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How to change Spotify playlist image

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How to change Spotify playlist image: You are a frequent user of Spotify and, over time, you have created numerous playlists, which you have shared publicly and which you yourself love to listen to at specific times of your day. Browsing here and there on the famous music streaming platform, you realized that some users have customized their playlists with particular cover images: eager to obtain the same result, you immediately opened Google in search of a guide able to explain you. how to change Spotify playlist pictureand so you ended up here, on my site.

Did I guess? I imagined. Then let me tell you: you’ve come to the right place, at a time that couldn’t have been better! In fact, below I will show you in detail the steps to follow to change the covers of Spotify playlists, so as to customize them as you prefer.

Don’t worry if you are not very familiar with technology, you have no reason: the steps you are called to take are really very simple and within everyone’s reach, even those who, like you, define themselves as a sort of computer wimp. Do not you believe it? Then give me the opportunity to try it out by continuing to read this guide!

How to change Spotify playlist image on PC

The procedure for change the image of a Spotify playlist from a computer is extremely simple: here it is illustrated in detail for both Windows than with regard to macOS.

How to change Spotify playlist image on Windows

If you use Windows and you have not yet installed the Spotify on your computer, know that you can get it in two different ways: through the Microsoft Storeif you have it available Windows 10or using the “classic” installation file, on Windows 10 and all other versions of the Microsoft operating system.

To download Spotify from the Microsoft Store, go to this linkclick on the button Get attached to the page that is proposed to you, then press the button Open Microsoft Store that appears on the browser screen, to immediately open the section of the Microsoft Store dedicated to Spotify.

If everything went well, the Windows 10 store should start automatically: when this happens, click on the button Get and wait for the program setup to finish. You can start the program by clicking on the button You open located in the Microsoft Store window, or by calling it from the Start menu.

To perform the setup using the “classic” installation file, instead, visit the Spotify download page for Windowswait for the installation package (eg. SpotifySetup.exe) is completely downloaded to your computer and, when ready, launch it. Wait, therefore, for the installation process to be completed (it is a totally automatic procedure) and for the program to start by itself. If this does not happen, you can do it yourself, calling it up from the menu Start.

With the software running, click on the button Log in located on the welcome screen, enter thee-mail and the password linked to your account and click again on Log in. If your Spotify account is paired with Facebook, click the button Log in with Facebook and log in to the social network using the browser window that is offered to you. If prompted, click the button Allow access to overcome the restrictions imposed by the Windows firewall.

How to change Spotify playlist image on Windows

After this step too, identify the box Playlist located on the left bar, right click on the playlist you want to change the cover of and choose the item Edit details from the menu that is proposed to you. Alternatively, click on the playlist to open it, press the button (…) which appears on the cover and then on the item Edit detailsvisible in the menu displayed on the screen.

Next, hover your mouse over the cover photopush the button (…) which should appear superimposed on one of the corners of the photo, click on the item Replace image located in the menu displayed and choose the new cover to apply to the playlist.

Keep in mind that the cover images of Spotify playlists must necessarily be in JPEG and not to exceed 4 MB of greatness. In case of need, you can use the instructions I gave you in my guides on how to convert to JPG and how to reduce JPG to make the image compliant with Spotify’s requirements. If you wish, you can use the same window to edit the first name and the Description of the playlist.

When you are done, click on the button Save and that’s it: the changes are applied immediately and are visible on all devices on which you have configured the same Spotify account (and for all users who follow your playlist, if it is public or if you have already shared it).

How to change cover to Spotify playlist on Mac

How to change cover to Spotify playlist on Mac

Also with regard to the Mac, the procedure to follow to change the cover image of Spotify playlists is very simple. First of all, if you have not yet installed the Spotify client for macOS, connect to the site Internet of the programclick on the link Current located next to the item Mac OS X and wait for the download of the installation package to complete.

When this happens, launch the downloaded file (eg. Install Spotify), click on the button You open and wait for the software to be installed on your system. Exactly as already seen on Windows, the procedure is completely automatic.

At the end of the installation, if everything went well, the program should start automatically. If this does not happen, open it manually, recalling it from Launchpad (the icon in the shape of rocket located in the Dock bar).

Then click on the button Log intype the username and the password Spotify in the appropriate fields and presses the button again Log in. Alternatively, click the button Log in with Facebook to log in using the social network credentials.

Once this step is also completed, click on playlist of your interest, by choosing it from the homonymous box on the left of the Spotify screen, move the mouse over the cover image (the one at the top left) and click on the pencil which appears superimposed to access the playlist details editing screen.

At this point, the game is done: place the mouse on thecover image current, click on the button (…) that appears on the screen and, using the Finder panel, select the new photo to use as the cover. Again, the size of the image it must not exceed 4 MB and the format must be JPEG.

Once the changes are complete, click on the button Save and the new cover will be visible, immediately, also on the other devices associated with the Spotify account and for all users who follow the playlist.

How to change Spotify playlist image from smartphone

How to change Spotify playlist image from smartphone

You usually use Spotify on smartphoneso it would be in your interest to understand how to change the images of your playlists by acting through the app of the service for Android or iOS? Unfortunately, I don’t think I have good news for you: at the time of writing this guide, in fact, it is only possible to achieve this result using Spotify’s “desktop” programs for Windows and macOS, since neither the service’s apps nor its Web version integrate the functionality of editing the details of the playlists.

For this reason, if you intend to customize the covers of your playlists, you must necessarily follow the procedures that I have explained to you previouslyreferring to Windows and macOS.