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How to chat with a girl on Instagram

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How to chat with a girl on Instagram: You just found out that a girl you know always posts interesting content on Instagram. For this reason, would you like to start a private conversation with her, to talk about the interests you have in common, but you don’t know how to do it? The girl you like has signed up for Instagram, would you like to contact her but, thanks to a little shyness, you don’t know how to approach her? Don’t worry, here I am ready to resolve all your doubts regarding this issue.

If the examples described above reflect the situation you are in or, if more simply, you would like to know how to chat with a girl on instagram as you do not know how to use the popular photographic social network to interact with other users, you will be happy to know that in this tutorial I will show you step by step all the steps to take. In fact, I will explain how to find people with the same interests as you and how to chat with them, through the tools made available by Instagram. Finally, I will also give you a number of tips on how to approach yourself in the right way when you message other people via social networks.

How do you say? Are you curious to know more and can’t wait to get started? Come on, sit down comfortably and pick up your smartphone. Read carefully the indications I am about to give you, in order to succeed in the intent that you have proposed. Having said that, I wish you a good read and, above all, a lot of fun!

Find a girl to chat with on Instagram

Before explaining yourself in detail how to chat with a girl on instagram taking advantage of the private messages feature present in the popular photo social network, I want to give you some advice on how to find girls with the same interests as you, using the search engine located in the app Instagram for Android And iOS.

That said, to get started, first launch the Instagramby pressing on its icon that you find on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device, then log in to your account, typing in data relating to the email and password.

Now, tap onmagnifying glass icon located in the menu at the bottom, in order to view the section on the screen Explorewhich shows a range of multimedia content based on what Instagram believes may be most similar to your interests.

In this regard, if you find a photo or video you like, click on his image or preview videoin order to view the published content and the name of the user who shared it.

Alternatively, you can search for content related to your specific interests also using the Instagram search engine (the text field visible at the top, after pressing themagnifying glass icon): in this specific case, you can search for hashtagby typing the term referring to the topic of your interest, to see all the contents published on Instagram relating to it.

Also, don’t forget that you can use Instagram’s search engine (or even that of Google), to identify the Instagram account of a person registered on the social network. In the first case, all you have to do is type the first name and the last name or the username of the person you want to search, in order to view their profile among the search results that are shown to you.

Instead, when searching from Google, type the first namethe last name or the username of the person you want to search for, followed by the term Instagram (for example Instagram), to identify, among the search results, the account of the user in question. The link you need to click is the one that presents the URL If you have any doubts or problems, refer to my guide on how to find a person on Instagram.

How to chat with a girl on Instagram

How to chat with a girl on Instagram

If you wonder how to chat with a girl on instagramit is probably because you may have encountered difficulties regarding the functioning of the well-known photographic social network, relating to the possibility of sending private messages to registered users.

In this regard, I want to explain to you how to start a chat with a girl on instagramas you can start a private conversation on Instagram even starting from one history.

That said, to get started, launch the Instagram that you previously installed on your device and log into your account, if you haven’t already.

Now, locate the profile of the girl you want to interact with privately and press hers profile pictureto see the stories he has posted, if available.

At this point, to interact with them through quick reactions, swipe from bottom to top and press on one of the smileys replies that are shown to you, so that you can send a quick reply via Instagram private messages. Alternatively, to send a private message in response to the story he posted, refer to the text field Send Messagetype your message and press the button Sendto send it.

Want to start a conversation on Instagram right away, without waiting to interact with stories? No problem: to do this, first press on thearrow icon located in the upper right corner of the app, then, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on first name of the girl you want to get in touch with, if you had previously started a conversation with her, in order to see the history of the chat dedicated to her.

Alternatively, to start a conversation on Instagram from scratch, press thepencil icon on the top righttype the first name of the person and tap on the voice Chatto open the dedicated conversation.

At this point, refer to the text field write a messageto type a text message, or send a multimedia message, by pressing on thecamera icon or that of multimedia gallery. To send a voice message, instead, press and hold themicrophone icon.

In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial in which I explain how to chat on Instagram.

Tips on how to chat with a girl on Instagram

Tips on how to chat with a girl on Instagram

In addition to the information I have given you so far, would you like some advice on how to chat with a girl on Instagram, as you are a bit shy person and are afraid of taking some false steps? In that case, don’t worry and keep reading the lines that follow, for some general food for thought and suggestions.

  • Interact and take a cue from the content it publishes: if you are not so familiar with the girl you want to chat with, don’t forget to “break the ice” by interacting with the content she publishes: like and comment on his posts, as well as his stories; in this way you will also have the opportunity to understand what are the things that interest them most and you will also be able to get some ideas on the topics of conversation.
  • Be polite and polite: kindness and education come first, so if you have written to a girl and she is late in answering you, do not insist and leave her spaces patiently. Being pushy, pushy, or clingy never leads to anything positive.
  • Pay attention to the form of the writing: in the Instagram chat there are no character limits, so try to avoid abbreviations and SMS languages, not only for an aesthetic discourse, but also to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Also, try to be careful with spelling and not make grammar mistakes; otherwise you may not make a good impression, especially towards a person with whom you don’t have a long-term relationship.
  • Be original and don’t use clichés: to keep a conversation on social networks alive for a long time, you need to try to be original and find an innovative approach to making conversation. Therefore, try to ask intelligent and original questions, in order to arouse the curiosity of the girl you are chatting with.