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How to call from your PC

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How to call from your PC: In spite of what you may think, calling from a PC is not difficult at all, it all depends on the type of call to be made: for example, you can use software software with VoIP functions, that is able to make phone calls (and possibly video calls) with the only help of the Internet; or you can configure the PC operating system to interact with the smartphone, making and receiving phone calls through the latter.

The theme of this guide will be, precisely, to explain to you how to initiate a call from the computer, both in VoIP mode and using the telephone as a “bridge”, in an easy and fast way. Do not worry if you are not a top expert in terms of technology, you have no reason: the steps that I am about to illustrate are easy to apply and also suitable for those who, like you, are not very familiar with computers.

So, without waiting any longer, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I guarantee you that, at the end of reading this guide, you will be perfectly able to reach the goal you set for yourself. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read!


How to call from your PC for free

To be able to make free calls from your PC without the aid of a smartphone, you need to rely on a service capable of making VoIP calls, that is, via the Internet. Below I point out some of them.

How to call from your PC with WhatsApp

At the current state of affairs, WhatsApp for PC and WhatsApp Web do not integrate the possibility of making and receiving calls, but you can easily remedy this by using Messenger Rooms , that is the system of “virtual rooms” introduced by Facebook (company that owns WhatsApp) all beginning of 2020, designed for group video calls but can also be used easily for audio transmission only.

To succeed in this venture, it is essential that the user who initiates the call / room (presumably you) has a Facebook account ; if you don’t have one, you can get one quickly by following the instructions I gave you in this tutorial. Users who will take part in the phone calls, however, do not have to submit to this condition: they may or may not have a Facebook account, it is indifferent.

All clear? OK, let’s get started. First, open WhatsApp for PC or connect to the WhatsApp Web home page and wait for the list of active chats to be loaded. If you have not yet paired the WhatsApp app with your computer, you will instead see a page containing the QR code to be used for the association.

If so, proceed as follows: start the WhatsApp app on your phone, tap the (⋮) button visible at the top right, if you use Android , and touch the WhatsApp Web item from the menu displayed; if, on the other hand, yours is an iPhone , tap on the Settings tab located at the bottom right and then on the WhatsApp Web / desktop item , attached to the next screen.

Now, regardless of the smartphone model you are using, tap the OK button (or the + button ), allow access to the phone’s camera (if necessary), frame the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp Web page and wait a few moments, so that the two devices are connected to each other.

Once the initial operations have been completed, you can create the “room” that will host your phone call in this way: click on the button (⋮) at the top of the left sidebar of WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp Web, click on the option Create a room located in the menu that appears and presses the Continue button in Messenger , attached to the panel that appears later.

If everything went well, you should see the Rooms screen in a new tab or browser window: if you are already logged in to Facebook, click on the Create the room as [your name] and Enter the room buttons ; otherwise, click the Login button and enter your account credentials. If necessary, press the Allow button to allow Rooms to use the built-in microphone.

How to call from your PC

The game is practically done: to transmit only the audio (and not the videos coming from the webcam), click on the Disable video button (the one in the shape of a camera), in order to make it opaque. Finally, click on the Copy button in the center of the screen and deliver it via WhatsApp for PC / WhatsApp Web to the user with whom you intend to communicate: the latter can participate in the call either by logging in with Facebook (or using the Messenger), or by logging in as a guest, through the site (which can be used by computers, smartphones and tablets).

If this solution does not satisfy you, you can make a phone call with WhatsApp from your computer by installing the official WhatsApp app for Android on the latter with the help of a special emulator .

This approach, however, has limitations: firstly, the configuration of the app in the emulator (which is treated exactly like a real phone) involves disconnecting WhatsApp from the original smartphone, as the app requires the use of only one device per phone number. Secondly, know that continuously changing the access device can result in the blocking, even permanently, of the WhatsApp account.

How do you say? Do you still want to proceed, despite the risks? In this case, I refer you to reading my guide on how to make a video call with WhatsApp, in which I explained how to install the BlueStacks emulator and how to configure WhatsApp inside it. Remember that, to start a phone call, you will not have to tap on the video camera symbol when selecting contacts, but on the one depicting a handset .

How to make phone calls from your PC with Skype

How to make phone calls from your PC with Skype

To be able to make phone calls from your PC with Skype , you can follow two different paths: start a phone call to other Skype users , at no cost, or call “traditional” landlines and mobile phones all over the world , by purchasing Skype credit or activating one of the available subscriptions. . In any case, if you have not yet downloaded and installed the program on your computer, my guide on how to download Skype may be useful.

When installation is complete, start Skype and, if this is your first time using the program, click on the Login or create account button , enter your Skype or Microsoft account credentials in the appropriate fields and click on the Login button to log in. If you do not have an account, press the link instead Click here to create one and follow the instructions that are shown to you to complete the registration. If you need an extra hand in completing the creation of the new account, please take a look at my tutorial on how to create a Microsoft account.

Once logged in, if you intend to start a free call to a Skype contact , enter their name in the People, groups and messages field at the top right, click on the most relevant result and press the Handset icon . If, during the call, you wish to deactivate / activate the computer microphone , click on its icon; if you want to record or put the call on hold, press the button (…) or the item Other options and select the one you are interested in.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in making paid calls to national or international landlines and mobile phones, you can connect to the Skype website and take one of the available ways: buy Skype credit and pay for calls as you go, or subscribe to one of the online plans . subscription available (some of which can be tried at no cost), a particularly convenient option if you intend to use this option often.

Once you have subscribed to the plan that best suits your needs, you can initiate a call to any fixed or mobile number, with extreme simplicity: click on the numeric keypad icon residing on the main Skype screen (located near the People search field, groups and messages ), enter the phone number to call and start the call by clicking on the handset icon .

To show your caller ID , ie the phone number that will be displayed by the person called, click on the gear wheel and press on the Caller ID option ; then enter the phone number to be displayed when making calls with Skype and press the Save button to confirm everything.

For further information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to call with Skype, in which I illustrated the subject in great detail.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that it is also possible to use Skype directly from the browser, by connecting to Skype Web from one of the supported browsers (eg Chrome or Edge). You don’t even need to create an account. More info here.

Other solutions to call from your PC for free

How to call from your PC for free

Are the solutions that I have indicated in the previous sections of this tutorial not satisfactory for you? In this case, know that there are numerous online services that allow you to start calls (and video calls) at no cost from a PC : here are some of them.

  • Google Meet – it is an application developed by Google, available for PC on the web, but also on Android, iPhone and iPad, which allows you to quickly create meetings, video conferences and calls (even group) in a very simple way. More info here.
  • Zoom Meeting – this is a free basic platform that allows you to easily start videoconferences but also real conversations containing only audio. It is available for Windows PC and Mac, but also for Android, iOS and iPadOS smartphones and tablets. More info here.
  • Messenger – this platform, initially created with Facebook and later developed as a stand-alone application, allows you to make calls over the Internet to users who use the app or the Web version of the service. More info here.
  • Viber – is a popular instant messaging platform that, among other things, allows you to make (and receive) calls to other Viber users, even from a PC. More info here.
  • FaceTime – is Apple’s free service, available on macOS but also on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It allows you to make calls (and video calls) to other supported devices, with the only help of the Internet. More info here.

How to call from your PC with your mobile

If you are looking for a method to be able to make calls via your mobile phone using your computer, you will be pleased to know that both Windows 10 and macOS integrate this possibility: it is sufficient to configure both the computer and the telephone in an appropriate way, to be able to call (and receive) without having to touch the latter.

Before continuing, I would like to point out that both systems require the use of Bluetooth technology: therefore, if you have microphones or speakers configured on your PC that use the same connection method, you may have problems using them. Take that into account.

Windows 10

How to call from your PC with your mobile

Among the most interesting features of Windows 10 there is certainly the application Your phone : integrated “as standard” in the operating system, it allows, if properly configured, to perform some operations on the smartphone. In this way it is possible, among other things, to make and receive phone calls without having to physically use the phone, provided that the latter has a SIM card and active promotions dedicated to voice traffic, or sufficient credit, in the case of tariffs. Consumption.

For everything to go smoothly, it is essential to have a Microsoft account; if you don’t have it, follow the instructions I gave you in this guide, to get it. Moreover, the option to call / receive can only be used if the Bluetooth of both devices is active (here I explained how to do it).

To be able to call from your PC with your mobile phone via Windows 10, you must first download the free Complement de your phone app , available for Android (even on devices without the Play Store), on the smartphone to be used.

After reaching the appropriate section of the market pre-installed on the phone, simply press the button dedicated to installing the app and, if necessary, authenticate through face recognition, fingerprint, or password of your account.

On some Samsung and Microsoft smartphones this operation is not necessary: ​​the configuration screen dedicated to Windows 10 is present “as standard” among the quick settings of the smartphone.

How to call from your PC

Once the installation is complete, start the app in question (or open the appropriate menu item), tap the Sign in button and, when prompted, enter your Microsoft account credentials to log in.

If there are other Microsoft apps already configured on the smartphone, the previously used account will be automatically accessed; to change it, tap Log in with another account and enter the profile data to be used for synchronization.

Once logged in, press the Continue button and tap the Allow button several times to provide “Complemento de il tuo Telefono” with the necessary permissions for its operation. If prompted, then press the Continue button and allow the app to run in the background , responding affirmatively to the next warning.

At this point, leave the app on your smartphone open and switch to your PC . At this point, right-click on the Windows 10 Start button, click on the Settings item that appears in the proposed context menu and click on the Phone icon located in the window that opens.

Now, wait for the initial configuration phase of the service to start and, once in the new screen, click on the button dedicated to Android and then on the Continue button ; then put the check mark next to Yes, I have finished the installation of Complement of your phone and, if requested, log in to your Microsoft account (it must be the same one configured previously).

How to call from your PC

We are almost there: go back to your smartphone and tap on the item The PC is ready located in the “Complement of My Phone” app screen that you had previously opened and configured; at this point, touch the Allow button to put the two devices in communication and touch the End button to finish everything.

Once connected, you are finally ready to make calls via your computer! So, return to the Your phone application that you had previously opened (you can still call it, at any time, from the Start menu ), click on the symbol of the numeric keypad resident in the left sidebar and, after unlocking the smartphone, click on the Configure button .

After a few moments, you should see a request from the “Complement of Your Phone” app on the phone screen: after opening it, tap the Allow button to authorize the devices to communicate via Bluetooth, then check that both PINs match Bluetooth authorization and, to end the pairing, first touch the Pair button that appears on the phone screen and then click on the Yes button , displayed on the computer screen.

Now we are really there! When the connection is successful, go back to the computer, click on the Close button and, if you also want to view the call history, click on the Send authorization button located on the Your phone screen and answer affirmatively to the notification that appears on your smartphone.

At this point, all you have to do is use the numeric keypad or the text field search your contacts to dial the telephone number and make all the calls you want: the communications initiated in this way will take place via the headphones / speakers and the computer microphone.

If, for some reason, the phone calls should take place through the speaker and microphone of the mobile phone, you can easily remedy this by clicking on the down arrow located inside the “balloon” dedicated to the call and then on the Use phone button , to deselect it.

How to call from your PC

Later, you can make phone calls simply by opening the Windows 10 Your Phone application and clicking on the numeric keypad icon located on the left; the two devices, as you can imagine, must be connected via Bluetooth (you can easily check this by opening the notification area of ​​Windows 10).

Note : the Windows 10 “Your Phone” application is also compatible with iPhone but, at the time of writing this guide, it only allows web pages to be shared between devices and little else.


How to call from your PC

If your phone is an iPhone and your computer a Mac , you can get a very similar interaction to the one seen previously between Windows 10 and Android using the FaceTime application and Apple’s Continuity technology . If I had never heard of it, the latter allows you to “share” numerous features between the various mobile devices of the Cupertino house, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

For everything to go smoothly, it is essential that the devices involved are associated with the same Apple ID , connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that Bluetooth is active on both.

All clear? OK, let’s get started. First, take the iPhone and enable Wi-Fi calls on the iPhone: to do this, reach the iOS Settings by tapping the gear icon located on the Home screen, or in the App Library, tap the Phone and Up items other devices and move the lever corresponding to the item Allow calls and the one next to the name of the Mac to be used to make phone calls to ON .

Now, go to the Mac , open the FaceTime application calling it from the Dock bar or from the Launchpad (the grid / rocket icon located on the Dock) and go to the Facetime> Preferences… menu , located at the top left. Now, make sure that Calls from iPhone is selected, otherwise do it yourself.

At this point, close the Preferences window and use the appropriate text field to enter the telephone number or the name of the contact to call: to start the call, click on the Audio button located at the bottom left and the game is done!

Alternatively, you can make phone calls from your Mac using your iPhone also using the Contacts application on your computer: after opening it, locate the name of the user to call and click on the handset symbol , under the word Mobile .