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How to change your sentimental situation on Facebook

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How to change your sentimental situation on Facebook: Times have changed now and you have to adapt. Until a few years ago, if you got engaged or broke a romantic relationship, you told your friends by talking to them face to face. Now this is no longer the case, the state of romantic relationships announces itself to everyone on Facebook!

Change and show the sentimental situation on Facebook it’s a real breeze, and today I’ll explain step by step how to do it. If you feel ready, take five minutes off and get ready to jump into the present, your wall friends want to know if you’re engaged!

All you need to do for modify and show the sentimental situation on Facebook is to connect to the main page of the social network and log in using your data. Once logged in, click on the item Edit my profile located at the top left (under the avatar) to access the profile information screen.

On the page that opens, use the list on the left to go to the section Friends and family Facebook, select from the drop-down menu Relationship status the profile that reflects your current sentimental situation (eg. Single, Engaged / a, Officially engaged, etc.) and click the Save changes button to save the changes.

At this point, all those who connect to your profile on Facebook will be able to view information on your romantic situation, even if they are not friends or friends of your friends. To change this setting and allow only friends to view your sentimental situation, click on the button Account located at the top right and select the item Privacy Settings from the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, click on the item Customize settings located at the bottom left and sets the item Just friends (or Friends of friends) from the drop-down menu located next to the item Relations. Done! in this way, you learned how modify and show the sentimental situation on Facebook maintaining privacy. Since it wasn’t difficult?