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How to complete GTA 5 100%

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How to complete GTA 5 100%: You bought GTA 5 and you love to spend part of your free time with this title, which has already offered you tons of entertainment so far. After completing the main story, you have noticed that the completion percentage of the game is not at its maximum and, therefore, you are wondering how to reach 100%.

If that’s the case, don’t worry: in the guide you are about to read you will find all the information you need to know how to complete GTA 5 100%. I will explain what activities you will need to do to achieve your goal, while also getting the trophy for completing the game and unlocking the mission “The Last One” with Franklin (it’s all connected).

Having said that, let’s not get lost in more chat and let’s get to the heart of the matter: sit down comfortably and pay attention to all the tips I will provide you in the next chapters. I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!

How to complete GTA 5 100%

If you want to know how to complete GTA 5 100%know that to achieve this goal you will have to complete some missions and activities available in the game world of Los Santos.

You can see the percentage of completion of the game right on saving the session: to do this, while you are in the game, press the pause buttonselect the items Game> Load Game from the menu that opens and locate the most recent save. On the latter you will notice a percentage, which is exactly the value you are looking for.

Having said that, in the next chapters I will offer you an overview of all the activities required on GTA 5 in order to be able to complete the title with a percentage equal to 100%. Good luck for everything!

Main missions

GTA 5 Missions

To get the 100% completion of GTA 5it is important to complete all history missions. This title contains more than 60 missions involving the three main characters: Michael, Franklin And Trevor.

Therefore, to achieve this, you must have completed the prologue mission, i.e. the heist of Ludendorff, which introduces you to some game mechanics, and then continue with the next missions. The first will automatically start right after the prologue and will put you in the shoes of Franklin, who will be tasked with stealing sports cars along with his friend Lamar.

Considering that GTA 5 is a “free roaming” title, that is, it consists of a vast game map that is fully explorable, in general, for the other missions, you will have to reach the marker on the map. The latter consists of a colorful alphabet letter of blue, green or orange, respectively if it is to be activated by Michael, Franklin or Trevor.

GTA 5 missions icon

However, do not confuse the icons on the map: the main missions are indicated with a colorful letter on the map, while the secondary ones belonging to the category Strangers and insane are marked witha smaller reading icon with a question mark next to it. Of this kind of missions, I will tell you in detail in the next chapter.

Also, I warn you that completing the main missions does not require you to necessarily get a gold medal in the objectives. Therefore, you will simply have to concentrate on completing the missions and reaching the end game.

Among the main story missions, both the organized shotsboth the missions of assassination of Lester. For the latter, my advice is to start them only after completing all the missions in history, so as to maximize earnings with stock market speculation, which I told you about in this guide of mine.

Strangers and insane

Strangers and Fools GTA 5

Other types of missions that are proposed to you on GTA 5, useful for completing the game at 100%, are those called Strangers and insane. This type of activity is available immediately after completing the first few missions, and from time to time, new ones will be available on the map as you progress through the title.

The missions in question are assigned by specific NPCs (non-player characters) who, generally, are not tied to the narrative strand of the main story. If you have never activated these missions for an NPC, it will be visible on the map with a ‘question mark icon.

After completing the mission for the NPC, all of his future missions will be marked with theicon of a letter with a question mark next to itin order to distinguish them from those of the main story. As for the latter, the icons of the missions Strangers and insane they are marked with a color, which identifies the character who can start them.

In order to count towards completing GTA 5 at 100%, you don’t have to complete all missions Strangers and insane that are proposed to you, but only those to be performed with the character Franklin (20 missions in total).

In this regard, the missions Unknown and crazy that will be proposed to you with Franklin will be all those assigned by Barry, Beverly, Sun, Dreyfuss, Hao, Mary Ann, Omega And Tonya. The ones to play with Michael and Trevor are optional and you can play them only for the pleasure of doing so, not to reach the goal of completing GTA 5 at 100%.

Again, you don’t need to get the gold medal in mission objectives Strangers and insane. Therefore, it is enough for you to simply complete them successfully, so that they are correctly counted.

Sports activities

GTA 5 races

In GTA 5 there are several sports and hobbies available that can be practiced by Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Although there are tons of them, only a few are considered for 100% completion of the game. Which? I’ll tell you right away.

First, you need to complete the objectives of the shooting range: There are a total of 6 categories of weapons available in this activity and, for each of them, you will have to complete the objectives by obtaining bronze or higher quality medals.

Another activity to do is the game of golf, for which you will have to complete nine holes with a score equal to or below par, that is, the indicated score. In other words, you need to complete an entire nine-hole game. Also, you have to win a game of tennis and one a darts.

In addition to these activities, in order to reach the maximum percentage of completion of GTA 5, you will have to conquer at least the third place, that is a bronze medal, in the ran on the street, on dirt And aquaticIn the Triathlon and in the objectives of the flight school.

Finally, you will need to complete all jump with a parachute with Franklin and witness one private show at the Strip Club.

Random events

GTA 5 Events

Wandering the streets of GTA 5, you can come across random events of various kinds, which consist in thwart robberies and muggings, storm a security van, survive an ambush or give a ride to strangersjust to give you some examples.

These events are scattered throughout the GTA 5 map and start quite randomly when you are near them – you can easily recognize them by the appearance of a blue dot on the map.

In this case, all you have to do is get close to the cue, to understand the type of event you ran into, and complete the event itself. After completing it, this will be added to the game’s completion rate.

However, you do not need to complete all 57 events in GTA 5: to reach your goal, you only need to have completed 14 of them.

Collectibles and other assets

Chop GTA 5

To conclude, there are also other activities to be carried out in GTA 5 in order to be able to complete the game 100%. This kind of activity also includes some objectives that require you to collect hidden objects in the game world. Let’s analyze them in detail.

First, you need to collect all parts of letter and all those spaceship scattered across the map. In addition, you will need to complete some specific tasks, such as crazy stuntsthat is, the platforms for the jumps that you find around the map, i you fly under bridges ei you fly with a knife.

You don’t need to complete all of these tasks – just get it done at least 25 insane stunts, 25 flights under bridges And 8 knife flights. It would be difficult for me to show you where to find these activities, one by one, but I advise you to consult the interactive map on the websitewhere you can find the exact location of the collectibles.

In addition to this kind of business, you also have to buy at least five properties, rob at least one shop, take Chop for a walk and play with him, buy at least one vehicle online And visit the cinema. Also, using the in-game phone, you need to contact one of your friends and do some activities together: going to the bar, watching a movie at the cinema, go to the Strip Club And play darts.

Finally, the remaining activities to perform are those that consist of having a appointment with a stripper and take advantage of services of a prostitutewhich you can find in the area of ​​the Del Perro pier