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How to buy Skype Credit on iPad

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How to buy Skype Credit on iPad: How to buy Skype Credit on iPad: Have you decided to install Skype on iPad to make phone calls from the Apple tablet when you don’t have a smartphone or PC at hand but now your credit is running out and you don’t know how to top it up? Don’t panic.

If Skype Credit can be recharged from a computer and smartphone, tell me why it should not also be recharged via tablet. All you need is an active Internet connection and choose a payment method from those available. To find out more, here how to buy Skype Credit on iPad step by step.

If you want to learn how to buy Skype Credit on iPadthe first step you need to take is to start the app, log into your account (if it is not done automatically) and press on your photo located at the top left.

Then select the item Skype Credit from the menu that appears and presses the green button Buy € 4.49 worth of credit to top up your Skype account with € 4.49 credit. This is an in-app purchase, so to complete the procedure, the money will be deducted from your iTunes credit or the credit card you have associated with your Apple ID.

If you want to use another payment method or want to top up more than 4.49 euros, you can buy Skype Credit on iPad also via the browser. All you need to do is start Safari and connect to the site

At this point, select the tab Prices which is located at the top and first presses on the voice Rates present in the menu that appears and then on the link buy Skype credit found on the page that opens. Put the check mark next to the item € 10.00 (+1.50 tax) or € 25.00 (+3.75 tax), depending on the cut of the top-up you want to make, and press the button Continue to continue. Remember to deselect the option Enable auto-recharge to deactivate the automatic purchase of new credit when the current one falls below the 2 euro threshold.

Now log in with your Skype account, select the payment method that you prefer to use from the appropriate drop-down menu (eg credit cards or PayPal) and presses on Continue to complete the transaction. Finally, open the Skype app on the iPad and you should find your recharged credit of 10 or 25 euros, depending on the recharge cut you have purchased. Easy, right?