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How to clear the printer memory

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How to clear the printer memory: After reading my guide to buying a new printer, you have finally chosen, after much indecision, the new printing device to rely on for your future jobs. Since your old printer is still in excellent condition, you would still want to resell it to amortize the cost of the device you are about to buy: careful as you are about privacy, however, you would like to be sure that the data relating to your old prints fall into the wrong hands and, as a result, you are looking for a way to erase them.

How do you say? Did I perfectly describe the situation you find yourself in? If so, I am happy to let you know that you are in the right place at the right time! In fact, in the course of this tutorial I will explain to you how to clear the printer memorytherefore going to secure the information relating to the past use of the device.

So, without hesitating further, take out some of your free time to devote to reading this guide of mine: I’m sure that, at the end of it, you will have acquired the necessary skills to achieve the result you have set for yourself. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good work!

Preliminary information

Before even getting to the heart of this guide and explaining, in practice, how to clear the printer memorylet me give you some information regarding this topic.

In the current state of affairs, there are few printing devices that allow you to easily delete the contents of the device’s memory, be it related to the prints made in the past, or to personal settings.

The simplest way to proceed, therefore, is to reset the printer to factory settings: by doing so, all information is deleted from the device which, at the end of the reset, is returned to the exact state it was in when it was taken out of the box.

In the following sections of this guide I will teach you how to complete this operation, through some very simple procedures to implement and which do not require “deep” changes on the device in use.

How to clear the printer memory

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to take action and explain, in practice, how to clear the printer memory and restore it to the factory state. Please note that depending on your printer model, the corresponding menus and items may vary slightly from what is described.

How to clear the Epson printer memory

How to clear the Epson printer memory

You have a branded printer Epson? OK, let’s see how to proceed. Broadly speaking, you have two possible ways to go for clear the Epson printer memory: use the LCD panel located on the printer, or use the physical reset button.

In the first case, what you need to do is press the key Home located near the printer display, to access its control panel and then use the i arrow keys to reach the menu Settings / Setup.

Next, press the key OK and, in the same way, locate the voice Restore Default Settings / Restore Default Settingspress the button again OK and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the reset procedure (usually, it is sufficient to press the button once again OK).

To act, instead, through the physical reset button of the printer, proceed as follows: turn off the printing device, locate the “re-entering” button Resetplaced on the back of it and, using a thin and pointed object (such as a toothpick or an open paper clip, for example), press and hold it.

Afterwards, turn on the printerwhile keeping the key pressed Reset for at least another 5 seconds, or until one prints warning page concerning the status of the printer, indicating the IP address to be used to re-configure it.

Clearly, the steps illustrated so far may vary depending on the precise model of printer in your possession: for more detailed information on this, you can consult the section Support of the Epson website, available at this web page.

Once the page has fully loaded, enter the printer name or the code of the same in the text field located in the center of the page and press the button Search forto access the specific support page.

Alternatively, select the entry Not sure about the model?then the printer category (needle, inkjet, laser and so on) from the menu displayed on the screen and then click on first name of the device in your possession, to access the relevant support page.

How to clear the HP printer memory

How to clear the HP printer memory

Perform a factory reset for the HP printersthus eliminating its memory, it is just as simple.

If you have a printing device with an LCD display, press the button Menu located on the same, to access the settings panel, then select the item Device setup / Configure device and press the button OKto access the relevant sub-menu.

Similarly, select the items Tools / Tools, Reset / Reset and then the option Factory Reset factory: when prompted, press the button again OKto confirm the willingness to proceed and wait for the printer to restart automatically.

If the printer is not equipped with a screen, it is necessary to use the physical button Reset, usually recessed, located on the back of the printer. Before proceeding with the reset of the device, disconnect it from the mains for at least 30 seconds, in order to delete the contents of the volatile memory.

After this time, press and hold the physical button Reset (if necessary, using a pointed object) for a few seconds and then turn on the printer, still holding down the aforementioned button. If all went well, the Alert LED should start flashing and a Printer Status Summary page should print.

Again, the menu items may vary slightly, depending on your exact printer model. For more information, I invite you to consult the section of support on the HP site: after selecting typology, series And template of the printer, go to the section User manuals (below), to access the area dedicated to the manuals relating to the chosen printer.

How to clear the Samsung printer memory

How to clear the Samsung printer memory

Unfortunately, not all Samsung printers have an easily accessible option to restore factory settings. Generally, it can clear the printer memory using the service menu of the same, that is a hidden menu through which it is possible to carry out advanced diagnostic operations.

Before continuing, I would like to point out that the complete deletion of the printer memory, if not completed correctly, could render the device inoperable: act in full awareness of this eventuality, remembering that I will not take responsibility for any problems that may arise at this stage.

So, if you have a multifunction printer with an LCD screen, first press the physical button Menuthen type the code # 1934 # (including the initial and final hashs) and press the key again Menuto access the diagnostics area.

Next, choose the item Tech Menupress the button OK of the printer and, in the same way, go to the sections Service Functions And Clear All Memories. Finally, choose yours country of residence, press the button OK and wait for the printer to complete its task, taking care of do not turn it off during this operation.

As an additional security measure, I also recommend that you format the internal memory of the printer, in order to erase any other traces of data. To do so, access the service menu, as I showed you previously, and go to the sections Tech Menu> Service Functions> Format HDD. Then, hit the button OK printer, select the item Yes and press again OKto format the disk.

In case of need, I invite you to consult the specific manual dedicated to the printing device you are using: the complete list is available in This Page.

How to clear the Brother printer memory

How to clear the Brother printer memory

If you are interested in understanding how to clear the Brother printer memorythen you will be pleased to know that almost all the printing devices distributed by the manufacturer allow you to access the reset settings in a very simple way.

So, for starters, hit one of the arrow keys of the printer, to access its main screen and, using them (or the touch screen panel), select the item Settings / Settings.

Then, go to the section Initial Setup / Initial settingspress the button OK (or select the voice with a “tap”) and, in the same way, choose the options Reset / Restore And Reset all settings / Reset all settings. To confirm your willingness to proceed, select the item Reset / Reset and wait for the printer to be reinitialized and then restarted.

Remember that the menu items may vary depending on your printer model. If necessary, you can take a look at the Manuals section of the Brother site: after selecting the category of the printer, the series and the template precise, press the button View located in the frame HTML manualto access the printer’s online help