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How to build a yacht on Minecraft

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How to build a yacht on Minecraft: After wandering around the world of Minecraft and exploring the hidden places in the subsoil, you have decided to sail the seas for new adventures. You could do it using a normal boat, but this would mean having to return from time to time to your refuge, to transport the found treasures. Also, let’s face it: going around with a boat is not the same thing as sailing with a yacht!

I know well why you are here reading my guide: your goal is to know, exactly, how to build a yacht on Minecraft , am I right? If you think so, you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time! In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to carry out this project, recommending, first of all, the construction materials that you can use. In addition, I will give you some tips to make sure that the yacht can be used for exploration at sea, rather than leaving it there, to a pile of blocks, for purely aesthetic purposes. Finally, I will provide you with some suggestions that may be useful to you for ideas on how to make attractive yachts.

I’m sure my introduction has aroused your interest, did I guess? Very well! So let’s roll up our sleeves and start immediately: what you need to do is sit comfortably, pay attention to the advice you will read in the next chapters and put them into practice. At this point, all that remains is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Collect the necessary materials

Before starting to talk to you about how to build a yacht on Minecraft , it is important to first illustrate the materials that can be useful for dealing with this project.

A yacht is generally white in color. For this reason, you can use white concrete blocks as a base material for all its external coating. To get this resource, you will need to combine, in a workbench , 4 units of gravel , 4 units of sand and 1 of bone meal . From this process, a block of concrete powder is obtained which, once positioned and poured over the water , will allow to obtain a block of concrete .

minecraft white concrete

Another material useful for the construction of a yacht is wood , which serves to create the interior trim of the boat. You can use any variety of wood to decorate the yacht, such as fir , birch or oak . You can also use a mix between the different varieties of wood, but giving a unique tone may be the easiest and fastest choice.

minecraft wood

My advice is to create the wooden planks , inserting inside a workbench of wooden logs . You can also use the wooden slabs for flooring and, in this case, you have to place 3 units of wooden planks in a workbench .

In case you want to add a touch of style to your project, I recommend you use glass , which is an interesting material for finishing. In case you want to know how to make this resource, I recommend you read my guide on how to make glass on Minecraft .

Finally, you can use any other decorative element to be placed inside the yacht, such as doors , trunks or work tools. The choice of how to decorate your boat is up to you.

Building a yacht in Minecraft

Now that you have an idea of ​​the materials to be used for the construction of a yacht, it’s time to start realizing the project. First, get to the sea shore and start placing blocks on the surface of the water. To help you do this, place 1 block of concrete adjacent to the shore and continue construction until you have twenty blocks away from it.

minecraft pier

Now that you are just a little far from the shore, you can use this row of blocks as a base for building the yacht. In this regard, build a large rectangular area that will be the basis of your project. I recommend at least an area of ​​size 10 x 7 .

minecraft base hull yacht

Once this is done, on what will be the bow of the yacht, build another area of ​​size 5 × 3 . Once this is done, add an additional area of ​​size 2 × 3 and finally add two concrete blocks to complete the base of the bow.

minecraft added yacht hull base

At this point, add the concrete blocks  along the entire perimeter of the base, sliding their positioning one space towards the bow. This operation is essential for your project to have the appearance of a boat. If you have any doubts about how to place the blocks, I recommend you to view the image below.

minecraft yacht hull section

You will have to continue to perform the same operation that I indicated in the previous paragraph for at least three other layers.

complete hull minecrat

When you are finished, place a layer of wooden planks to close the upper area, taking care to close the profile with a line of concrete blocks .

minecraft yacht deck

Once this is done, use the wooden slabs to floor the interior of the yacht, reaching the same length as the top layer of wooden planks.

minecraft yacht floor

At this point, close the access area with wooden planks , taking care to leave a gap to place the wooden door later . Alternatively, decorate the access by making it wider.

minecraft yacht access

Another operation to be carried out is to create the portholes, removing the concrete blocks on the sides of the yacht and installing roof windows .

In addition, you can embellish the boat with glass balconies and inserting a ladder to reach the upper deck, also adding a cabin that will contain the helm , which I will tell you about in the next chapter .

complete minecraft yacht

The last thing to do is to demolish the blocks that connect the yacht to the shore, so that the boat gives the impression of floating on the surface of the sea.

Enable yacht navigation through mod

minecraft rudder

Now that you’ve built the yacht, it’s time to use it to sail the seas of Minecraft. This operation is not possible without the use of mods adapted for this purpose. An example is Davinci’s Vessels , which allows you to motorize your projects, so as to create aircraft and boats.

To use mods on Minecraft, you need Minecraft Forge , available for free on its official website . Then, reach the link I have provided you and press on the Windows Installer item , to download the installation file. Once the download is complete, double-click on it and press OK , in the screen that is shown to you, to install the tool in question.

minecraft forge

After that, reach the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft with File Explorer and open the mods folder . In case you don’t find it, create it manually .

Well, we’re almost there! Now, you need to download the Davinci’s Vessels and MovingWorld mods from, by pressing the appropriate button:  Download latest file . In doing so, you will download the JAR files that must be placed in the mods folder of Minecraft.

Minecraft mods folder

You just have to start Minecraft and press the ▲ icon, which you find next to the Play button . Then choose the Forge profile and click on Play , to start the game with the mods. It therefore falls into the world previously created, where the yacht is present, to add the new features offered by the mods.

In Creative mode , you will find everything you need starting from the second page of the inventory menu, in the Davinci’s Vessels tab . Equip a Ship’s Helm , which represents a rudder , useful for navigation and to operate the entire yacht.

You will then need a Steam Engine , which uses coal or any other fuel to increase the speed of the boat. Finally, the Floater is essential , of the blocks that must be positioned under the hull of the yacht, to allow it to float. Then immerse yourself in water and place a layer on the entire surface of the hull.

Davinci's Vessels mod minecraft

When you have completed this operation, interact with the right button on the rudder ( Ship’s Helm ) and press the Assemble Ship button  . Then press the Mount Ship button  to start using the yacht. To stop browsing, I suggest you press the K button and select the Disassemble button in the box you see .

minecraft yacht in motion

If you notice that the yacht submerges too much in the water, flooding the internal area, it means that you have not placed enough Floater blocks . Add a few more levels to make sure that the entire weight of the yacht is supported by these blocks.

More tips for building a yacht in Minecraft

minecraft yacht youtube

In addition to the project that I showed you in the previous chapter , to build a yacht, I suggest you draw on the many other ideas that you can find on YouTube , thanks to the many videos made by Minecraft fans like you.

What you need to do is reach the YouTube website  (or open the portal app for Android or iOS ) and type, in the search bar at the top, the terms yacht minecraft” . By doing so, you will be able to view the list of the many videos relating to this topic, which can certainly give you interesting ideas for creating your own project.