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How to change language Windows 8

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How to change language Windows 8: Do you use a copy of Windows 8 in English and do you want to translate the system into Italian or any other language? Your Windows 8 is in Italian but for reasons that you certainly don’t have to explain to me do you need to translate the operating system into a different language? If the answer to at least one of these two questions is yes, know that you ended up in the right place, or better, on the right guide. In the following lines I will in fact explain to you all the operations that you need to perform to be able to change the Windows 8 language .

Before you can be alarmed and think about the worst, however, I want to immediately reassure you about one thing: contrary to appearances, changing language Windows 8 is very simple and it is not absolutely necessary to be an expert in computer science to understand how to do it. All you need is just a minimum of patience and attention, nothing more.

So if you want to find out what operations you need to do to be able to change Windows 8 language, I suggest you get comfortable and focus carefully on reading this guide. Ready? Perfect, then let’s get started.

Before explaining what operations need to be done in order to change the language of Windows 8 you must know one thing. To succeed in the business it is essential that the computer on which to act is connected to the Internet and that the connection in use is actually active and functional. The use of an Internet connection is in fact essential in order to download the language pack necessary to change the language in use on the operating system.

Having clarified this if you are really willing to change the language of Windows 8, the first thing you need to do is access the Control Panel of the operating system. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the upper or lower right corner of the desktop and then press the Settings button attached to the access bar that is shown to you. Then presses on the Control Panel item . Alternatively, you can access the Control Panel by clicking on the yellow folder icon attached to the taskbar, clicking on the item This PC in the left sidebar, double-clicking on the Computer item located at the top and then pressing the buttonOpen the Control Panel located at the top right.

Windows 8 screenshot

In the window that at this point you are shown presses on the menu next to the item View by: at the top right and click on large icons or small icons depending on what your preferences are. Then click on the Language icon .

Windows 8 screenshot

In the new window that at this point will be shown to you, click on the Add a language button located at the top left, then select with the left mouse button the language in which you want to translate the operating system by choosing from the list that is shown to you. If you cannot find the language you are interested in, you can change the display mode of the various languages ​​available by pressing the least placed next to the item Group languages ​​by: present at the top and selecting Language name or Writing system . After selecting the language of your interest presses the Add buttonwhich is placed at the bottom. Keep in mind that for some languages, such as English, instead of the Added button you will find the Open button . By clicking on this button you will be shown some variants of the selected language from which you can choose by selecting the one of your interest and pressing Add .

Windows 8 screenshot

Click now on the Options item located on the right of the new language just added to Windows 8 after which presses on the item Download and install Language Pack that you find placed under the word Windows display language .

Windows 8 screenshot

Now press on Yes and wait for the download and installation procedure of the chosen language pack to be started and completed. The download procedure is quite fast but still keep in mind that the timing may vary based on the speed of your Internet connection. When finished, click on the Close button .

Now presses again on the Options button located next to the language you have chosen to install on Windows 8 after which click on Set as main language that you can find under the heading Windows display language .

Windows 8 screenshot

To conclude presses the Disconnect button now attached to the new window shown on the screen and wait for the disconnection procedure to be carried out so that all the changes can be made and for the procedure by which to change the Windows 8 language to be successful. The changes will then be applied starting from the next login.

At this point I can not help but tell you: congratulations, you have finally managed to change the language of Windows 8! To quickly check that everything went the right way, take a look at the indicator of the language in use located next to the system clock and make sure that the language in which you have chosen to translate Windows 8 is indicated. You can also quickly check the correct outcome of the translation procedure by accessing the Start Screen and making sure that it is translated into the language of your choice.

Windows 8 screenshot

Keep in mind that the procedure for changing the language of Windows 8 is reversible and can be carried out for an unlimited number of times. This therefore means that by carrying out the steps I have indicated in the previous lines, you can always and in any case change the Windows 8 language by setting the default one again or by setting a different one from the one already chosen.