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How to change Android fonts

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How to change Android fonts: You are a great lover of customization, so you always want your smartphone to be in line with your aesthetic taste. For this reason you have chosen a smartphone with an Android operating system , because this system has always allowed the user to customize practically every graphic aspect.

You have customized almost every “corner” of your device, but there is still a small piece missing: the fonts . You don’t like the font that your device uses by default, but you still haven’t figured out how to change Android fonts , right? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

Over the next few paragraphs I will show you how to change the font of your Android device by bringing you practical examples for the major brands (the procedure to follow changes slightly depending on the version of Android in use and on the customizations made to the system by the manufacturer). So take five minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and follow the directions I am about to give you. You will not regret.

How to change Android fonts

Not everyone likes the font used by default on Android devices, on the other hand even if it is chosen to adapt well to every condition and app that you use, it cannot meet everyone’s tastes.

Fortunately, however, the operating system of the green robot is open to any type of customization, so it is often very easy to change the characters displayed both in the system menus and in the apps. The indications that you find below are suitable for all versions of Android – even if, as we will see, you have to act differently depending on the customizations applied by the manufacturer I will show – so that you want to know how to change Android 11 fonts , how to change Android 10 fonts or any other version of the OS, you will find “bread for your teeth”. Have fun!

Change Android font: Xiaomi

Change Xiaomi Android Fonts

For some time you have decided to switch to a Xiaomi smartphone , but you just can’t “swallow” the system font that is used. You would prefer something different, but you still haven’t figured out how to change Android fonts without root . Quiet, that’s what I’m here for.

Maybe you don’t know, but all the smartphones of the Xiaomi brand are equipped with a theme store from which it is possible to download and apply fonts other than the default one, but let’s go in order. Surely you have tried to open the Settings app and go to the Display item : here, however, you have only found the Text Size item , which through a special indicator allows you to change the size of the text. If, on the other hand, you want to change Android fonts on Xiaomi , you have to open the Themes app , which you find pre-installed on all the company’s devices.

Just a small clarification before proceeding: in Italy, the Themes app does not guarantee the possibility of changing the font, but you can easily get around this block by setting the device region to India (don’t worry, this change will not affect the guarantee) .

Therefore, open the Settings app , tap on the Additional Settings item and then go to Region . Here, by default, you will find Italy set as region, but you need to set it to India by simply selecting the relevant option. Once this is done, you will notice that nothing has changed, not even the language or time.

Now you can finally open the Themes app and, in the bottom bar, tap on the character icon (a T inside a box). A new screen will open with the store dedicated to fonts: you will find many to choose from.

Once you have chosen the font that is right for you, tap on it and then press the Free button to start the download. Once the download is complete, tap the Apply button to apply the new font to the system. After changing the font, if you want, you can also set the Region back to Italy, but remember to change it every time you want to change the operating system font.

Are you having trouble with the new font and want to revert to the default? Don’t worry, it’s really very simple. Open the Themes app , tap on the little man icon in the bottom bar and then on the Characters item : from the list of fonts, select the Roboto character (the default one) and tap the Apply button .

Change fonts Android: Samsung

Change Android Samsung Fonts

Have you recently purchased a Samsung smartphone , but you just can’t “swallow” the font used by default? Don’t worry, below I will show you how to change Android fonts on Samsung quickly and easily.

If you have decided to change the font of your Samsung, all you have to do is open the Settings app , usually recognizable by the icon of a gear , tap on the Screen item and then on Style and font size . In this section you will have the possibility to modify the font in every detail.

For example, if you want to change the size of the font, you simply have to act on the indicator present in the Font size item : moving it to the left will make the character smaller, while moving it to the right will become larger. Furthermore, if you like to have a more pronounced font, you can enable bold by setting the lever next to the Bold font item to ON .

Finally, let’s see how to change the font style: to do this, click on the Font Style item and on the next screen you will have the possibility to choose between some pre-set fonts. If none of those present are to your liking, you can download others simply by tapping on the Download fonts item .

A screen called New Fonts for Galaxy will open , where you will find tons of new fonts ready to be downloaded and then applied to your smartphone. Once you have chosen a font from the list, tap on it and on the next screen tap the Install button . In a few seconds the font will be downloaded and installed: to apply it, tap the Apply button .

How do you say? Have you changed your mind and want to go back to the default font? No problem, just go back to Settings , then to Screen and Style and font size : to restore the default font, tap on the Font Style item and then choose the Default option .

Changing Android Fonts: HUAWEI

Change Android HUAWEI font

You’ve had a HUAWEI smartphone for some time and think it’s time to give it a nice “refresh” in terms of graphics. You have already changed the theme and icons, but still don’t understand how to change Android font on HUAWEI .

You have probably noticed that by opening the Settings app and tapping on the Display and brightness and Size and display text items there is no way to change the font. In this section, in fact, you can only change the size of the text , using the appropriate indicator. Quiet, however, nothing is lost.

Even on HUAWEI smartphones it is possible to change fonts easily, but to perform this task it is necessary to use the Themes app , present by default on all smartphones of the brand. Well then: open the Themes app and tap on the Text Style item in the bar at the top. In this section of the theme store there are all the fonts that you can download and apply on your smartphone, but many of them are paid.

If you want to choose only from the free ones, tap on the Free item in the bar in the center of the screen and wait for the font list to load. You will probably have noticed immediately that the fonts available for free are very few, but if you like one of the available ones, tap on it and then on the Free Download button . Finally, to apply it, tap the Apply button .

If the font you have applied is not to your taste and you prefer to return to the default one, all you have to do is open the Themes app , tap on the Personal item in the bottom bar and then tap on the Text Style item . To apply the default font, tap on the Default item and then on the Apply button .

Change Android font: OPPO

Change OPPO Android Fonts

You recently bought a new OPPO smartphone , you really like it a lot, but you would also like to understand how to change Android font on OPPO . In this case I have two news for you: a bad and a good one.

The good news is that you can change the font size on your smartphone by opening the Settings app and going to Screen & Brightness> Font and Display Size ; the bad thing is that only the Roboto font (the default one) is present “as standard” .

OPPO smartphones sold in Italy, in fact, do not have the theme store, and this makes it impossible to change the font, but we are on Android and there is a way to solve the problem.

Before proceeding I want to immediately warn you, however, that it will be necessary to download and install the .apk file of the official OPPO theme store from an unofficial source: I am referring to the XDA-Developers forum . The site in question is a reference point for all fans of Android modding and you can find guides for practically all the devices on the market, it is very reliable but it is still an unofficial source.

Although I personally tested the procedure and found no problems, I cannot therefore take any responsibility if your device should suffer damage or problems following the installation of the aforementioned app, so feel free to decide whether to proceed or not. In any case, I can confirm that this is the original file from the official store, so after installing it the system will not find any problems when it performs the anti-malware scan.

That said, once you have installed the .apk package from the XDA forum (by clicking on one of the links on the page I linked to you just now), open the Store Themes app and tap on the Font item in the menu at the top. Once this section is open, you will find a long list of available fonts: choose the one you prefer and, to apply it, first tap on it and then on the Apply button . In a few seconds the interface will be reloaded and you will immediately see the new font applied.

If for some reason you are not happy with the result, you can always revert to the default font. To do this, open the Settings app , select the Screen and brightness item and then tap on the Font and display size item . You will notice that, in addition to adjusting the font size, you can now choose from the installed fonts from this screen. To return to the default font, simply tap on Roboto and wait for the system to apply the changes.

How to change Android app font

How to change Android app font

How do you say? Would you rather change the font of a single app and not that of the entire operating system? Unfortunately I have bad news for you. If you are wondering how to change Android app font I can tell you that this is not possible, as all apps use the font set for the system or, in some cases, in the settings of the app itself (in this case, you can often only choose among a limited set of fonts chosen by the developers).

If, on the other hand, you want to send a personalized message, with a particular font, on WhatsApp or another instant messaging app, there are some apps that can be for you. On the Play Store you will find many apps of this kind, but in this case I will show you how two of them work, so that you can decide which one could do the most for you. Both apps are free, but are supported by non-invasive advertisements.

The first one I’m talking about is Cool Fonts , available both on the Play Store and on alternative stores for devices without Google services: to install it, search for it in the store of your device, press on its icon (or connect directly to one of the links of download that I gave you a moment ago, to do first) and press the Install button .

Well, now open the app, type the text of the message you want to send in the box at the top and then select the font you prefer from the list below. Once you have chosen the font you like best, tap on it and the text will be automatically copied. Now, open the app on which you want to send the message (for example WhatsApp) and make a copy and paste in the chat: as if by magic you will see that the text will appear with the font you have selected and you can send it to whoever you want.

How to change Android app font

The other app that I recommend is Stilysh Text , available both on the Play Store and on alternative stores for devices that do not have it, such as the most recent ones from HUAWEI. This app works in a slightly different way from the previous one, because it will give you the possibility to edit the text without opening the app every time.

After installing it, for the first time you need to open the app and tap the button with the app logo at the bottom. From the menu that appears, choose how to interact with the app, whether using a floating bubble or floating bar and enable one of the two items by setting the activation lever to ON .

Now open the messaging app you usually use (for example WhatsApp) and type the text you want to send. You will immediately notice that a bubble will appear on the right, tap on it and choose the font you want from the menu that appears: the text in the chat will change the font and you can finally send it. Convenient, don’t you think?