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How to change a person on Skype

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How to change a person on Skype: Who knows how many times it will have happened to you: you are talking to a friend on Skype, the latter is absent for a few minutes and leaves the communication open. From then on, your poor ears are forced to endure everything from the sound of doors opening and closing to the sound of the TV your friend left on in his room. And so, until your interlocutor returns in front of his PC screen, you have to choose whether to mute the computer’s sound – giving up your normal activities – or whether to completely cut off the connection on Skype … or maybe not?

Evidently the best solution would be to mute the Skype call without completely “silencing” the computer and without closing the connection with the interlocutor. Operation that can be carried out very simply by using the volume controls present in all versions of the famous VoIP client. Did you know that? If the answer is no, take five minutes and find out now how to change a person on Skype thanks to the information I’m about to give you. I assure you it’s very easy!

If you want to know how to change a person on Skype and you are using a Windows PC, all you have to do is on the icon with the indicator signal located at the bottom right of the conversation window and select the tab Speaker from the box that opens. Then use the adjustment bar located under the wording Change the speaker settings to bring the volume level to zero and that’s it.

Alternatively, you can “silence” an interlocutor on Skype before starting a call with him by selecting his name on the program’s home screen, by clicking on the icon with the indicator of the signal which is under his photo and following the same procedure just seen for the conversation window.

Even if you use a Mac you can change a person on Skype without completely disabling the system sound, even if in this case the procedure to follow is different from Windows. In fact, you can increase and decrease the volume of the call in progress by selecting the items Increase volume And Decrease volume from the menu Conversations or use key combinations cmd + alt + arrow his cmd + alt + down arrow.

If you find the default key combinations inconvenient, you can also change the keyboard shortcuts associated with Skype’s volume controls on your Mac. How? Just go to System Preferences and click on the icon Keyboard. In the screen that opens, you must then select Application abbreviations from the left sidebar and click on the button + which is located at the bottom left. Then select Skype from the drop-down menu Applicationtype Increase volume in the field Menu title and select the key combination to use to raise the sound of Skype conversations. Repeat for the menu Decrease volume and the keyboard shortcut to use to reduce Skype volume and that’s it.