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How to chat on Tinder

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How to chat on Tinder: You want to make new acquaintances via the Internet and your friends have advised you to register at Tinder, one of the most popular dating platforms in the world. You then proceeded to create your profile and were able to do everything independently. Once logged into the service, however, you realized that you have doubts about its operation, especially in relation to the possibility of chatting with other users.

So you ask yourself how to chat on Tinder and you would like me to explain it to you. Is this the case? Then know that there is no problem: I can help you shed some light on the matter and I’m right here to do it. In fact, in the next chapters of this tutorial I will provide you with all the information you need and I will show you, step by step, how the Tinder chat works on smartphones, tablets and computers.

How do you say? Is that just what you wanted to know and you can’t wait to get started? Okay, then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and read the instructions contained in this guide with the utmost attention. I wish you good continuation!

Preliminary information

If you are wondering how to chat on Tinder and, especially, if you ask yourself if to chat on Tinder you have to payit’s probably because you are new to this dating platform.

Well, you should know that on Tinder it is only possible to chat between those who have expressed a mutual interest, as it is necessary to obtain the compatibility (also called Match) with the other person to contact.

To get the compatibility it is necessary to scroll through the profiles of the users that are proposed by the app and interact with them, using the various tools made available by the platform.

Therefore, even if chatting on Tinder is by itself freeto increase the chances of obtaining compatibility and, therefore, to be able to chat with more people, it is possible to take advantage of some features at payment.

For example, by activating the subscription plan Tinder Gold (with prices starting from 32.99 € / month) it is possible find out who likes youuseful feature to be able to send I likeknowing they are reciprocated.

Alternatively, by subscribing to the subscription Tinder Plus (with prices starting from € 21.99 / month) you can put I like in an unlimited way. Finally, there is the subscription plan Tinder Platinum which starts at € 43.99 / month and includes all the features of the aforementioned subscriptions and in addition it also allows you to send a private message to each Super Like sent, without having to wait for compatibility.

How to start chat on Tinder

Having said that, in the next chapters of this tutorial I will explain how to start a chat with a user on Tinder by acting both from a smartphone and tablet, through the official app of the service for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iPhone (downloadable fromApp Store), or from a computer, via the official site of the service. I assure you it’s very simple.

Chat on Tinder from smartphones and tablets

Tinder app

If you want chat on Tinder from your smartphone or tablet, start the official app of the service and, if necessary, log in to your account and make sure that you have activated the GPS on your device. At this point you can start scrolling through the profiles of users, in order to identify those that interest you and interact with them, to obtain compatibility.

Therefore, use the buttons located at the bottom to select the profiles of your interest: the green heart symbol and the Like and serves to indicate an appreciation of the profile of the person being viewed; the symbol of Red X and the No: used to indicate to Tinder that the profile shown does not meet your interest.

The button with the symbol of blue staron the other hand, is the Super Like and is used when you want to show a strong interest in a person. This feature is free, but limited to 1 per day. Optionally, you can buy others with prices starting at € 1.00 for a package from 60 Super Like.

Then there is the symbol of yellow arrow to the left: if you are wrong to indicate a Like or a Noyou can cancel it using this command (the use of which is available only once a day in the free version, to make unlimited use of it you need to purchase a subscription to Tinder Gold).

Finally, there is the button with the purple lightning bolt symbol: this is the Boostthat is an option that, activated once for free and then available only for a fee, highlights your profile and helps to obtain new compatibility. You can buy the Boost with prices starting from € 4.00 for 10 Boost.

As anticipated, to chat on Tinder, you need to get one compatibility with a person: this event is notified with an on-screen warning (It’s a match). In addition, a text field is available on this warning screen: write a message to break the ice and press the key Enterto send it.

Alternatively, click on the icon with the two speech bubbles symbol located at the bottom right of the main Tinder screen, so you can see the list of all the people with whom you have obtained compatibility.

Once this is done, click on profile of the person you want to get in touch with and then use the text field write a message to start a conversation.

In addition to button with GIF symbolyou can press onsticker iconto send a sticker, or on the icon of the musical noteto send a song and start a chat in a different way than usual, in order to get noticed.

Finally, by pressing on the icon video camera located in the upper right corner you can make a video call with the person with whom you have obtained compatibility.

Chat on Tinder from your computer

Chat on Tinder from your computer

If you mean use Tinder from your computerlinked to website of the platform through the browser you usually use, in order to display the main screen (thetinder icon) and all profiles of users registered for the service.

Done this, in a very similar way to what is possible to do from smartphoneuse Tinder’s interaction tools to increase your chances of getting a match.

Therefore, press the key with the green heart symbol to indicate appreciation (Like) or click on the icon star if you want to use the functionality of the Super Like. If, on the other hand, the person shown does not find your interest, press the button with the Red X (No)to discard his profile card.

Just like on a smartphone, in the event that there is a mutual interest with a person, a warning will be shown on the screen and the user’s profile will be added to the section Matchlocated in the left sidebar.

At this point, to start chatting on Tinder with a person with whom you have obtained the compatibilityclick his profile picture. Once this is done, use the text field write a message you see on the screen to type the message, then press the button Sendto send it.

If you don’t know how to “break the ice”, press the button GIF or click onsticker icon and sends an animated image to the user, by pressing on one of those you see on the screen; or press the icon musical note to send a piece of music, in order to get noticed in an original way.