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How to build a tree house in Minecraft

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How to build a tree house in Minecraft: You often play at Minecraft and, since you often find enemies outside the door of your refuge, you have thought of building a new one so that it can be almost unattainable. Among the possible positions to choose from, you have decided to build one on a tree, so as to be hidden and safe. Searching the Internet for some ideas to put into practice, you came across this guide of mine and therefore you wonder if I can help you to achieve your goal. The answer, I’m glad to tell you, is yes!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will illustrate you how to build a tree house in Minecraft in a few simple steps. In fact, you must know that this is a project that requires little time for its realization, but you need to be patient to collect all the material useful for its construction and decoration first (I will also tell you about this, in a dedicated chapter). I will then explain, step by step, how to build a tree house that can meet your needs. If that’s not enough, I’ll give you some tips to find other ideas that can help you achieve this. Finally, I will recommend a mod that will allow you to instantly build a tree house!

I bet you can’t wait to get started, am I right? So what are you waiting for? Sit comfortably and don’t waste any more precious time: what you need to do is pay attention to the tips and procedures that you will find in the next chapters. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

What materials to use

Before I start talking to you about how to build a tree house in Minecraft, it is important, for my part, to indicate which materials could be useful for the realization of this project.

Since the construction of this building must be carried out on a tree, the material you can use is the wood. You can choose any variety of wood, such as the Oak tree, L’fir, the Birch, L’acacia or the jungle trees.

Actually any material could be used for the realization of the project but, in my guide, I will use the wood, as it is the material that comes closest to the general idea of ​​a tree house.

The tool used to quickly collect wood is theax, which you can manufacture in one Work station using 2 units of sticks is 3 units of another specific material: to make awooden ax, use some wooden boards; to make astone ax you can use the rubble; for the iron axes or gold you can use i ingots of these specific materials, while to create adiamond ax you can use i diamonds.

Minecraft ax

Through the ax, you can collect all the wood you need. Consider that I would need a large amount of wood and products derived from this resource to build the tree house.

Interacting on a tree with aax, you will collect i blocks of logs, which are indispensable for building all the other resources you will need. THE trunks they could also be useful for beautifying the tree by adding new branches.

In addition, using the shears, you can collect the foliage of the trees, to use it as a decoration on the tree and any branches you build. To build some shears, uses 2 units of iron ingots in a Work station.

Minecraft shears

To build the house, you must also get some wooden boards, which you can get from processing the blocks of trunks in a Work station. The axes you will need them for build a door or some trapdoors to enter the house. You can manufacture the latter using 6 units of wooden boards in a Work station.

Finally, to reach the tree house you will need the ladders, which are obtained by using 7 units of sticks in a Work station. Finally, you can also use the glass, to create large windows.

Building a tree house

Minecraft tree house

The first step to take to build a tree house in Minecraft is to look for a tree suitable for the purpose. In general, you can use any tree to build a house on top of it. In my guide, however, I have chosen to use the jungle trees, as they are very tall and with a robust trunk.

Minecraft jungle tree

On jungle trees it would not be necessary to build one ladder to reach the house, as the trunk is covered with creepers which can be used for climbing. You can still build a ladder to be erected on the trunk of the tree until you reach the top, removing the creepers if you deem it appropriate.

Scale on the Minecraft tree

Arrived at this point, taking advantage of the creepers or the ladder, reach the top of the tree and start placing the wooden boards, in order to create the basic structure of the house. I recommend: leave the space of a free block where the staircase is located, in order to guarantee access to the building.

Minecraft tree house base

Once this is done, along the perimeter of the base, position the wooden boards in order to build the walls. I remind you to leave the space to place one door and some large windows, so that you can enjoy the panorama that surrounds you.

Tree house base structure Minecraft

At this point, position the roof of the house using the wooden boards and decorating it with blocks wooden stairs, so as to give it a better aesthetic effect.

Minecraft tree house roof

In case you need more space, you can decide to create additional rooms, taking advantage of the other spaces around the tree and the upper or lower part.

To carry out this operation, follow the same procedures that I have indicated to you in the previous paragraphs, taking care to connect the different rooms with one ladder.

Minecraft multi-storey tree house

Well, we’re almost there! You just have to do the finishing touches to the house, adding doors, windows and any other decorative elements outside. If so, use i wooden logs and the foliage to beautify your project.

Minecraft tree house

Finally, furnish the house with all the objects you need, such as a bed, a Work station and gods trunks.

Useful tips for building a tree house

Minecraft YouTube tree house

If you need more ideas on how to build a tree house in Minecraft, you can rely on the projects created by the many fans of the famous Mojang title. My advice is to search on YouTube, by consulting the videos that explain step by step how to build a tree house in this video game.

To do this, go to official YouTube site or open the official service app for Android or iOS and, via the search bar at the top, type the terms “Minecraft tree house” or “Tree house Minecraft”, in English, so as to find the project that fascinates you most, so you can carry it out.

Mod to build a tree house

Minecraft tree house

If what you need for building a tree house in Minecraft is time, some mods can help you, which will allow you to carry out projects of this type instantly. The mod that I want to advise you to achieve your goal is Instant Structures Mod (ISM), available for free on his official website.

To use this mod, you must first install Minecraft Forge, a free tool that allows you to enable add-ons on Minecraft. To install this program, go to his official page and click on the item Windows Installer. After taking the installation file, double-click on it and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the button OK, in order to confirm the operation.

Now, download Instant Structures Mod (ISM) through the link I provided: what you need to do is click on the button Download Instant Structures Mod, taking care to select the version of this mod compatible with Minecraft Forge.

After you download the file JAR, get to the path C: Users [nome] AppData Roaming .minecraft, through File Explorer, and open the folder mods. Can’t find it? Don’t worry: you can create it manually using the tips I have indicated in this my guide.

ISM mod folder Minecraft

Very well! Almost there: place the file JAR within the folder mods and then start Minecraft. In the launcher screen, press on the icon , next to the button Plays, and select the profile Forge. Then press the button Plays, to start the game with mod support. Then create a new game or access an existing one.

Simultaneously with the start of Minecraft, the screen will also start ISM. In the search box that is shown to you, type the terms “Tree house”, to get the list of all the projects related to the tree house. Select the one you like most, by clicking on it, and then press on theicon with a brick (Place), which you can find in the project file.

ISM Minecraft tree house

After that, press the button Place structure, which you can find at the bottom of the screen, and wait for the tree house of your choice to be automatically positioned in the current game. Comfortable, right?