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How to check PEC

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How to check PEC: The PEC, certified e-mail, is a tool through which it is possible to send e-mails having the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt. It allows you to communicate with companies, professionals, private citizens and entities of the PA (Public Administration) being certain of the identity of your interlocutor and having legally recognized proof of sending documents, notices and so on. But how do you check the actual validity of a given certified email address? You can find the answer by reading this tutorial on how to check PEC.

In short, if the addresses in question refer to professionals and companies or to public administration bodies, you can check PEC by going to some Internet sites that allow you to trace certified mail accounts by drawing on public databases. As for the PEC addresses of private citizens, I’m sorry to tell you, but there are no public databases that can be accessed, so to trace the holders of the same and make sure of the actual existence of a given PEC you have to rely on search engines, social networks network, special online services designed to trace people and, of course, also (and above all) to a bit of luck. In any case, do not worry, you will find everything explained in detail below.

Then? What would you say about taking the actual action and finally going to find out how to check PEC? Yup? Fantastic! So I would say to ban the chatter and start immediately to get busy. However, let’s clarify one point right away: as regards private citizens, I cannot insure anything for the reasons mentioned above. However, as they say, trying doesn’t hurt!

Check PEC of professionals, companies and PA


If you are interested in understanding what needs to be done to be able to check PEC of a professional (e.g. a lawyer) or of a company, you can contact INI PEC. This is a site sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development which, in fact, allows you to search for the certified email addresses of professionals and companies as well as to verify the latter by going back to their respective owners.

To trace the holder of a PEC address and therefore to verify its actual authenticity, connect to the main page of INI PEC using the link I provided you a little while ago and select the card Professionals or Businesses based on the type of address you want to check.

At this point, type in the PEC address you wish to find out in the field PEC addresscopy the security code located at the bottom left in the appropriate text field and click on the button Search for PEC to obtain the result of the search.

If the certified email address you entered is valid, you will be shown a page with all the data relating to its holder: tax code, professional category, province of origin, registration number for the order and so on. If the address is invalid, you will be shown an error message.

In the event that the address entered is not valid, you still have another way at your disposal that you can take to check PEC. If you know the name of the person or company to which the PEC address should be made out, you can try to retrieve the correct address using the other search fields on the site.

Then go back to the main page of INI PEC, select the card Professionals or Businesses depending on the type of address you want to find and fill in the fields related to name and surname (in the case of professionals) or to the name (in the case of companies) to find the PEC address of your interest.


If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to proceed in order to be able to check the PEC address relating to an office or body of the Public Administration (e.g. Universities, Regions, Municipalities, Police Forces, etc.) you can rely on the website IPA (Index of Public Administrations) which, as can be easily guessed from the same name, allows you to discover all the contact details of the Italian Public Administrations.

To check PEC with IPA, then connected to the main page of the site using the link I have just indicated, click on the box For pec-cecpac and type the address you want to find out about the holder in the text field that appears below. Then click on the button Search for and the page with the search result should appear.

If the search is successful, you will be able to view all the information relating to the entity or office to which the certified email address you entered by clicking on the icons located next to its name (e.g. the icon of the two buildings to view all the references on the institution, such as the category to which it belongs, the headquarters and so on).

In the unfortunate event that the search returns a negative result … don’t throw in the towel yet! In fact, you can try to find the correct address of an institution by returning to the main page of IPA, clicking on the box relating to the category, geographical area or alphabetical search and typing (or selecting) the search terms necessary to find the institution. or the office of your interest.

Other useful resources

In addition to the solutions that I have already indicated to you in the previous lines, you can check PEC by relying on other useful specific tools for businesses and also accessible directly and conveniently online. You can find them indicated below.

  • Business Register – All Italian companies are obliged to register a valid PEC address in the Business Register which is a sort of business registry. Therefore, by connecting to the Internet site of the Business Register and searching within it, you can find all the contact details of Italian companies, including their PEC addresses. To check PEC, therefore, connect to the Company Register website, fill in the form at the bottom left under the heading Services without registration and click Finds to view the search results. After searching, click on the name of the company you are interested in, copy the security code that you find at the bottom of the window that opens in the appropriate text field and you’re done.
  • InfoCompanies – The Italian Chambers of Commerce have created the website oInternet InfoImprese which allows you to find the contacts (including PEC addresses) of Italian companies. You can check PEC with Infoimprese by connecting to the home page of the site, typing the name of a company, product or service in the appropriate text field, indicating the region, province, municipality or postcode in which it is based and copying the security code you see in the box below. Then click on the button Send and choose whether to display the search results by business name or business description. Then select the name of the company whose PEC address you want to know, click on the icon @ placed under its description and, in the window that opens, copy the confirmation code in the appropriate text field.

Check PEC of private citizens


How to check PEC

As I already told you at the beginning of the guide, checking the PEC of a private citizen is a fairly complicated operation compared to what is possible for a company or a professional. In fact, private citizens are not obliged to register their certified mail addresses and there are no public lists to find them. However, let’s see what it is possible to do also in this to try to meet your need.

If a user has expressly indicated a PEC address as his digital home, he can rely on theANPR (National Register of Resident Population) which is gradually replacing the National Registry Index. However, there is one thing (sorry for the pun!): It must be taken into account that this list is currently under construction and that it will only be accessible by public administrations, managers and operators of public services.

Other useful resources

As an alternative to the solution just indicated, it is possible to try to check the PEC of a private user using, as I have already mentioned at the beginning, means such as search engines, social networks and online services that think especially to trace people. Find everything explained in detail below.

  • Google – I know that maybe it may seem trivial but to check PEC you can first try to rely on Google. To do this, go to the home of the search engine, type the PEC address you want to verify the authenticity of in the appropriate field by putting it in quotation marks (eg. “”) and squeeze the pulsate Enter on the keyboard or click Search with Google. If the address is valid and has been posted on a blog, forum or any other web page, you should be able to trace it and, consequently, verify its authenticity. If not … no, of course.
  • Facebook – You can also try to check PEC by relying on Facebook. You ask me how? Simple: connect to the social network with your account and type the PEC address to be verified in the search field of the social network. In the very fortunate event that the holder of the PEC address has used the latter to register with Facebook, his name will automatically appear in the search results.