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How to color in Illustrator

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How to color in Illustrator: Recently, you have rediscovered your passion for digital drawing and have seen fit to use for that purpose Illustrator, the famous Adobe vector graphics program used and appreciated by graphic designers and digital artists from all over the world. You couldn’t have made a better choice than this one, there is no doubt about that!

If you have come to this guide, however, it is evident that you have some difficulties in using it and, to get more into the merits, in using the Illustrator tools that allow you to color the drawings. How do you say? Did I perfectly frame the situation you are in? Well: it means that you are in the right place, at the right time!

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain to you how to color in Illustrator. I’ll mainly focus on using its desktop version, but while I’m at it, I’ll also tell you about its mobile counterpart in the last part of the article. I would say, therefore, not to waste any more precious time chatting and to start immediately to get busy. I wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

How to color in Adobe Illustrator

We immediately get to the heart of the topic by seeing how to color in adobe illustrator with the various tools and brushes included in the famous vector graphics program available for Windows and macOS.

How to color drawing on Illustrator

For color a drawing on Illustrator, you need to make one first, if you haven’t already. After starting the program, click on the button Create new present in its main window (on the left) and, in the menu that opens, click on one of the tabs at the top, to choose the type of file you want to create: Recentto use a recently used template; Graphics and illustrationto view the templates with which illustrations can be made, and so on.

To conclude this preliminary phase, possibly customize the characteristics of the document (Length, Height, Orientationetc.) using the drop-down menus on the right (under the heading Default details) and click on the blue button Create at the bottom right.


On the left of the window you now see is the toolbar which contains the various drawing tools with which you can create your illustration. To create the design, therefore, select the instrument of your interest (eg. Pencil tool), modify its properties by clicking on the tab Property located at the top right, and adjust its characteristics (for example the colorlo stroke thicknessetc.) via the menus Appearance And Brush.

Once you have chosen the tool to use, start making the sketch on the worksheet located in the center of the Illustrator window: just hold down the left mouse button to draw the pencil (or, in any case, the selected tool) or run the stroke using the tablet (if you are using such a device).

Then call it back Brush tool from the Illustrator toolbar located on the left, define its characteristics as I just showed you and color the design you have made.

In case you make mistakes while drawing or coloring, call it up Eraser tool from the toolbar located on the left and delete the stroke made incorrectly, or use the function cancel (pressing Ctrl + Z on Windows or cmd + z on macOS) to undo the last change made.

Coloring drawing in Photoshop

An even simpler method to color a drawing on Illustrator is to apply a fill and stroke color using the special selectors located on the program toolbar, which is always on the left.

After making the drawing, he then calls up the tool select (the icon of the black arrow located at the top left), draw a selection on the portion of the drawing to be colored (it must be a closed shape, otherwise you will also color the adjacent parts) and activate the color selector by double clicking on the crossed out white square (on the left).

In the box Color picker that should have appeared on the screen, select the color you want to apply to the selection made and click on the button OK. Simple, right?

coloring on Illustrator

To save your work, select the item Save with name… from the menu File and choose to export the drawing to SVG (so as to save it in vector format, which allows you to enlarge it without loss of quality), also choosing the position and the first name to be assigned to the latter.

How to color background in Illustrator

Change Illustrator background color

You would like to know how to color the background in Illustrator? I guarantee you it’s simpler than you think. All you have to do is create a new layer to use as a “background”, draw a rectangle inside it, customize the color of the latter and, finally, move the layer in question down, under any other layers that may be present. in the project.

To proceed, therefore, after having created and colored the drawing with the tools I mentioned in the previous linescreate a new layer by selecting the tab Levels (top right) and clicking on the button Create new layer (the icon of square with the + located at the bottom right).

At this point, call it back rectangle tool in the Illustrator toolbar and draw a rectangle that is the same size as the worksheet. To customize the color of the latter, activate the color picker by double clicking on the icon crossed out white square on the left and, in the opened box, select the color you want to apply to the shape you drew. Finally, click on the button OK.

Finally, drag the layer containing the rectangle under all the layers (just hold down the left mouse button while doing this) and that’s it.

In conclusion, you simply have to save the work done by selecting the item Save with name… from the menu File and export the drawing in the format (eg. SVG) and in the position which you prefer most.

How to color on Adobe Illustrator mobile

Adobe Fresco

You want to know how to color on Adobe Illustrator mobile, as you have installed Illustrator for iPad? Well, this full version of Illustrator is very similar to the one for desktop PCs, and therefore you can use it by following steps similar to those I indicated in the previous chapters of the guide.

Alternatively, you can use a less “powerful” version of Illustrator mobile: Adobe Frescoavailable for iOS / iPadOS, which in 2021 took the place of the old Illustrator Draw. Basically it’s free, but access to all functions requires in-app purchases starting at € 10.99.

After installing and launching Adobe Fresco, log in with yours Adobe IDwith your account Applewith your account Google or with your account Facebook, by tapping on one of the appropriate buttons. Once logged in, click on the button Create new and select the format of the worksheet you want to draw on (ex. Square).

To draw and color on the worksheet placed in the center of the screen, then, tap on one of the brushes located on the left, make another tap on it and select the one you want to use (eg. Charcoal, Ink, Painting, etc.). To adjust the color, size and other characteristics of the brush in use, use the special box located next to it (always on the left).

When you have finished drawing and coloring, click on the icon of arrow pointing up (top right) and choose the export or share option you like best.