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How to change color on Facebook

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On Facebook, icons, menus and buttons change often. New features are introduced every now and then, but if there is one thing that changes extremely slowly it is the graphics of the Facebook pages. This is now unmistakable and comes with the usual white and gray background that accompanies the blue color of the bar at the top: what a monotony! Are you tired of it, aren’t you? Well, I bet yes, since you did an internet search because you wanted to know how to change color on Facebook .

Well, if this is what you are trying to do, and you are impatient to find out how to customize your favorite social network, know that you can do it and that, in the course of this tutorial of mine, I will explain how to do it. Changing color on Facebook is not something that is done on a daily basis and for this reason you will have to keep in mind that, at the time of writing, the possibilities are quite limited. In any case, do not be discouraged, I have some advice in mind for you and I am ready to provide you with several instructions that will help you fulfill the purpose you have in mind.

How do you say? Did this introduction of mine intrigue you and now you can’t wait to find out more? Okay then I strongly suggest you take a few minutes of free time. Sit comfortably and read the tips and instructions I have prepared for you with this tutorial. Before we begin, I want to wish you a good read.

How to Change Color in Facebook (Traditional Method)

At present, Facebook does not give users of its platform many possibilities for customizing the social network by default. The fact remains that, if your intent is to change the color of Facebook you can still succeed. However, you must keep in mind that it will be necessary to resort to third-party solutions if you want to make significant changes to the user interface of the social network.

Having said that, what I first want to suggest you do to personalize Facebook is to act through some limited tools available within the platform itself. In the following lines, therefore, I will explain how to change color on Facebook. Also keep in mind that, in this case, you can act through the Web version of the social network but also through the application for Android and iOS.

How to change the color of the interface

On Facebook it is possible to change the color of the interface, setting it to dark mode , compared to the standard one which is, instead, light. This operation can be performed both on the app of this social network for Android and iOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets, and on a PC.

Therefore, if you use Facebook from a smartphone / tablet , start the app in question, tap the ☰  icon and press the item Dark background mode (on Android) or Black background mode  (on iOS / iPadOS). At this point, select the item Activate , to enable the dark theme.

On Facebook from a web browser , on the other hand, access the official website of this social network, log in and press the ▼  icon at the top right. At this point, select the items Display preferences> Yes , to enable the dark interface.

How to change the color of posts

If you want to change the color of Facebook, the first change I recommend you make is related to the possibility of changing the background color for the posts you write and publish within it.

In fact, you should know that, following the new updates, Facebook has introduced the possibility of selecting a colored background to be applied as a background to the textual content published within the platform.

The ability to write a text message with a colored background is, at the time of writing, only available by posting a post on your Facebook profile. You will then have to act from your Facebook “wall”, or write a post directly from the Newsfeed.

To change the background color of the posts you write on Facebook, you have to tap on the text field that you can see next to the wording What are you thinking about, followed by the name you use within the social network. For example, in my case, What are you thinking Salvatore? .

By clicking on the text field in question, you will see a series of small colored boxes appear: by clicking on one of them you will be able to see the preview of the background. If you are not satisfied with it, you can choose another wallpaper to apply by clicking on it.

Once you have chosen the background to apply to the message, you can publish the post on Facebook by pressing the Publish button as usual . You can do the same by publishing a new post on Facebook via the Newsfeed or from your profile.

To change the background color of the posts you write on Facebook you can act in the exact same way through the Facebook application that you have surely already downloaded on your Android or iOS mobile device.

In fact, once you have tapped the text field dedicated to the publication of a new post on Facebook, you will be able to see different boxes on the screen: these are the various applicable background models. Then choose the background to use and write your post as usual. To publish it, click on the Share button .

How to change the color of chats

Alternatively, if you want to change the color of Facebook, you can act from the web version of the social network or even from the application for Android and iOS by changing the color of the chats. In this way you can customize the conversations you have with your friends within the platform, without major upheavals.

To do this, I recommend that you first act from the Web version of the social network and, once logged into Facebook with your login data, you will need to click on a cartoon symbol from the top bar of the social network. network.

You will then be able to view the list of conversations you have active with your Facebook friends; then select one by clicking on it to see the chat screen appear below.

Alternatively, you can also start chat by clicking on the bar labeled chat located at the bottom of the Facebook home page. In any case, once you have opened the Facebook chat and viewed the single conversation with your friend, you can customize the color of the same.

To do this, click on the button with the gear symbol that you can see next to the Facebook conversation. From the drop-down menu, then click on Change color to see a small menu appear with a series of colors inside.

You just need to check a color by clicking on it to see it automatically applied to the chat. Note that you can perform this operation of changing the chat colors with both a single chat and a group chat.

To change the color of the Facebook chat, as I told you, you can also act from Android or iOS mobile devices. In this case you will have to use the Facebook Messenger application , which is the essential instant messaging application to be able to chat with your Facebook contacts.

Once you have started the Facebook Messenger messaging application you will need to locate the conversation present in it. You can identify the active conversations on Facebook from the home screen, that is the one with the house symbol .

Also refer to the Messages, Active or Groups sections to identify the friend with whom you have an active conversation within the platform.

Once you have identified the conversation of your interest, tap on it and then, to change the color of the chat, tap on the name of the person who is located at the top of the chat itself.

You will then be able to see the section called Contact on the screen and, by tapping on the Color item, you will be able to see a series of colors on the screen.

At this point, to change the color of the Facebook chat you will only have to tap on a color to apply it: the change will be applied instantly. I remind you that, in case it is a group conversation, the change will be automatically visible for all members of the group itself.

How to change color to Facebook (via extensions)

If, on the other hand, you want to change the color of Facebook in a more radical way, you will have to make use of the use of third-party tools.

In particular, what I suggest you do is use some extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox browser that will allow you to completely customize the background color of Facebook.

However, keep in mind that, since these are unofficial third-party services available through extensions, the user experience within the social network will be significantly changed. The extensions that I recommend you to use, and which I will tell you about in the following lines, will totally change the user interface of the platform. I emphasize this because, as a consequence of the personalization of Facebook through these extensions, you may have some difficulties in using the social network in a traditional way.

In any case, if you are convinced that you want to apply advanced customizations to Facebook, continue reading to find out how to use the extensions that I recommend.

Stylish (Chrome/Firefox)

Available for free for Chrome and Firefox browsers, it is one of the best extensions related to the ability to change the background color to Facebook.

Install it from the Chrome Web Store or from the Firefox Add-ons and then, first of all, go to its official website to locate and download the first theme to add in the extension’s quick menu. To do this, just click on the link I gave you and, from the main page, press on the Facebook item located in the side menu at the wording Top Styled Sites .

Once you see the list of installable themes for Facebook you will have to choose the one you like the most and click on it. After that, you will have to install it within the extension by pressing the Install Style button and then confirming the installation by pressing the OK confirmation button that will appear in the browser .

In particular, keep in mind that, using this extension on the Mozilla Firefox browser you will have to manually perform this operation every time you want to install a new theme for Facebook.

If, on the other hand, you choose to use the extension on the Google Chrome browser, you will have the possibility to install new themes faster. There is in fact the Available Styles section within the extension; clicking the Install Styles button will allow you to quickly install a new style.

In both cases, keep in mind that, once you have installed the extension and downloaded the chosen theme, you will need to go to the social network and press the extension icon to start it. To apply the chosen theme then press the Stylish On button .

Stylus (Chrome/Firefox)

Similar in operation to the aforementioned Stylish extension, this extension is available for free on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers . Stylus allows you to completely customize the Facebook background.

Once installed on the browser of your choice, go to the official website of the Facebook social network and click on the extension icon to activate it. At this point, to apply a theme and thus customize the Facebook user interface you will have to press the Find styles button . Once you have identified the background you are interested in, you can apply it by clicking on it.

Other extensions to change color to Facebook:

  • Background Theme Changer ( Chrome ) – Available only for Google Chrome browser, it allows you to customize the Facebook background by choosing from one of those integrated into the extension. Once installed, you will need to use it starting from the Facebook website and clicking on the extension icon in the browser bar. Just click on it to install and apply a custom theme.
  • Color Changer for Facebook ( Chrome ) – Present only as an extension for Google Chrome, once installed you will have to go to Facebook and click on the extension icon. To activate a theme it is necessary to move the button corresponding to the Enable FB Color Changer item from OFF to ON . Then, under Saved Themes, just click on a theme to see it applied.