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How to call for free from your PC

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How to call for free from your PC: Calling for free from your PC is no longer as utopian as it used to be: in the past, when the internet was not so widespread, you have to rely on online services that imposed heavy limits on calls made. Now things have changed and it is thanks to the vast diffusion of the Internet that it is possible to make free calls all over the world. Does it still seem so impossible to you? Well, don’t worry, by reading this guide you will find that it is easier than you think. To call for free from your PCin fact, just use one of the many VoIP software. You will thus be able to use your PC to stay in touch with people who use the same service and who are close to you, but also with people who live on the other side of the world: VoIP services have no geographical limits.

The VoIP programs that I will tell you about in this guide of mine are extremely easy to use. Furthermore, they are all downloadable for free and do not require any kind of technical or IT knowledge. The only limitation, if we can call it that, is given by the fact that, in order to call for free from a PC , both the sender and the recipient of the call must have installed the same software. The calls will in fact be made for free through the Internet connection only, there will be no additional costs. Only calls made to landline or mobile numbers will be charged. In essence, therefore, the free calls that will be available are those made only through the use of the software itself.

Having said that, are you eager to know which software to download to call for free from your PC? Very well, then I suggest you take a few minutes to calmly read this guide of mine. Download and try with me one of the tools that I will recommend; you will find out how to call for free from your PC to stay in touch with all your friends. As usual, before we begin, I would like to wish you a good read.



From the moment you wonder how to call for free from a PC , I suggest you first use WhatsApp : the famous instant messaging service owned by Facebook allows, in fact, to make free voice and video calls over the Internet, using its desktop client, or its application, both available for Windows and macOS .

At the time of writing, however, this feature has not yet been implemented on WhatsApp Web and, therefore, to use it, you must necessarily download WhatsApp on your computer. Anyway, don’t worry: I’m going to explain to you in detail how to proceed.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this solution, first connect to the Download section of the WhatsApp website , in order to download the client for Windows , by pressing the Download button for Windows or the one for Mac , by clicking on the Download for Mac button OS X 10.10 and later .

Once this is done, within a few seconds the program will be automatically downloaded and, at the end of this operation, all you have to do is start it, by clicking on it, to start using it. Alternatively, you can download the application for Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store , by pressing the Install button or the one for macOS 10 , through the Mac App Store , by clicking on the Get button .

At this point, in both cases, on the main WhatsApp screen , access your account, scanning with the QR code : you have to frame it through the appropriate section of the WhatsApp app that you can reach via the Settings> WhatsApp Web menu . Once this is done, you can take advantage of WhatsApp in all its main features, as the client and the application are nothing more than a mirror of the WhatsApp app for smartphones.

In this regard, the first thing you need to do, if you want to make a voice call or a video call, is to identify the chat with the user of your interest, through the left side section. Optionally, you can also start a new chat by pressing the (+) button and selecting the name of the user you want.

Then, in the section dedicated to private chat, first on the handset icon , if you want to start a voice call while to make a video call, press on the camera icon . During the call you can deactivate the microphone by clicking on the icon that represents it and, in addition, you can switch, at any time to a single voice call, by clicking on the icon of the camera to deactivate and reactivate it as you wish.

At the end of the call, press the red handset icon to hang up. Also, for more information on how WhatsApp and all its other features work, don’t forget to deepen the subject by reading my specific guide on the subject.


Skype is certainly one of the best known software that will allow you to call for free from your PC . I choose to start by talking to you about this software from the moment it deals with a very famous and complete VoIP service that allows you to make calls and video calls over the Internet, without spending a cent, if made from Skype to Skype.

Among the strengths of the application is its free availability on a multitude of platforms. Not only for PC, Mac and Linux, but also for smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android / Windows Phone / BlackBerry / Amazon Fire Phone / iPod touch / iPad / Kindle Fire HD), home consoles and wearable devices (Apple Watch / Android Wear ). Skype is even available on some Smart TVs, practically everywhere: you can choose where to download it yourself, by going to the official website of the service.

For Windows 10 PCs, Skype is also available in the form of an application, a sort of lighter version able to perform all functions optimally.

Among the most interesting features of Skype, in addition to allowing you to make calls, there is the ability to make video calls (including group) and send text messages via an integrated messaging system. These are completely free features, as long as, as I told you, they are made from Skype to Skype.

To start using Skype to call for free from your PC first download and install Skype on your PC. From the official site , then click on the Download Skype button and then on Download to download the software to your PC and then start the installation by double clicking on the client icon you just downloaded.

Then click on the Yes button to start the installation and then on Confirm – Next . Disable the check mark on the items that ask you to set Bing or MSN as the search engine and then click on Continue . Wait for the Skype installation to complete successfully. Then log in, accessing your Outlook account (or create a new one for the occasion by following the wizard indicated on the screen).

To make a call with Skype, you will need to make sure that the recipient of your call has already installed and started Skype. Once this is done, now search for his name in the Contacts screen on the left. Once located click on it. You can call someone on Skype from their PC by simply pressing the handset button located next to their name. The video camera symbol represents the button that will allow you to make a video call.
For more information on Skype features, I invite you to read my guide entitled how to use Skype: you will find everything you need to discover the other additional tools provided by the software.


One of the best VoIP software that will allow you to make free calls from your PC is Viber . Although less used than Skype, Viber is certainly an excellent tool to call for free from a PC . The features of Viber are in fact quite similar to those of Skype. The tools available are calls and video calls, but also the sending of text messages, through an instant messaging service.

Even using Viber you can make free calls from your PC to talk to people from all over the world. As with Skype, however, calls will be made over the Internet and you will be asked that the sender and recipient are using the same software. In addition to being available on PC, via desktop client, Viber is also usable on the main mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

Viber is also available in the form of an application for Windows 10. It is an official and alternative client, for those who need a lighter version that is still able to perform all the functions of the main software for Windows.

To install Viber on your PC, then go to the official website and press the Download Viber Desktop button . Open the installed file by double clicking on it and press Yes if you are asked for confirmation to start the installation client. When starting, first you will need to put the check mark on I agree to the license terms and conditions , to accept the terms and conditions of the service. Then press the Install button .

Then press Yes if you have previously installed Viber on your mobile phone, it will synchronize its contacts and messages. Viber on PC only works if you have previously started it on your phone. If not, then, you will have to download the application for free from your smartphone.

To download it quickly and easily, you can use the links that I share below:

  • Viber – download the app for free on Android , via the Google Play Store
  • Viber – download the app for free on iOS through the App Store
  • Viber – download the app for free on Windows Phone via the Microsoft Store

Once you have downloaded and launched Viber on your smartphone, you will need to connect the smartphone to the desktop client by scanning the QR code .

To make a call completely free, using Viber from PC, you will need to make sure that the person you want to call has Viber correctly installed Viber on their PC or mobile device. Then search for it in the contact list by pressing on the Viber Only item and click on it to open the relevant contact screen. To make a call you will then have to press on the handset symbol, thus being able to call for free from your PC from Viber to Viber.

If you find this PC software interesting that allows you to call for free from your PC, I suggest you take a look at my detailed guide entitled “How Viber works”: you can read more details on the tools made available by Viber.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, perhaps you did not know, is also available in the form of an application for Windows 10. Not being available in the form of a desktop client, the Windows 10 application is therefore an alternative to the smartphone application.

Facebook Messenger is mainly used as a tool for instant messaging but, thanks to the introduction of new features, it also allows you to make free calls from your PC to other users using the application. Ultimately, using Facebook Messenger on your PC you can call all your Facebook contacts in the messaging application for free.

To start calling for free from your PC , using the Windows 10 application for Facebook Messenger, download the application to your PC via this link that refers to the Microsoft Store. Then press the Get button , wait for the download to complete and then press the Start button . Then log in to Facebook Messenger by entering your phone number or email and password and then press the Continue button .

If you are logged in correctly, following the steps indicated, you will then find yourself on the Home screen of the application, similar to what happens with the Facebook Messenger application for smartphones. At this point, to make a free call from your PC, using Facebook Messenger, search for the name of the person to call in the contact list. Then click on their name and then press the handset button to place the call.

Alternatively, if you want to use Facebook Messenger to call for free from a PC, you can use the Web version of the application: it is certainly a leaner version, compared to the application for Windows 10, but equally rich in features. Even in that case, once you have accessed the Web version of the service , just search for the person to call and then press the handset button to make a free call to other users of the platform, via the PC.

If you want more information on Facebook Messenger I suggest you take a look at my guide entitled “How Messenger works”, through which you can get further information on how the service in question works