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How to certify email

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How to certify email: We have been talking about certified electronic mail for months, even years, but despite this there is still a strong aura of mystery around this technology: “What is it for?”, Many ask me. “Do you have to buy any particular device to use it?” others ask.

So today here I am, ready to shed some light on the subject and explain to you how to certify email in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Let’s start with the most important question: what is the PEC for? Therefore, certified e-mail, you must know, was born with the aim of speeding up communications between private citizens, companies and the Public Administration. It has the same legal value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and therefore can be used to exchange communications and documents, being certain of the identity of whoever is on the other side.

To use certified e-mail you do not need to use any special software or devices. It all happens remotely, where some fundamental operations are performed: the sender’s manager checks that the message conforms to standards and validates it; the validated email arrives at the recipient’s manager who confirms receipt; the message is verified by the recipient’s manager and delivered to the end user’s PEC box.

The manager is the company that provides the certified mail service, it can be freely chosen by the user. Currently there are several that operate on the Italian market and their offers are able to cover a wide range of prices and needs.

Unfortunately, there is no free offer that allows citizens to communicate at least with the Public Administration: the only one that was there, Posta Certifcat @, which was offered by the Italian Government, closed its doors in December 2014 following the poor response of the public and high operating costs.

At this point we see effectively how to certify emaillet’s analyze some of the main offers currently available for the PEC in Italy.

  • Aruba – offers the plan PEC Standard which costs 5 euros + VAT per year and includes a 1GB mailbox; plan PEC Pro which costs 25 euros + VAT per year and offers a 2GB mailbox with 3GB of archive and SMS notification service, and PEC Premium which for 40 euros + VAT per year offers a 2GB mailbox with 8GB of archive and SMS notification service.
  • LegalMail – company focused on the needs of professionals. In its price list there are three floors: PEC Bronze which for 25 euros + VAT per year includes a 5GB mailbox complete with security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications; PEC Silver which for 39 euros + VAT per year (with 6 months free trial) includes an 8GB mailbox with mobile access, security archive and SMS notifications, and PEC Gold which costs 75 euros + VAT per year and includes a 15GB mailbox + mobile access, security archive and SMS notifications.
  • PosteCert – the Poste Italiane service addressed to individuals and professionals. Its basic plan is PEC Basic Private that for 5.50 euros + VAT per year offers a 100MB mailbox with 200 mailings per day; there is a step up PEC Base Business which includes 5 1GB mailboxes with 200 daily mailings, then there is the solution Advanced Business PEC which also includes the replacement storage of notices and receipts and customizable addresses.
  • LiberoPEC – PEC account with unlimited space which costs 25 euros + VAT per year.

It should be noted that all former users of the Posta Certificat @ service by 18th September 2015 can request a free PEC mailbox for 1 year at Aruba, PosteCert and Legalmail by submitting a specific request.

To activate a PEC account, just choose a plan to subscribe, make the payment and verify your identity by sending (via email or web panel) the required documentation to the manager.