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How to clear frozen print queue

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How to clear frozen print queue: Have you tried print a document but the printer does not seem to have understood the command. You have therefore tried to repeat the operation and add other documents to the print queue, hoping that the situation would unblock, but unfortunately you have obtained the opposite effect: the documents are now blocked and the printer still does not work.

In cases like this, the ideal solution is to completely delete the list of files to be printed, and then try the operation again after restarting the printer. How? I’ll explain it to you right away. The theme of my guide will, in fact, indicate you how to delete a frozen print queue from PC, smartphone, tablet and from the printer itself, so as to restore the latter to its normal operation.

So, without waiting any longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I am sure that, in a few minutes, you will be able to obtain the result you had set for yourself without problems. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good luck!

How to delete blocked print queue from PC

Delete blocked print queue from PC it is a really simple operation to complete: it all boils down to accessing the area used for the management of the operating system print processes and eliminating those present in the list. Below I’ll explain how to act on Windows 10 And macOS.

How to delete a frozen print queue: Windows 10

Clear the print queue stuck on Windows 10it is generally child’s play. To be able to do this, first identify theprinter icon placed near the system clock (usually visible when there are printing in progress) and double-click it, in order to expand the window relating to print jobs.

If you don’t see the icon in question, try clicking on the first up arrowalways visible on the right side of the taskbar, so as to display the otherwise “hidden” icons.

If you are unable to bring up the print jobs window in this way, right click on the button Start (the icon of the flag located in the lower left corner of the screen), select the item Settings (the gear icon) from the menu that is proposed to you, click on the icon Devices located in the new window that appears and, later, on the item Printers and scanners, visible from the side. Now, click on first name of your printer and then on the button Open queuewhich appears immediately below.

The game is practically done: to delete the entire blocked print queue, right click on an empty spot in the new window that opens on the desktop, select the item Delete all documents from the context menu and confirm the willingness to proceed by clicking on the button Yup.

Within seconds, all print jobs should disappear from the queue and the printer should be back up and running. Before starting a new print, however, make sure that the device is not set in offline mode: therefore, click on the menu Printer located in the print job manager and make sure that, in correspondence of the item Use offline printer there is no check mark. If there is, remove it by clicking on the aforementioned wording.

How to delete a frozen print queue: Windows 10

If the above method does not work and the print queue continues to be visible, you can go to manually cancel all the jobs using PowerShell. To open the aforementioned utility, included “standard” in the operating system, right click on the button again Startselect the item Windows PowerShell (administrator) from the menu that appears and click on the button Yupto authorize the start of the program.

Now, issue the command net stop spooler and press the button Enter on the keyboard, to stop the print spooler; if necessary, press the key S. of the keyboard and come on Enterto confirm the interruption of the connected processes.

Next, give the instruction Remove-Item -Force “$env:windirSystem32spoolPRINTERS*.*" and come on Enter, in order to eliminate all queued processes; finally, restart the print spooler, issuing the command net start spooler and press the button Enter keyboard. Once this is done, check that the printer is working properly by starting a new print job.

How to clear blocked print queues: Mac

How to clear blocked print queues: Mac

Also on Mac you can clear the blocked print queue very easily. To get started, click on the printer annexed to Dock (and that appears after starting a print), in order to display the window containing the jobs in progress.

If you don’t see it, open the System Preferences calling them via the Apple menu (the symbol of bitten apple which resides in the upper left corner of the screen), click on the icon Printers and scannersselect the first name of your printer from the list on the left and then click on the button Open print queues …which appears on the right.

At this point, click on the first of the documents in the queue, to select it and then on the symbol (x), in order to cancel the printing process (which should disappear within a few seconds); repeat the same operation for all other blocked documents.

If, unfortunately, this method does not work, you can force the interruption of all the printouts in the queue by acting directly from the Terminalwhich you can call up from the menu Go> Utilities of macOS. When the Terminal window opens on your desktop, type the command cancel -a - inside and press the button Enter keypad to instantly delete all active print jobs. Easy, right ?!

How to delete blocked print queue from smartphones and tablets

How to delete blocked print queue from smartphones and tablets

How do you say? Have you sent documents to print via your smartphone or tablet, but they have remained in the queue and are no longer able to delete them? In some cases, the problem is very simple to resolve.

If you use a smartphone or tablet animated by Androidrecalls thenotification area of ​​the operating systemswiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, locate the message related to the print in progress and tap on the item Cancel, present within it, to remove the process from the queue. Repeat the same steps for any other active print jobs.

If you don’t see this option, or if yours is a iPhone or a iPadyou will have to necessarily act through the printer management app: in most cases, it is sufficient to open it, select the first name printer in use and press the button to cancel prints.

I’ll give you a concrete example: if you use the app HP Smart (the one used for the management of HP branded printers), open it, tap on first name printer in use and then on the message relating to the printing error, usually located under the heading Printer status. Finally, click on the button Cancel print And that’s it.

As you can easily guess, it is not possible for me to provide you with specific information on all brands and models of printers in circulation, they are really too many! To find out more, you can do a Google search by typing phrases like cancel print [marca e modello stampante] [piattaforma da te in uso (Android, iPhone o iPad)].

If you can’t find the most suitable procedure, I suggest you delete the print queue directly from the printer, as explained in the chapter immediately following of this guide.

How to clear the frozen print queue from the printer

How to clear the frozen print queue from the printer

The methods I have described to you so far have not been decisive for you, as you managed to delete the print queue from the device from which you started the “jobs”, but the printer still looks stuck?

In this case, you may have to act directly via the physical buttons available on the printer itself. In most cases, if you have a printer equipped with LCD panelyou need to locate the button Cancel print present on the screen and press it, tapping on it (in the case of touch-screens) or selecting it using i arrow keys and pressing the key OK.

If, on the other hand, your printer does not have a screen and / or if the screen only serves as a status indicator, locate the physical key cancel (generally identified by the symbols X or ⚠), press and hold it for about 5 seconds, or until the printer returns to the “ready” state or outputs a blank / partially printed sheet (in case of paper jams).

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to provide you with additional details regarding the procedures to be implemented, as each printer has its own procedure; so, if you still can’t solve it, I suggest you read the user manual of the device in your possession, or search Google for phrases such as delete print queue [marca e modello stampante].

If, for some reason, the printer still does not resume its normal operation, try to ask for direct support from the manufacturer of the same or, in extreme cases, to delete its memory: I explained how to do it in my specific guide on the subject