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How to color Facebook

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How to color Facebook: Are you tired of the look of Facebook? Would you like to change that usual blue to another color? Well, then I have to give you some good news: it can be done, and also very easily. Just install Stylish, a free extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows you to apply custom graphic themes (called userstyle) to all Internet sites and change their appearance “on the fly”.

If you want to learn how to use e how to color facebook with its themes, all you have to do is read the guide I’m about to propose and put it into practice. I bet your friends will be blown away when they see how you “got on” Facebook on your PC!

If you want to know how to color facebook and use the browser Google Chrome, the first step you need to take is to connect to this page of the Chrome Web Store and click on the button add twice in succession to install the extension Stylish on your PC.

If, on the other hand, you use Mozilla Firefox, you need to connect to this page of the Mozilla Addons site and click on the green button first Add to Firefox and then on Install now And Restart now to restart the program and complete the installation process of Stylish in your browser.

Once Stylish has been installed in Chrome or Firefox, for coloring Facebook and change the graphics of the social network, all you have to do is connect to the website and find the theme that best suits your tastes. On This Page there are all the themes for Facebook applicable with Stylish but you can search more precisely the ones you want (eg. Facebook red by themes in red, Facebook green for themes in green, etc.) using the search bar located at the top left.

Once you have seen the theme that could be right for you, you just have to install it in your browser by clicking on its first. first name and then on the green button Install with Stylish located on the page that opens and on the button OK. To test the newly installed theme, open a new browser tab and connect to Facebook. But remember: only you will see the colored graphics and not the friends who will chat with you or visit your online profile (they should also install Stylish and the theme of your choice, to have the same graphics).

To manage the themes of Stylish, disable or delete them, just go to the add-on settings and click on the buttons in the userstyle list. If you use Google Chrome, just right click on the Stylish icon in the browser toolbar and select the item Options from the menu that appears. Then, on the page that opens, it’s possible modify, deactivate, eliminate or check for updates for each theme installed on the PC by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

The same goes for Mozilla Firefox. To access the Stylish settings, click on the extension icon in the browser status bar (bottom left) and select the item Style management from the menu that appears. Then, on the page that opens, it’s possible modify, deactivate or eliminate each theme installed on the PC by clicking on the buttons set up for these operations.

And if for one reason or another you decide to uninstall Stylish from your browser, you can easily find out how to do it by reading my guides on how to delete Chrome extensions and how to delete Firefox extension.