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How to change Huawei keyboard

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You have recently purchased a Huawei smartphone or tablet . You are very comfortable, but the default keyboard offered by the device does not excite you: you would like something more comfortable and / or suitable for your needs. How do you say? Are you not very tech savvy and therefore afraid of making some mistakes? Do not worry.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to change the Huawei keyboard with another equally valid one and I will also explain how to adjust the default keyboard settings, in order to 100% meet all your practical needs. I will also suggest how to change the text input language for the spell checker and automatic word suggestion, how to change keyboard themes and colors, how to install new keyboards from the Play Store, and much more. You just have to take five minutes of free time and read what I’m about to offer you: I assure you it’s really child’s play!

I warn you that for the tutorial I will use a Huawei smartphone from the Mate series, equipped with Android 9 and the customized EMUI 9 interface. In any case, the indications in the article should be valid for all smartphone and tablet models. produced by the Chinese house and all versions of Android / EMUI. Having made this clarification, I just have to wish you a good read!

Change Huawei default keyboard

If your goal is to change the Huawei keyboard , replacing the default one of the Chinese giant ( SwiftKey ), the operation you need to perform is really simple.

The first step you need to take is to access the Settings menu (the gear icon located on the home screen). Then you have to go to System (at the bottom of the screen), select  Language and input and then tap on the Default keyboard item .

At this point, choose the keyboard you are interested in (eg Gboard , to use Google’s keyboard, or SwiftKey , to use Huawei’s default) from the menu that opens at the bottom and that’s it! From this moment on, every time you call up the keyboard, the one you selected in the settings of your smartphone will work, instead of the “standard” one from Huawei.

If the keyboard you intend to use is not listed in the box with the list of keyboards available on your smartphone, go back to the Settings> System> Language and input menu , press the Default keyboard item and tap the Configure input methods button .

Then move the lever relative to the keyboard you want to activate to ON , answer OK to the warning that appears on the screen, go back and set the keyboard just enabled as the default keyboard on Android, following the procedure I explained above.

Change Huawei keyboard settings

Change Huawei keyboard settings

You like the default keyboard of your smartphone but, you’re not sure why, is it set to a language other than Italian? Would you like to change the color of Huawei’s default keyboard or just want to change the typing settings, but don’t know where to get your hands?

In all these cases, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because I have all the information you need to solve each of these problems. Carefully follow the “tips” I am about to give you and in no time you will find out how to customize the keyboard settings of your smartphone.

To change the SwiftKey keyboard settings on your Huawei device, all you have to do is access the Android Settings menu (the gear icon on the home screen), select the System > Language and input items and press on Keyboard SwiftKey .

In the screen that will be shown to you, you will find all the settings that you can change for the selected keyboard. By pressing the Typing button , for example, you can adjust each parameter related to the keyboard, such as the size, autocorrection, voice input, input sounds, keys to be displayed and much more.

In detail, by accessing this section, you can view different buttons: the one called Keys , allows you to enable the row of numbers, access special characters with a long press on the keys or access the emoji panel, etc.

The Resize and Sounds and vibrations sections , on the other hand, allow you to respectively change the size of the keyboard and enable sounds and vibration when pressing keys. By clicking on Typing and automatic correction , you can enable the word prediction system and the auto- correction of typed terms.

The Voice and Keyboard option gives you the opportunity to enable voice entry of words, while the one called Search Engine allows you to change the search engine to search the web.

Finally, in the configuration panel of the SwiftKey keyboard, through the Account section , you can also decide to manage all the data collected and to backup and synchronize the configuration settings.

In general, when you access the Language and input section of the System panel in the Settings menu , in addition to configuring the SwiftKey keyboard, you can also make changes to the other keyboards installed, taking care to press the one you currently have in use on your smartphone or tablet Huawei .

In this regard, you can follow the same advice I gave you in the previous paragraphs, as virtual keyboards have quite similar configuration panels and it won’t be difficult for you to find all the options to change.

If you need to change the language or keyboard theme of your Huawei smartphone, then I recommend that you consider reading the next chapters, which will deal with these topics.

How to change Huawei keyboard language

Change Huawei keyboard language

If you are interested in changing the language of the Huawei keyboard , know that the procedure you have to follow is quite simple, it will only take you a few moments of your time.

First, regarding Huawei’s default keyboard ( SwiftKey ), you can make the change of supported languages ​​through the Languages panel . This section can be reached by starting the Settings app and selecting the System > Language and input > SwiftKey keyboard items .

After doing this, you will be shown the languages ​​currently installed on the keyboard, in the Your languages  section  (above). By moving the appropriate lever that you find next to each of the languages ​​in the list, you can activate or deactivate their support on the keyboard.

If you are interested in a specific language to add to the keyboard that is not in the section just indicated, move to the lower area, Pre-installed languages , and scroll down the list until you find the one to add. At this point, click on the language to download and install and then make sure that this is enabled in the section at the top Your languages .

From now on, when you type in any word, the SwiftKey keyboard will automatically recognize the typing language, suggesting word suggestions and, if auto-correction is enabled, it will also correct any errors.

If you use a different keyboard than Huawei’s default, by accessing the settings panel of the latter ( System > Language and input > [keyboard name] ), you can change the input languages. For example, if you use Gboard , you can manage the languages ​​installed under Languages .

If you want to add a new one, instead, press the Add keyboard button , choose a language from the list and press the End key . All added languages ​​will be immediately available. To select a specific one while entering text on the keyboard, simply hold down the spacebar .

How to change Huawei keyboard theme

Change Huawei keyboard theme

The SwiftKey keyboard comes with tons of themes that you can use or even create your own. All you have to do is launch the Settings app and select System > Language & Input > SwiftKey Keyboard .

After doing this, press the Themes button and select one of the tabs at the top to access the various sections that contain the themes for the SwiftKey keyboard. In the Personal tab  you will find all templates pre-installed and ready to use. By accessing the Gallery tab , however, you can download one of the many models listed.

When you find a keyboard theme that you particularly like, click on it to activate it. From now on, every time you call up the Huawei virtual keyboard, it will show you with the new color scheme of your choice.

In the Themes section of the SwiftKey keyboard settings  there is also a tab, called Custom , which allows you to create a unique theme starting from an image in the Gallery. All you have to do is press the Start button and then press the Add image button to choose one of the photos saved on your device.

In addition to this, you can also choose whether to show the edges of the keys or the symbols on them, simply by moving the appropriate lever that you find next to it. When you have finished customizing the theme, tap on Done to complete the procedure and make it active.

The Gboard keyboard can also be customized in terms of colors: by selecting the System > Language and input > Gboard keyboard items in the Settings app , press on the Theme item and choose one of the predefined sets that you find in the list.

Best keyboards for Huawei smartphones

Gboard keyboard

Now that you know how to change (and how to configure) the keyboard on your Huawei smartphone, it seems appropriate to point out some of the best keyboards currently available on Android. However, I warn you to pay attention to the keyboards you find on the Android store, as they may not be safe.

You need to know, in fact, that keyboards record all the data you type on them. While some keyboards perform this operation for statistical data and to improve the service offered, others could literally “spy” what you type, compromising your privacy, as well as the security of your data.

In this regard, in addition to the SwiftKey keyboard , which is default on Huawei devices, you can use Gboard , the official one from Google, which supports more than 120 languages, is very fast and includes advanced features, such as multilingual typing, support for Google Translator. , searching for and inserting animated GIFs in numerous apps, searching for emojis and swiping typing.

It also supports dictation in Italian and, its main strength, the search and insertion of information taken from Google, such as sports results, weather information and the addresses of nearby restaurants and shops. It’s 100% free. I told you about how to enable the use of this keyboard on your Huawei smartphone or tablet in this previous chapter . In addition, you will find various information on its configuration in the remaining previous chapters .

In case, however, you want to know other keyboards to use, other than the SwiftKey one and the Gboard one, I suggest you consult my guide on the best Android keyboards, where you will find several other solutions that you can use on your Huawei device.