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How to clear Facebook searches

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How to clear Facebook searches: Whenever you select the search bar of Facebook do the names of the people and pages you recently searched for appear? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Regardless of the device used, in fact, Facebook stores all the contents that the user searches for and adds them to the search history, always putting them within reach of a click (or finger) when the search bar is selected.

This is undoubtedly a very useful function, but in some cases it could represent a problem for privacy (especially if you leave your devices at the mercy of family and friends): this is the reason why, today, I decided to publish this tutorial and to show you, step by step, how to clear searches on Facebook.

We will therefore discover how to eliminate the suggestions that Facebook automatically proposes when you select its search bar and how to hide the references to individual people or pages that we do not want to keep in the foreground for privacy reasons. This is an extremely simple operation to perform and has no contraindications. You just have to take a few minutes of free time and put into practice the “tips” you find below. Happy reading and have fun!

Delete Facebook searches from smartphones and tablets

Let’s start by seeing how to clear searches on Facebook on smartphones and tablets, using the official social network app available for Android, iOS And Windows 10 Mobile. All you have to do is go to the app settings and select the option thanks to which you can delete all the recently searched items in one go (or, if you prefer, only part of them).

Then start the official Facebook application on your smartphone or tablet, log into your account (if you have not already done so), press the search bar located at the top of the screen and tap on the item Edit which is located at the top right, in correspondence with the wording Recent searches.

Now that you are in the screen Activity log of Facebook, you can decide whether to delete the history of all searches or to delete only some entries, so that they no longer appear among the automatic suggestions when you select the search bar of the social network.

To completely delete your search history, tap the button Clear searches which is located at the top left and confirms the operation by replying Confirmation notice that appears on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you want to delete only individual entries from the Facebook history, all you have to do is press the button (x) which is located in correspondence of each of them (eg. You searched [termine di ricerca]) and confirm the operation by replying Remove to the question Confirm?. the message You have deleted this search will confirm the successful outcome of the operation.

If you do not know, the Facebook activity log also allows you to keep under control (and possibly delete) a lot of other information, such as comments posted, the “I like it”Posted by friends and public pages and much more.

To select one of the categories corresponding to the activities carried out on the social network with your account, press the item Search history located at the top left (in correspondence of the item Filter), select one of the options listed under the item Guy (ex. Likes and reactions, Comments, Songs you have listened to, Products you wanted, Groups, etc.) and eventually delete one of the displayed items by pressing the button (⌵) placed in correspondence of each of them and then pressing the button Delete. Simple, right?

Delete Facebook searches from your computer

You want to delete Facebook searches from computer? I don’t see what the problem is. Even in this case, in fact, you have to follow more or less the same instructions I gave you in chapter dedicated to mobile devices, acting however from the web version of the famous social network or his own official app for Windows 10.

To begin with, log into your Facebook account, click on search bar located at the top left (on the blue bar) and select the item MODIFICATION located at the top right, in the menu with suggestions relating to the latest searches you have made (in correspondence with the wording RECENT SEARCHES).

If the “Edit” link is not present or for some reason it is not working, you can access the register with the searches you made on Facebook by first clicking on the arrow located at the top right (in the blue bar) and then on the item Activity log present in the menu that opens. After that you have to select the option Other from the left sidebar and click on the icon Search history which appears in the latter.

Now, just as seen before on smartphones and tablets, you can choose whether to delete the searches made on the internal Facebook search engine in bulk or to delete only single entries from the history.

To clear all searches at the same time, click on the item Clear searches (located at the top right) and answer Clear searches to the question Confirm?, which is located in the box that appeared on the screen.

If you want to delete single occurrences from the Facebook history, instead, you have to click on the icon prohibition placed next to each of them (ex. You searched [termine di ricerca]), select the item Delete from the menu that opens and confirm the operation by replying Remove search to the question Are you sure you want to remove this?.

As I explained previously, the Facebook activity log allows you to monitor and delete many other information, such as comments facts, the “I like it“Posted by friends and public pages, the events and much more.

By selecting one of the categories just listed in the activity log (eg. Songs you have listened to, Articles you have read, Books, Products you wanted, Groups, etc.) from the menu located on the left and then clicking on the icon of pencil located next to each item, you can easily undo it by selecting the item Delete from the menu that opens. Easier than that ?!

Clear your Facebook login history

In addition to clearing the Facebook history, you want to make sure that the names of some pages of the social network do not appear in the browser history, perhaps because you do not want to leave any trace of yours. logins to Facebook? In that case, you can succeed in your intent simply by deleting the browser history you used to log into your Facebook account.

All major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc. – integrate ad hoc functions that allow you to delete all navigation data (or only part of them) in a rather simple way. To do this, just go to the settings of the latter and press on the item related to the deletion of the history.

If you are not clear on the exact procedure you need to follow on smartphones, tablets and computers to delete Facebook logins from the browser history, take a look at the guide in which I explain in depth how to clear the history: I’m sure this reading will be of great help too.