu through which to manage contacts , messages , images , videos , apps and e-mails ( Outlook ).

All you have to do is select one of the available items in the left sidebar and manage the files related to the selected category, using the panels that appear on the right.

How to connect Huawei to PC without cable

Do you want to connect your Huawei smartphone or tablet to the PC without using any cables? In that case, you will be happy to know that in the next chapters you will find all the information that can be right for you.

Connect Huawei to the PC with WiFi

Huawei Wireless Link

Huawei smartphones and tablets are equipped with some wireless protocols that allow you to communicate with a PC. I am referring to the Huawei Share and Wireless Projection features , which allow, respectively, to transfer files and project the screen of the device.

As for Huawei Share , all you need to do is to enable that feature on your device and that’s it. To do this, start the Settings app and select the Device connection> Huawei Share items , taking care to move the appropriate lever to ON and respond  Activate to the  warning on the screen.

Once this is done, also activate the lever next to the wording Computer sharing and customize the access data that you find under the heading Verify on computers .

After this operation, you have to do is open File Explorer in Windows and select Network , which you can find in the left sidebar. Among the devices in the list, double-click on the one that refers to the Huawei device and enter the login credentials previously configured, in order to start exploring the folders in its memory.

On macOS , instead, start Finder , select the items Go> Network , in the menu bar and double-click on the icon for the Huawei device . Then press the Connect as button and enter your login credentials.

If, on the other hand, you want to project the screen of your Huawei smartphone or tablet on your PC, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the wireless network is enabled on the computer. In this regard, you can follow the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine.

Next, start the Settings app and select the Device Connection item . Among the features that are shown to you, press the one called Easy Projection or MirrorShare and move the appropriate lever to ON .

From the list of nearby devices that you see in the box below, click on your PC name to immediately start casting your screen on your computer monitor. Easy, right?

Connect Huawei to the PC with Bluetooth

Huawei Bluetooth connection

You can also connect a Huawei smartphone or tablet to a PC using the Bluetooth interface . Although mobile devices are equipped with this type of connection, PCs may not necessarily be.

In this regard, if your PC does not have it, you can buy a USB adapter that supports this communication protocol. You can find all the information about it, in addition to how to enable this feature on your PC, in my guide on how to activate Bluetooth on your PC.

At this point, all you have to do is activate Bluetooth also on your Huawei smartphone or tablet, by starting the Settings app and selecting the Device connection> Bluetooth items . You can learn more about how to activate Bluetooth on your Huawei device by following my guide dedicated to the topic.

After you activate Bluetooth on your mobile or tablet, all the devices nearby will be shown on the same screen. Press, therefore, on the name of the PC and then press the Associate button , in the box that is shown to you.

If you have followed the instructions I have given you to the letter, you will have successfully paired via Bluetooth. You just have to move the data, as I explained to you in my guide on how to transfer photos from mobile to PC via Bluetooth

Other solutions to connect Huawei to your PC without a cable


Would you like to connect a Huawei device to the PC wirelessly or receive smartphone notifications on the computer? Nothing impossible. By installing the right applications on your PC and on your mobile device, you can be able to connect the two devices in an extremely convenient and effective way. Here are some practical examples.

  • AirDroid – a very famous application for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS that allows you to connect smartphones and tablets to your computer wirelessly, to exchange files between all devices, send SMS from your computer, capture screenshots remotely, view notifications on desktop and, if you have a rooted Android terminal, control smartphones and tablets from your computer. You can use it for free in its basic version, but to eliminate all limitations (max 200MB of data transferred per month, max 30MB for upload, remote camera management and more) you need to subscribe to a paid plan starting from 2.99 $ / month. To find out more, check out my tutorial on how to manage Android from your PC.
  • Pushbullet – another very good solution, which allows you to view notifications from Android terminals on your PC, exchange files wirelessly and send / receive SMS via your computer. It can be installed on Windows as an application, or on Windows, macOS and Linux as an  extension for Chrome or other compatible browsers. It is also accessible from the web as an online service. It’s free, but it has limitations: it offers up to 2GB of storage and has a maximum of 25MB per upload. Paid plans start at $ 4.99 / month. To learn more, check out my tutorial on how to transfer files from Android to PC.
  • Mobizen – one of the best apps to record the screen of Android smartphones and tablets. It is available as an app for Windows and macOS and, of course, as an app for Android (and iOS). It also includes features to get notifications from your smartphone or tablet to your computer, wirelessly transfer files, and more. Its basic version is free, but to remove the watermark from video recordings and unlock other interesting features, you need to subscribe starting at $ 2.99 / month. For more details about it, read my guide on how to record phone screen where I told you in detail about Mobizen.

How to connect Huawei to PC with broken screen

Huawei screen replacement

Have you broken the display of your Huawei smartphone or tablet and, now, are you looking for a way to connect it to your PC to keep all the data inside it?

In this regard, my advice is to follow all the procedures that I have already indicated to you in the previous chapters. You must know that although the display is broken, in most cases (depending on the damage) you can still continue to use the device, without great difficulty.

When you configure the connection of the Huawei device to the PC for the first time, especially if you are using HiSuite , the subsequent connections take place automatically, without you having to accept any request on the device itself.

And if the data to be stored is present directly on the external memory, such as a microSD , you can simply extract it and read the content directly from it via the PC, as I explained to you in this guide.

In case you need to interact with the screen of the Huawei device, my advice is to repair it first. You can try to carry out this type of intervention yourself or by relying on an authorized repair center. In both cases, I recommend that you read what I suggested in my guide on how to fix the glass on your mobile.

And if it is the computer display (and therefore the monitor) that you need to repair, I recommend that you contact a repair center that can take care of this type of intervention. Often, however, depending on the type of monitor, the intervention could be more expensive than the monitor itself, as this type of damage is not covered by a legal guarantee.

In this case, the only viable solution is to buy a new monitor, to be able to reset the PC and, therefore, to be able to connect the smartphone or the Huawei tablet. If you are interested in buying a new one, I recommend that you read my guide on the best monitors.

How to connect Huawei hotspot to PC

Huawei Smartphones

If your goal is to connect Huawei to the internet PC with hotspot , you will be happy to know that the procedure is very simple.

I only warn you to inquire with your mobile phone provider if there are additional costs in case of sharing the Internet network in the hotspot. In this regard, I recommend that you contact customer support, following the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine.

To proceed with the creation of a hotspot on Huawei and share the Internet connection of the SIM with the PC, you must go to the menu Settings> Other (EMUI 5) or Wireless and networks (EMUI 9) . Then you have to select the Tethering / portable hotspot option and press the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot . For the complete procedure, follow the instructions I have given you in this guide of mine dedicated to the topic.