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How to chat with more people on Facebook

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Has something very important happened to you that you want to communicate immediately to all your closest friends but you don’t want to use up all your cell phone credit? Use Facebook! You may not know, but you can chat on Facebook with multiple people simultaneously just like you do individually with your friends.

How? By exploiting the Facebook groups, a function of the social network that allows you to create real virtual rooms for chat on Facebook with multiple people without making known the things written to all friends on the bulletin board. Here’s how it works.

All you need to do for chat on Facebook with multiple people is to connect to the Facebook groups page (being connected with your account) and click on the green button Create group. In the box that opens, type the name you want to assign to the group of friends you want to chat with at the same time in the field Name of the group and indicate the names of the friends to include in the group by typing them in the field Members (help yourself with the automatic suggestions that appear as you type).

To make the group private and make its contents and members known only to the people you indicate, select the item Secret from the drop-down menu Privacy and click on the button first Create and then on OK to complete the creation of your group.

On the page that opens, you will be able to check all the settings of your new group of friends and start talking to its members. To discover how to chat on Facebook with multiple people, you just have to click on the item Chat with the group (on the right) or on the gray bar with the name of the group located in the lower right part of the screen.

If one or more of the friends you’ve added to the group are online, you can chat with them at the same time using the same chat system you usually use to chat with individuals on Facebook.

You want to add new people to your group for chat on Facebook with multiple people? Nothing simpler. Go to the group management page, click on the item Add friends to the group (located on the right) and, in the box that opens, type the names of the people you want to integrate into your virtual room and click on the button OK to save the changes.

To access the group management page, all you have to do is connect to the main Facebook page using your account and click on the group name displayed in the left sidebar.