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How to change your Gmail address

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How to change your Gmail address: Would you like to change your email address on Gmail without losing the messages or contacts collected so far? Officially there is no such feature, you cannot change your Gmail address and leave your current inbox intact. However, with a little effort, you can be able to open a brand new Gmail address and import both messages and contacts from the old account into it.

You do not want change Gmail address? Do you just want to change the name that appears in the headers of the messages you send from your account? In this case, things are much simpler, you just have to go into your profile settings and change the name associated with the email address. It takes yes and no two minutes. The same goes for changing Google accounts associated with software such as Chrome and devices such as Android smartphones and tablets: just a few clicks are enough to change the Gmail address associated with the latter.

Now, however, ban the chatter and immediately move on to action. Let’s see how to “move” from one Gmail address to another, how to change the name associated with our Gmail account and, finally, how to change the Google account associated with Chrome or an Android device. It will all be much easier than you think!

How to change your Gmail email address

The first thing you need to do for change your Gmail email address is to create a new mailbox using the Google email service. You can proceed from any device directly from the browser.

Go, therefore, to the main page of Gmailclick on the button Log in placed at the top of the same and log in to the account you created previously and already use.

Then click on yours profile picture or, if you haven’t set one, on your initials (top right), click on the entry Add another account and, in the page that has opened, select the item Create an accountindicating the use you will make of your new account (eg. For meif you will use it for personal purposes).

Then fill in the form displayed on the screen providing, in the appropriate text fields, first name, last name And usernameset a password that it is safe and so on. Finally, click on the button Forwardindicate (if you want) a telephone number it’s a recovery email addressin addition to yours date of birth and yours gender of belonging and then click the buttons Forward And I acceptfollowing the last instructions that appear on the screen to finalize the procedure.

If you have a device Androidyou can also proceed from the menu Settings> Accounts> Add Account> Google (selecting items Create an account> For me), while if you have iPhone or iPad you can go to the menu Settings> Mail> Accounts> Add account> Google. If you have any doubts or problems, you can check out my tutorial on how to create a Gmail account.

How to switch Gmail accounts on Android


After following the instructions of the previous chaptersyou can finally understand how to change default gmail account by switching between the two accounts in your possession.

To proceed, all you need to do is start theGmail apppress on your profile picture or on your initials (at the top of the screen) and select theGmail account to use. You can repeat the operation, then, to switch back to your “old” account.

How to change Gmail address on iPhone


After creating your new Gmail account on iPhoneyou can of course manage it using theApple Mail app but, as you may already know, in this case you will not receive push notifications from incoming messages.

That’s why you might find it convenient to install the Gmail app from App Store and manage your accounts through the latter. In this case, in fact, to change your Gmail address, just launch the official app of the service, press on your profile picture or on your initials (at the top of the screen) and then choose theGmail account to use.

How to change Gmail address on PC


I conclude the article by explaining to you how to change Gmail address from PC. Again, switching between accounts is disarmingly simple.

In fact, all you have to do is go to the Gmail home pageclick on your profile picture or on your initials (top, right) and finally select theaccount to use. Easier than that ?!

In case of use of “traditional” mail clientseg. Microsoft Outlookyou simply have to configure your new Gmail account in the same one and so you can manage it, along with the current one, in the program.