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How to change name on Ruzzle

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How to change name on Ruzzle: Also thanks to my indications, you learned how to play checkers on the Internet on iPhone and Android and how to play checkers on the Internet on Facebook . The haste to try the game, however, prompted you to register for it using a username you now regret. So here you are wondering how to change your name on Ruzzle .

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but at the moment Ruzzle does not provide a function to change your username. However, I can teach you a trick (if we really want to define it) that allows you to create a new profile and use Ruzzle with the latter putting aside the old name. Here’s all in detail.

As already mentioned, it is currently not possible to perform an operation such as changing the name on Ruzzle while maintaining one’s scores. The only thing you can do is log out of your current account and register a new one to use Ruzzle as a different user. You ask me if it’s a complex operation? Absolutely not.

All you need to do is start Ruzzle while you have an active Internet connection, press the button with the gear icon located at the top right and press the Account Settings button on the screen that appears. Next, you have to press the Disconnect button and you automatically return to the game’s home screen.

Now, press the orange button Create a Ruzzle account , fill in the form that is proposed to you, entering in it the new name and password you want to use on Ruzzle, and press the Register button to complete the operation.

If you have not already done so previously, you can also register a new user on Ruzzle using the data (and therefore the name) of your Facebook account. Just press the button Log in with Facebook and authorize the game to interact with your profile on the social network. Just a “tap”.

Done! With this little trick you managed to change your name on Ruzzle . Unfortunately, in your new account you will not have the scores made with your old profile, but always better than nothing. Do not you think?

Don’t you want to change your name but simply disguise your identity on Ruzzle by deleting the Facebook profile photo from your account? Nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is start the game (while there is an active Internet connection) and press the button with the gear icon located at the top right.

In the screen that opens, press the Account Settings button , deactivate the lever located next to the Facebook entry (there should be your profile photo next to the option) and you’re done. Now you can play Ruzzle while maintaining a little more privacy.