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How to cancel Spotify subscription

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How to cancel Spotify subscription: Some time ago, tired of having to listen to advertisements, you chose to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Now, however, you have changed your mind and want to go back to the free version of the service because you have noticed that you do not use it that much and for this reason you prefer to take a step back and cancel everything. The only problem is you don’t know how to do it, do you?

If this is indeed the case and if you need someone to help you know that you can count on me once again. In fact, with today’s guide I will explain to you how to cancel Spotify subscription so that you can fulfill your goal of returning to the free version of the famous music streaming service.

I assure you that it is very simple and that you can act quickly from any device. Therefore, keep your Spotify login details ready, read the instructions below and put them into practice. All that remains for me is to wish you a good continuation and a good listening to your favorite music, even if with some commercial breaks!

How to cancel Spotify subscription from app

Desires cancel your Spotify subscription from smartphone or tablet? Then you must know that you can easily succeed in this intent, but that you cannot proceed directly from the Spotify app for Android (also on alternative stores for all those devices that do not use Google services) or iPhone / iPad: you must act as a browser. Find everything explained below.

How to cancel Spotify subscription: Android

If you use a device Androidyou can cancel your Spotify subscription using the browser that you normally use to browse online (for example Google Chrome). Then start the latter, go to the Spotify login page and log into your account.

This operation can be completed by pressing the button Log in and then using the keys Continue with Facebook if you are logged in using this social network, Continue with Apple if you used your own instead Apple ID, Continue with Google if you used your own Google account or by simply entering theemail / username and the password that you have set only for Spotify and then pressing the button Log in. If you don’t remember the password, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to how to see the Spotify password and how to recover it.

Once in your profile, tap on the icon three horizontal lines and, in the new screen that opened, select the item Account. You will then see a new page open in which there is a summary of your account: scroll down to the item Your planand tap the button Change plan.

Also scroll through the new screen that opened, until you find the button Cancel your Premium subscription inside the box dedicated to Spotify Free and press it, then to confirm the operation also tap the buttons Continue to cancel And Yes, cancel.

After performing all these steps, the page referring to your subscription will indicate the date from which you will return to the free service based on advertising. In a nutshell, despite having canceled the subscription, the Premium version service will continue to be active and usable until the expiry date set for it.

If in the future you decide to activate Spotify Premium again, you can therefore avoid any unwanted charges for the renewal by deactivating the renewal in advance and continuing to use the Premium service until the expiry date.

That said, you choose whether to fill in the survey related to the reasons that prompted you to cancel your subscription, by placing a check mark next to motivation present more appropriate among those proposed, by inserting a comment and indicating (always putting a check mark) how many are the chances that you will be able to use the Premium subscription again. Once this is done, send your answers by pressing the button Send. Alternatively, tap the button Skip not to fill in the questionnaire.

Now you have found out how to cancel Spotify Premium subscription, pretty simple right? In case, however, you do not see what is described and the summary page of the Spotify account does not contain the button Change plan it means that the subscription has been taken out with a partner company, such as a telephone company.

To deal with the problem and cancel your subscription, all you have to do is search for the item Payment and under it you will find the contact links to start the procedure through that company.

How to cancel Spotify subscription: iPhone

IPhone settings subscriptions

There are two different procedures to cancel Spotify subscription through iPhone And iPad. The main one is the same as described in the previous chapter. All you have to do, then, is open the browser that you normally use to browse online from your device (eg. Safari), log into your Spotify account through the login page of the service and press on thegear (top right).

At this point, tap on the item View accountscroll down to the new page that opened and press the button Change plan. You will be redirected to a new page and scrolling down will also take you to the button Cancel your Premium subscription which you will have to press to start the procedure.

The second, on the other hand, consists in going to act using the settings of your device, in case you were a long-time Spotify Premium user and had subscribed through iTunes (option no longer available).

In this case, go to Settings of iOS (thegear icon located on the Home Screen), tap the Your nameselect the item Subscriptions and, in the new screen that opened, select the item relating to Spotify. At this point, tap on the item Cancel subscription and confirm. Read more here.

How to cancel Spotify subscription: PC

Spotify Web PC

You don’t want to use your smartphone and you want to know how to cancel Spotify subscription through PC? Then the first thing you need to do is to connect to the Spotify official website. Then, press on the voice Log in located at the top right, fill in the fields Username And Password and then click the green button Log in.

If you have registered for the service through Facebook, you can also access Spotify by pressing the button Continue with Facebook and then typing the access data relating to your account on the social network, the same applies even if you have registered with your Google account or yours Apple ID (there are special buttons to access)

Once logged into your account, in order to cancel the subscription, presses on yours first name located on the right side of the page, then locate the item Accountclick on it and, in the new page opened, scroll down and press the button Change plan.

In the new page that will be shown to you at this point, scroll through all the subscription plans available up to the last one which consists of Spotify Free and click the button Cancel your Premium subscription. Then press the buttons Continue to cancel And Yes, cancel to confirm your operation.

If you have subscribed via iTunes (option no longer available) and you have a Windows PCyou open iTunesgo to the menu Account> View my account (above), log in to yours Apple IDthen go up View accountscroll to the section Settingsclick on the button Manage relating to Subscriptionspress the button Edit about Spotify and press on the option for cancel your subscription.

If you own a Macinstead, open theApp StoreClick on Your name located at the bottom left of the window and select the item View Information. Now log in via your Apple ID inserting thee-mail and pressing the button Log inthen perform the same action with the password and search for the entry in the new window opened Subscriptions and click on the wording Manage. Now, from the list of subscriptions on the new screen locate Spotifypresses on the voice Edit and then on the button Cancel subscription. Easy, right?