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How to compress JPG

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How to compress JPG: Do you have to send some photos in JPG format by e-mail and would you like to reduce their weight a little so as not to “clog” the recipient’s mailbox? Want to post some images on your website but don’t want to increase page load times too much? The solution to your problems has only one name: compression.

Thanks to some software suitable for the purpose, you can significantly reduce the weight of your JPG images without changing their format and without altering their visual quality too much. As for this aspect, however, you have to be careful not to exaggerate with the compression values: nothing is enough to ruin a photo by making it become grainy or with dull colors!

To avoid problems and find out how to compress JPG effectively, read on. I have to recommend a couple of software that are definitely for you: powerful but easy to use.

If you are looking for an application that is as intuitive as possible and allows you to compress JPG in an almost magical way – with a simple drag and drop of the files to be treated – you can only turn to JPEGminia software for Windows and Mac OS X that costs about 15 euros but can be downloaded in a free trial version capable of compressing up to 20 photos per day.

To test its potential in the field, connected to its website, type your e-mail address in the field Type your email and press the button Free download. Therefore, wait for the program installation package to be downloaded (JPEGmini_Installer.exe), start it and click on the button Install to complete the setup. If you are using a Mac you can download the app directly from the OS X store.

At the first launch of JPEGmini, put the check mark next to the item I agree to the terms of the license agreement to accept its terms of use and press the button Acceptthen select the item Use JPEGmini free version and click on Continue to access the main application screen.

At this point you just have to select the photos to be compressed with the mouse and drag them into the JPEGmini window, the software will compress them as much as possible without affecting the visual quality and will automatically replace the original images with the “lighter” ones.

If you need to process more than 20 images per day and, above all, you want more control over the file compression parameters, you can use IrfanView. It is a very versatile image viewer for Windows, which includes many editing functions and supports numerous plugins.

Among its many features there is also the one that allows you to process images in series by compressing and renaming them. It’s completely free (with no limitations of any kind) but for personal use only, so be careful not to use it for commercial projects.

If you want to download IrfanView on your PC, connect to its website and click on the item first Download present in the left sidebar, then on the item Fileforum – Download IrfanView and on the button Download now.

When the download is complete, start the software installation package (eg. iview438_setup.exe) and press the buttons Yup, Forward for four consecutive times e Done to finish the setup.

For compress JPG with IrfanView, start the application and go to the menu File> Batch Conversion / Rename. In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item Batch Conversionselect the option JPG from the drop-down menu Output format and click on the button Options to adjust the image compression parameters.

Now you have to be very careful to properly calibrate the bar that determines the quality of the files to be saved: usually the value 80 (the default one) offers a good compromise between file size and visual quality, but if you want to minimize the weight of the images you can also try to lower it a bit. I suggest you make several attempts until you find the combination that best suits your images.

Finally, press the button OKdrag the photos to be compressed in the box at the bottom right of the IrfanView window and start saving the files by clicking on Start Batch. To select the folder in which to export the compressed images click on Browse.

How to compress JPG

IrfanView also supports a plugin named RIOT which allows you to compress JPG choosing not the output quality but directly the “weight” (eg 50KB). If you want to try it, connect to This Page of the IrfanView website and click on the link irfanview_plugins_438_setup.exe.

When the download is complete, open the plugin installation package and first click on Yup and then on Forward And OK to finish the setup. Then go back to the menu File> Batch Conversion / Rename of IrfanView, click on the button Optionsput the check mark next to the item Set file size and specify the size of the photos to be compressed in the adjacent text field.