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How to change wallpaper on Samsung mobile

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How to change wallpaper on Samsung mobile: You just bought a new one Samsung smartphone and you can’t wait to customize it to make it more beautiful and feel yours. You’ve already quickly changed the settings you just didn’t like and want to keep turning it into the phone you’ve always wanted. Speaking of which, you’re looking for a way to customize your home screen and lock screen wallpaper, and so you’d like to have some “tips” in this regard.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry: keep reading and you will find several tips, hopefully useful, on how to change wallpaper on samsung mobile without wasting too much time. Furthermore, if this interests you, I will also point out where to find some nice wallpaper to use to replace the default ones on the device.

You will not need much: these are very simple operations, in some basic cases, and you will see that, even if you have never used a Samsung mobile phone or have never used a smartphone in general, they will succeed in no time at all. Do not you believe it? Take some time to read this tutorial and in the end you will agree with me!

How to change wallpaper on Samsung mobile

Well, if you’re here, you don’t know how to change wallpaper on a samsung mobile and maybe you have already tried and did not get the result you were hoping for. Or you probably didn’t even want to try it because you were afraid of making a mess and preferred to rely on a guide. You did well, even if Android devices are now very simple to use and, with a little attention (as well as a pinch of good taste, which never hurts), they can be fully customized.

In more detail, in this guide I will explain how to customize the background of the Home Screen, of the Screen lock and gods messages. I will rely on Android 10 and I’ll use a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus but know that the procedure does not change much with other models or with other versions of the operating system. I am sure that once you have read the guide and inserted all the images you care about most or the latest photos you have taken, you can customize your mobile as you always wanted!

How to change Home Screen wallpaper and Lock Screen on Samsung mobile

Change wallpaper on the Home Screen and Lock Screen of a Samsung smartphone

Let’s see right away how to change the wallpaper of the Home Screen and Lock Screen on a Samsung mobile, following three quick and easy procedures, quite similar to each other.

The first is a shortcut: do a prolonged tap on any empty part of the screen (so not on an icon, so to speak) and tap the button Background located at the bottom left.

A screen will open where you can select the items Personal wallpapers, Gallery And Wallpaper services: in the first case, you can choose between some pre-loaded wallpapers and those you may have downloaded; in the second you can select photos from the Gallery; while in the last case I’ll talk to you in a very short time. However, whatever your choice should be, the photo you choose will be used as the background of the Home Screen and the Lock Screen screen at the same time.

But there is more: if by any chance you want to look for beautiful photos and images, know that you will be able to find them wallpaper and much more by pressing the button Check out more wallpapers below: all kinds of wallpapers are sold at low prices, even animated ones, although they are more expensive than the standard ones (do not forget, however, that you can find many free wallpapers from other parts).

You can change the background of the Home Screen and the lock screen in another way, just as easy: tap on the icon Settings that you find in the app menu, then select the item Background (which is usually one of the first you find as soon as you open the settings).

There is still another method. Let’s say you’re seeing a photo in your Gallery and you think it’s perfect for your Home Screen or Lock Screen wallpaper. In this case, just tap on thethree dots icon vertically at the top right, and choose the item Set as wallpaper from the menu that appears.

Once this is done, select an option from Home screen, Lock screen or Home and lock screen to set the image, respectively, as wallpaper for the Home, Lock screen or both. I told you it would be easy, right?

How to change wallpaper automatically on Samsung mobile

Dynamic lock screen on Samsung smartphone

How do you say? You saw it somewhere but you don’t know how to change wallpaper automatically on a samsung mobile? Are you sure it can be done but you just don’t remember how? Don’t worry: it will take you very little with this procedure that I am about to explain to you.

First, it returns to the screen where you can choose between Personal wallpapers, Gallery And Wallpaper services. Now, tap on the item Wallpaper services and then on Dynamic lock screen to make the background images of the Lock Screen screen change every time the screen turns on.

You can also customize the service, although, in reality, the possibilities are quite limited. Start by tapping ongear icon you see next to the item Dynamic lock screen; a screen will open with various items: Select category, Download with data connection And Automatic update, Besides Terms and conditions And Contact us.

The voice that concerns you is Select category, because it allows you to select a set of images to be shown each time the screen is turned on; the categories to choose from are Landscapes, Life, Food, Pets And Art. Choose the one you like best and you will see that every time the display turns on, beautiful images related to your choice will come out.

As for the rumors Download with data connection And Automatic update, if you select them you will give consent, in the first case, to download the photos with your data connection and not only via Wi-Fi (and it is a solution that I do not recommend, because it is quite expensive in terms of Giga consumed); in the second, to automatically update the backgrounds of the set you have chosen.

In fact, you would also have the possibility to automatically change the Home wallpaper, by contacting third-party apps; however, I don’t recommend them because they consume too much battery compared to the service they offer, which is ultimately not essential. In short, the game is not worth the candle!

How to change message background on Samsung mobile

How to customize the message background on Samsung

Now that you’ve got the Home screen and Lock screen in place, you’d like to understand how to change the background of messages on a samsung phone? You don’t even have to ask!

The procedure you need to follow is generally this: open the app you use for messages, tap onthree dots icon vertically at the top right, select the item Settings from the menu that pops up and then go up Backgrounds.

However, keep in mind that the latest versions of Android do not allow you to customize the app background Messages but only that of individual conversations with contacts. Doing so is easy: open the conversation of your interest, tap onicon with the three dots vertically, top right, then on the item Customize wallpaper and choose background color, contrast level with text etc.

If you feel that the personalization allowed by the Messages app is limited, consider downloading another messaging app and setting it as default (making sure it’s reliable and safe; check the comments and do a Google search before installing anything!).

Come on Whatsapp? It is also possible to change the background of the conversations there: to do this, open the famous messaging app, tap on theicon with the three dots vertically placed at the top right, then on the item Settings, then go on Chat> Wallpaper.

At this point, go on No background> Gallery (to search for background images in your Gallery), then click Solid colors (to choose from a series of colors proposed by default by the app), Wallpaper library (to select the image among the wallpapers proposed by WhatsApp) or Default (to choose a predefined wallpaper).

If any steps are not clear to you and / or you want advice on where to find wallpapers for WhatsApp, consult my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Where to download wallpapers for Samsung mobile

Google Wallpapers

Now that you know how to change wallpaper, you are probably wondering where to download wallpapers for your Samsung phone. Well, all you have to do is ask!

There are various sites and applications that allow you to download wallpapers for mobile (both free and paid) and, as can be guessed, I have dealt with the subject in some dedicated guides, such as those on wallpapers for Android and wallpapers for mobile phones. I am convinced that, by consulting them, you will be able to find many wallpapers suitable for you!

If you are not satisfied, however, remember that you can create wallpapers for your smartphone yourself using solutions like the ones I showed you in my tutorial on how to create wallpapers for your mobile. You just have to try!