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How to buy Windows 10

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How to buy Windows 10: Would you like to be able to install the latest Microsoft home operating system on your trusted PC and are you therefore trying to understand how to go about buying the relevant license? No problem, you can count on my help in this case too. With my article today I want to provide you with all the information you need to understand how to buy Windows 10 , whatever the edition you have aimed at.

Based on what your needs and preferences are, you have more options to choose from. You can in fact rely on the Microsoft store or all those that are the most common online stores for the sale of technological products (and not only), such as Amazon and eBay. The only thing you need to take into account is that, depending on the option chosen during the purchase, you could immediately obtain the product key or you could receive it by courier / mail, together with the DVD or the pendrive to carry out the OS installation.

Then? Would you like to deepen the matter? Yes? Very well. I would say then not to waste any more precious time, to put aside the chatter and to immediately begin to get busy. I am sure that you will be able to finalize your purchase in a few minutes and that in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with the choice made. I wish you a good read.

Sites to buy Windows 10

As I said at the beginning of the guide, Windows 10 can be purchased on the official Microsoft store in the form of a pendrive with the ISO image of the operating system or by downloading the latter (in both cases, the product key of the copy of license purchases) but also on third-party online stores which, unlike the website of the Remdondiana company, also offer the opportunity to take home the package with the installation DVD of the operating system and the license key or to receive the product key only via email or through other electronic means.

However, it should be borne in mind that, if there is no risk at the purchase stage on the Microsoft home store, as regards the other online stores, particular attention must be paid to all the sellers who are trying to “place” license at lower prices than necessary. In these cases, unless special offers are in progress, it may be codes that are not genuine or that in any case could prove to be non-functional since they have been included in the Blackmond company by Redmond. For the rest … good shopping!

Microsoft store

Since Windows 10 is the most recent operating system from Microsoft, it is currently possible to purchase it directly through the company’s online store .

To buy your copy of Windows 10 through the Microsoft website, you must therefore connect to the home page of the store, click on the Windows item on the left and select the link relating to the version you are interested in ( Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro ) , choose whether to receive the USB stick at home with the operating system in Italian ( USB – Italian ) and with the product key below or whether to download the ISO file of the operating system ( Download ) with always attached the license key d use and press the Add to cart button .

How to buy Windows 10

Check now that the product inserted in the cart is actually the one you want (otherwise click on the Remove link and repeat the above procedure from scratch) then click on Complete transaction .

How to buy Windows 10

Then log in to the site with your Microsoft account, provide the shipping data and indicate the method of payment you intend to use, affix the check mark next to the item relating to the acceptance of the conditions of sale and the information on the company privacy on the right and click on the Buy now button .

Once this is done, the purchase will be finalized, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and, if you have chosen the pendrive with the operating system you will have to wait for the arrival of the goods at home (it should take a few days, do not worry). If instead you have chosen to download the ISO file you can immediately use it and the product key of your copy of Windows 10 will be provided immediately.


Among the third-party online stores you can turn to to buy Windows 10 it is definitely worth mentioning Amazon . I don’t think it needs a lot of performance, it is practically the number one e-comemrce site in the world not only for electronics but also for many other products.

Returning to Windows 10, to buy your copy all you have to do is connect to the main page of the store, log in with your account by clicking on the item Hello, Log in which is at the top right and typing your email address and password, type in the search bar that is at the top Italian windows 10 and click on the button representing the magnifying glass to start the search procedure.

How to buy Windows 10

Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the various search results available. So identify the version of Windows 10 that most interests you, click on it, carefully consult all the product details and give one also the comments of the buyers below to make sure that there are no problems or difficulties after which click on the Add button to the cart on the right to start the actual purchase procedure.

Now, access the cart by clicking on the Cart item in the upper right part of the Amazon website, click on Proceed to purchase and confirm the order indicating the shipping address and the payment method you intend to use. Keep in mind that the time of receipt of the product and the shipping costs may vary according to the selected seller and the type of Amazon account in your possession.

How to buy Windows 10

If you think you need more details about how Amazon works, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to buy on Amazon  where I have talked about how this 360-degree service works.


Another online store you can most turn to to buy your copy of Windows 10 is eBay . In this specific case, however, I advise you to do business only and exclusively with sellers with a lot of positive feedback and not with individual private users and moreover with a low degree of reliability. In this way you will avoid meeting any nasty surprises that I told you a few lines about.

To buy your copy of Windows 10 on eBay, all you have to do is connect to the home page of the site, log in to your account by clicking on the Login link that is at the top left and typing your data. login, type in the search bar at the top of Italian windows 10 and press the Search button on the side.

How to buy Windows 10

In a few moments you should see all the search results appear. If you want, you can limit the search only to products that can be purchased immediately (thus excluding those that are subject to auction) by clicking on the Buy it now tab which is located at the top on the left.

How to buy Windows 10

Once you find the version of Windows 10 that you think is right for you, click on it and read the product description carefully. Also check the seller’s feedback (through the appropriate item in the right sidebar) and, if you are convinced of the choice made, finalize the purchase by first clicking on the Buy it now button  and then confirming the transaction. Even in this case, shipping times and costs may vary with the seller.

If something is not clear to you or if you feel you need further explanations on what to do, I suggest you read my guide on  how to buy on eBay  specifically dedicated to the topic.


lizengo windows 10

lizengo is an e-commerce website that allows, among its many available products, to purchase licenses for the software of the well-known Microsoft company . In fact, Windows operating systems , Microsoft Office productivity software and those that can be installed on servers, such as Windows Exchange and Microsoft Server at advantageous prices , are available for purchase , with the guarantee of receiving a safe and compliant digital product from the point of view legal.

In case you intend to purchase the license for Windows 10 , what you need to do is reach the lizengo website and select the Operating systems item that you find in the top menu bar. At this point, in the box that is shown to you click on the word Windows 10 , to view the list of available versions of Windows 10.

Once you have identified the version you want to buy, click on it and then press the Buy now button . Now, press the Show Cart button and then the one called Go to the checkout . In the new section to which you are directed, choose whether to create a lizengo account or sign in with what you already have or continue the purchase without registration. I advise you that the advantage of using a lizengo account is to earn bonus points with each purchase which, if sufficient, will allow you to discount the products of subsequent orders.

In the next screen, choose the payment method, press the Next button and then confirm the entire procedure via the Buy now button . In a very short time you will receive by email the Windows 10 activation key and the download link for the operating system.

In case you have any doubts about the product you are about to buy or need assistance to activate the Windows 10 license, I recommend you read my lizengo guide : what it is and how it works , in which I explained in detail also how to create an account, how to place an order and how to manage it.

Download the Windows 10 ISO

Have you purchased a product key for Windows 10 but don’t have support for installing the operating system? No problem, you can still get the ISO file to install the system. How you do it? Simple: you have to connect to the Microsoft website and click the  Download Tool .

How to install Windows 10

When the download is complete, you will get the  Media Creation Tool , a small free program through which you can download any version of Windows 10, install it on your PC, copy it onto a stick or save it as an ISO image.

Note:  If you visit the Microsoft website using an operating system other than Windows, instead of the Media Creation Tool software you will be directly offered the download of the ISO image of Windows 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit version.

Alternatively, you can download the  Windows and Office ISO Download Tool . It is a special software at zero cost and which does not require any installation to be used and which, as deduced from the name itself, allows you to download the ISO images of all the latest operating systems of the Redmond home as well as the Office package directly from the company’s servers and without having to type any product key. The ISO images downloaded from the Windows and Office ISO Download Tool are all genuine. This means that in order to use them and to activate the operating system it is necessary to use a regularly purchased product key.

That said, in order to download Windows and Office ISO Download Tool on your PC, connected to the Internet site of the program and click on the item  Windows ISO Downloader.exe which is located in the center of the page.

When the download is complete, open the Windows ISO Downloader.exe file   and put the check mark next to the Windows 10 item   located in the right sidebar of the window that opens. Then select the edition of Windows 10 you want to download from the drop-down menu   Select the edition , click on the Confirm button  , choose Italian from the drop-down menu for selecting the language and press first on Confirm  and then on  64-bit download  or 32-bit download  to download the Windows 10 64 -bit or  32-bit ISO image.

How to buy Windows 10

After downloading the Windows 10 ISO image, you can copy the ISO image to a DVD or USB flash drive using programs designed for this purpose. To burn the operating system on a disk, I suggest you contact  ImgBurn , while to create the USB stick, I invite you to try  Rufus .

Install Windows 10

Once you have purchased your copy of Windows 10 you are finally ready to proceed with the installation of the operating system on your trusted computer. To do this, all you have to do is insert the USB stick with the operating system in the computer or the diskette with the OS and wait for the whole procedure to start. If, on the other hand, you are using the Media Creation Tool, you can start the Windows 10 installation procedure by simply specifying that it is your intention to update the current computer.

Then follow the simple wizard that is shown on the screen. You will have to indicate if you prefer to download the latest updates available for the new operating system before installing Windows 10 on your computer, if you want to install the operating system again keeping personal files, apps and settings, if you want to keep only personal files or if you don’t keep nothing therefore making a real formatting. You will then have to choose the keyboard layout, set up your user account and so on. To know all the details of the case, I recommend you read my tutorial on how to install Windows 10  through which I proceeded to talk to you in a very in-depth way about the matter.

How to install Windows 10 from USB

Keep in mind that if you encounter any problems in performing the installation as I have just indicated, you can act directly at system startup. If you do not know how to do it, you can always read my guide on the subject linked above.