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How to buy a house on GTA

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How to buy a house on GTA: Are you a big fan of the video game series Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games and, in particular, did you particularly fond of the fifth chapter, originally released in 2013. You have already made several raids on the map of GTA 5 , but I had a doubt important for the continuation of your adventure: is it possible to buy houses in the game? Well, you will be happy to know that the answer is yes and that you have come to the right place, since today I will answer this question.

More specifically, I will show you in detail how to buy a house on GTA . I will do my best to analyze both the situation related to GTA Online and that relating to the History mode of the Rockstar Games title, giving you all the details of the case on how to buy homes, but there will also be space to talk about buildings designed to start activities. In this way, at the end of the guide, you will have a 360 degree smattering on the subject and you can carry out your real estate purchases properly within the game.

Courage: why are you still standing motionless in front of the screen? Are you going to discover everything that revolves around the houses of GTA 5? In my opinion, yes, since you have come this far and you seem particularly “hungry” for information. I understand you, on the other hand, having a nice house in the game can be very fun. Well, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Entrance Eclipse Towers GTA Online

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to buy a house on GTA , I think you may be interested in having indications on this possibility.

Well, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) allows you to buy homes for your alter ego that is used in GTA Online , or the game mode for which an Internet connection is required. In this case, the options are numerous and pass through the Dinasty 8 real estate agency . The houses of GTA Online usually also include a garage in which to place their vehicles and give the possibility to perform various activities (for example, the shots, which however are unlocked at rank 12).

As for the story mode of GTA 5 , however, it is possible to move house during the adventure, even if the houses do not have to be “bought” exactly. In addition, you can buy facilities that will allow you to set up different activities . In short, even in this case it is possible to buy some buildings.

Luxury apartment GTA Online

In any case, I advise you to continue reading the guide, as you will probably find some particularly interesting details to be able to reach your goal.

How to buy a house on GTA 5 Online

How to buy a house on GTA 5 Onlin

As mentioned in the introductory chapter , GTA Online allows you to buy your own home and there is a wide choice. In case you were wondering, yes: this procedure is valid for all platforms, therefore also to learn how to buy a house on GTA 5 for PS4 (obviously in online mode).

To proceed, therefore, enter GTA Online , open the character’s mobile phone (e.g. arrow upwards on PS4 ), select the Internet icon and go to the FINANCES AND SERVICES section . After that, access the website of the Dinasty 8 real estate agency (the penultimate one from top to bottom) and click on View property list .

Now the time has come to take a look at the map and the proposals . The houses with the PERSONALIZED inscription have various styles of furniture , which can be chosen at will. The prices are variable, ranging, for example, from $ 500,000 for a villa in more than $ 1 million for a luxury apartment / penthouse. Once you have selected the home you are interested in, simply click on Buy property to make it your own. In case you have chosen to buy a luxury apartment, you may be asked to choose the style of the interior.

Luxury apartment interior GTA

As an alternative to buying via smartphone, you might think of physically going to the place , in order to see the house more closely, and approach the sales sign (the one with the Dinasty 8 logo ). In this way, simply press the appropriate button that appears on the screen (e.g. right arrow on PS4 ) and confirm .

For completeness of information, you must know that, if you have already purchased a house on GTA Online previously, you will be able to exchange the old home . To give you a concrete example, I went from a Vinewood Hills villa to the more expensive suite of the Eclipse Tower skyscraper . I had paid the villa a little over $ 500,000 and, in exchange, I managed to get a “discount” of $ 285,500 on the purchase of the penthouse suite 3 of the Eclipse Tower. In this way, I paid “only” $ 814,500 instead of the $ 1,100,000 usually requested. In short, keep in mind also this possibility when buying houses on GTA Online.

Also remember that to buy a home, you must have sufficient funds in the bank (and not in your “personal wallet”). To deposit the money in the bank, just use one of the various ATM points scattered around the map or open your character’s mobile phone , select the Internet icon , go to the FINANCES AND SERVICES section and access the Maze Bank website (the last from top to bottom). At this point, press first on Main Menu and then on Deposit . Finally, select the amount to be deposited and press Yes .

GTA Online Home Sale Sign

Perfect, now you have all the necessary information to be able to buy a house in the online mode of GTA 5. If you don’t have enough money to do this, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to earn money on GTA Online .

How to buy a house on GTA 5 offline

Trevor's house no spoiler

In case you are wondering how to buy houses in GTA Story mode , you should know that it is not possible to buy houses “manually”.

In fact, during the adventure, Franklin, Michael and Trevor will have the opportunity to improve their lives and, in some cases, access to luxurious homes . All you have to do is simply follow the GTA 5 story . I don’t want to spoil you, but you will see that you will be satisfied with the houses that the single player mode will lead you to “buy”.

As for the buildings you can buy independently , that is, the icons of the “houses” that appear on the map, you need to know that those are not houses, but work activities . I refer, for example, to the possibility of buying the taxi company, the Downtown Cab Co , or The Hen House (the name might suggest a house, but in reality it is a bar).

To give you a concrete example, I will examine The Hen House . Well, this building, located in Paleto Bay , costs $ 80,000 , but is able to guarantee weekly revenue for $ 920 . To buy it, just go to the place, approach the sales sign (the one with the Dinasty 8 logo ), press the appropriate button that appears on the screen (e.g. right arrow on PS4 ) and confirm the purchase .

How to buy a house on GTA 5 offline

A day in GTA 5 is equivalent to about 48 minutes in the real world and certain situations, such as missions, are able to advance time even faster, so I can assure you that recovering the 80,000 dollars of initial investment is not like that as difficult as it might seem.

It must be said that, by purchasing The Hen House, the manager may occasionally call you to help him in various “management” activities (eg attackers who want to rob the bar). In any case, it won’t be anything too difficult.

The ability to buy The Hen House unlocks after finishing the “Nervous Ron” mission . So keep in mind that some buildings may not be available for purchase at certain times in Story mode.

The Hen House GTA 5

Great, now you have all the details necessary to buy houses and businesses on GTA 5. Since you are interested in the game of Rockstar Games, I would also advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA , where you can find many tutorials that might be right for you. In particular, I invite you to consult my tutorials on how to earn money on GTA offline and how to become animals on GTA 5 .