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How to build a palace on Minecraft

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How to build a palace on Minecraft: You have already built your refuge on Minecraft but you need to use the huge amount of resources that you have collected during your adventures. They are really many and you are thinking about a project that you could carry out, so as to create a useful activity to spend part of your free time. Since you also want to gratify yourself, you have thought of something majestic, which will also make you daydream a little. How about a real palace? Do you like the idea? Excellent, then I will be happy to help you.

In this guide of mine, in fact, I will show you  how to build a palace on Minecraft , so as to have an imposing and regal building that can make you satisfied with the great effort you will put into it. I will then explain what materials to use and give you some useful tips for the design of the building. Also, if you don’t have time to spend on its construction, I will tell you about some mods that will simplify this feat.

I warn you that the project will take a long time to complete and what I recommend is to distribute the work over several days, in a few hours a day, to avoid getting tired. Trust: with patience and perseverance you will be able to obtain amazing results, you will not regret it. Well: I would say not to waste any more precious time and to immediately start reading this my guide, so as to have clear ideas on the project to be carried out. I just have to wish you a good read and above all a good fun!

Which materials to choose

To build a palace on Minecraft , you will need a lot of materials. Usually these projects can also consist of hundreds of thousands of blocks, if not millions. My advice, therefore, is to plan the different phases for the realization of the project every day: good planning will allow you not to waste precious time.

The first point to consider are the materials to choose: even if you do not yet have in mind the project to be implemented, it is important to understand which resources are useful, which you already own and which will require part of your time for collection. So let’s get down to business.

The material you can easily find is wood . Obviously, building a wooden building is not recommended, because it could easily catch fire, frustrating all the work done. The wood, however, can be used in some areas, such as the coatings for the ceilings or the construction of decorations and furniture to set up the interior.

The material you can certainly use for the construction of the building is stone : this resource is very common in Minecraft, as it is obtained from the processing of crushed stone in the furnace. It is a non-flammable material with good explosion resistance. Aesthetically it may not be beautiful, but, in my opinion, it is useful for creating basements, foundations and for erecting the load-bearing walls of the different areas, if you intend to cover them with other materials.

An example of a coating material is sandstone , which can be worked in blocks or slabs. This material has a strength comparable to that of stone, as well as a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Sandstone is obtained from sand processing , which you can find near any stream or in desert biomes.

Another resource that you could instead use for external walls is that made up of bricks , which can be made of stone or clay . The latter resource is common to find it in Minecraft, mainly in the depths of waterways. You can also use bricks to build internal walls, giving them a rustic look, if it is to your taste.

Finally, I recommend using concrete , both for its resistance to damage and for the possibility of obtaining colored blocks, which can be useful for creating internal and external areas with a unique touch.

To make concrete, you first need to make concrete dust blocks , which are obtained by working gravel , sand and a colorant of your choice. Once this is done, place the blocks and water them with water , so as to transform them into very resistant concrete blocks .

In this guide of mine, I do not recommend the use of obsidian , as it would serve you in large quantities and it would take you a long time to obtain it. Although it is one of the most resistant materials, a palace is more a purely aesthetic rather than functional building for the defense of its treasures: you could certainly use it to fortify areas or rooms.

Building a palace

After talking, in the previous chapter , of the materials that are useful to you for the construction of a building in Minecraft, it’s time to put into practice the actual construction project of the building.

The first thing to do is to define the area for the construction: a building is not built in a small area, but in a large space (how large it depends on the project you want to carry out). Let’s say that you want to build a building that develops only on several floors, that is a skyscraper : in this case, you will need a smaller area, as the development will take place vertically. If, on the other hand, you want to build a royal palace , the situation changes, because the construction surface will have to be very large.

Regardless of the project itself, always have the foresight to create a small refuge next to the work site, which will have to contain all the work tools (e.g. tools, trunks, furnaces, workbenches, etc.) and a bed , which will be useful as a rebirth point for the avatar if he loses his life.

My advice for the construction of this imposing structure is to proceed with areas: level out a fairly large area and put down the foundations, outlining the first layer of blocks that will define the rooms and the external walls.

Next, move on to seal the building, building the outer walls and placing torches to prevent enemies from spawning in dark places. Then proceed in this way for each area that you will add to the building, until you will have to build the roof and add the decorative elements on the facade and on the rest of the building. If you build a building that develops in height, the operation will be simpler, because you will have to build floor by floor, until you reach the desired height.

At this point, place the doors and windows  and move on to the decoration and attention to detail in the interior. Each room will certainly have its own purpose and usefulness, so you could decorate and organize it ad hoc, using some of the materials I mentioned in the previous chapter or creating particular structures. You can find the list of projects inside the workbench or by browsing the Italian Minecraft Wiki .

Useful tips for building a palace

Certainly the construction of a palace is no small thing. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance, in addition to a large amount of time to be made available for the realization of such a project. What you need to avoid is wasting time collecting unnecessary materials and building areas that you don’t need.

If you do not have a well-defined project, this danger is at the door and you could get to the point of giving up trying to build the building. My advice, therefore, is to make a sketch of the project, even if it is not perfect, so as to be sure you are always on the right path.

However, if you are a little short of ideas, in this case I can help you: open  YouTube and look for some videos of other Minecraft fans who may have already built a building in this video game. So, look for the terms ” minecraft palace “, ” minecraft skyscraper ” or ” minecraft palace ” (in English), in order to find those videos that can give you inspiration for the realization of your own project.

Another tip that I want to give you is to publish videos containing your game sessions, so as to make them available to the vision of many other fans. In this way, you could be the one to inspire other players yourself. You can use OBS to record your games in Minecraft: I told you about it in detail in my guide .

Mod to build a palace

If you don’t want to build a building of this size yourself because you don’t have enough time to devote to the project, you can use mods that allow you to build a building in a few clicks. Among the mods that allow you to do this, the one I recommend is Instant Structures Mod (ISM) , available on its official website .

To use it, however, you must first install Minecraft Forge , a tool for managing Minecraft mods. First, then, go to the link to the Minecraft Forge website and click on the Windows Installer item . After you download the .exe file , double click on it and press OK to install.

Now, through the Windows File Explorer, go to the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft and access the mods folder ; if not present, create it manually. Once this is done, go to the Instant Structures Mod website , through the link I have provided, and press the  Download Instant Structures Mod button , choosing the version of ISM compatible with Minecraft Forge .

At this point, transfer the JAR file you just downloaded to the mods folder and start Minecraft . Then click on the ▲ icon, next to the Play button , and choose the Forge profile . After that, press the Play button to start Minecraft, which will also open an ISM screen for managing the mod.

First, create a new game or start an already started game and, in the ISM screen , type in the search box the words ” palace ” or ” skyscraper “. After you have identified the project to be built, click on it and press the icon with a brick . Finally, press the Place structure button to position the building inside Minecraft. Comfortable, right?