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How to build a modern house on Minecraft

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How to build a modern house on Minecraft: A good refuge on Minecraft is certainly a well-fortified refuge, thanks to which you can defend yourself from enemies and protect the treasures collected during your adventures. A refuge, however, is not only this: it is also a comfortable place to stay at ease, which has a modern aspect and, above all, which can be envied by friends.

If you also think this way, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time, because in today’s guide, I’ll show you how to build a modern house on Minecraft . Take a few minutes of free time and I will explain which materials to choose to build the building of your dreams and where to recover them. In addition, I will give you some tips that will allow you to build a magnificent house that will surely be envied by other players.

If you do not have the desire or time to invest in the construction of your creations, I will recommend some mods that can help you achieve your goal. You can’t wait to start, do you? Well: then I would say not to waste any more time and to immediately start reading the suggestions I have prepared for you. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Which materials to choose

To build a modern house , you will need many materials, especially of different types, in order to take care of every detail. Although building a house does not take much time, it is in the attention to detail and in the use of materials that you will pay your utmost attention.

As I anticipated in the introduction of this post, the house to be built must be a middle ground between a fortification and a pleasant place to return to after completing your adventures. In this regard, in fact, you will have to make a choice on the materials to be used, in order to make your home resistant to attacks from enemies.

Among the materials you can use there is wood , which is easy to find, as the world of Minecraft is covered with many trees. The problem, however, of this material is its poor resistance and its flammability. In fact, I advise you not to use it, if not for the furniture or to add elements of the house that are not exposed to direct attacks or to flames and explosions.

A material, however, that can be more helpful is stone , easily found in Minecraft thanks to the crushed stone . The latter material, working it in a furnace, turns into stone blocks , which are quite resistant to explosions and non-flammable. Although aesthetically these blocks are not beautiful to look at, you could use them for the foundations or for those surfaces to be built which will then be covered with other materials, such as sandstone slabs .

The latter material is obtained from the processing of sandstone blocks , which in turn can be obtained from sand . They have a pleasant aesthetic appearance, with a sand color that can be useful to embellish some rooms or make decorations.

If you are wondering why I recommend this resource, having first discarded the wood, I will answer you immediately: although the sand blocks are not very resistant, when they are transformed into blocks or slabs of sandstone the resistance properties become similar to those of stone. The downside is that you really need a lot of sand to make sandstone slabs, which you can find in the desert biome or at waterways.

Another material you can use to coat the exterior of the house facade is brick blocks , which are resistant to attack and explosion.

Bricks are obtained from stone or clay : stone is obtained from crushed stone , a very common material in Minecraft; the clay, on the other hand, is extracted from the clay blocks found in the depths of the waterways.

Finally, the other materials that I recommend are concrete and obsidian . A concrete block is particularly resistant to damage caused by enemies and is obtained by working gravel and sand .

Its strength lies, however, in the ability to customize its color to create rooms with a personal and unique tone, adding a colorant during processing. After this process, blocks of concrete powder are obtained which require to be watered with water to become resistant concrete blocks .

L ‘ obsidian , however, is one of the most durable materials in Minecraft. It will be very useful in case you want to build an intermediate layer between the walls, the floor or the ceiling to completely insulate the house in case of serious damage from the outside.

If you don’t know how to find this material, obsidian is obtained by pouring water on the lava : in this way, obsidian blocks will be generated on which you can use a diamond pickaxe to extract the resource.

Building a modern house

Now that you are aware of the materials to use, it’s time to start putting your modern home construction project into practice on Minecraft .

If you already own a shelter, you can think of identifying the construction site in its immediate vicinity, so that you can easily transport all the resources you need. If not, you can set up a temporary one, which contains all the working tools (for example tools, trunks, furnaces, workbenches, etc.) and, above all, a bed to set a revival point for the avatar, if unfortunately should lose all life.

The time you will spend on the construction of the building will be considerable, as, as already said before, you will devote most of your time to attention to detail and the search for resources. In this regard, take all the time you need, distributing the work over several days, so as not to tire and focus on other interests outside of Minecraft.

To get started, locate and level an area of ​​at least 20 × 20 blocks . Probably, if you don’t want to create multiple floors, you will have to think about extending this surface. In any case, the first thing to do is to place the foundations and outline, with the first layer of blocks, what will be the rooms and the external walls.

Once this is done, start sealing the whole structure, erecting the external walls and placing torches inside each room, to avoid that the dark environment can generate unpleasant surprises while you are working. At this point, position the roof and the windows ( doors and windows ), building them with resistant materials.

If you want to create a modern style house, you can think of creating different glass elements , such as large windows. This material is very fragile but, if you consider it indispensable for your project, you can make its use less “risky” by creating a defensive perimeter outside the house, so as to be sure that nothing can come close. In this regard, create external fences that can prevent enemies from accessing your home.

To conclude this chapter, I advise you to take care of all the details in detail, creating decorations for interiors and exteriors that are beautiful to the eye. I can advise you to use the system of projects that can be consulted inside the workbench or to consult the Minecraft Wiki , for ideas on the decorative elements to be made.

Useful tips for building a modern house

I can understand that building a modern house is not an easy thing if, first of all, the basic project, that is creativity, is missing. My advice is to search on any search engine, such as Google , real houses in a modern style that you can play in Minecraft. Just type in the search engine the terms ” modern house ” and select the Images tab .

If not, you can simply open YouTube and search, in the latter, the terms ” modern house minecraft ” or ” minecraft modern house “, in English, so as to find, among the many videos available, the one that shows you the project that closer to your tastes.

Mod to build a modern house

If you don’t have time to devote to building a modern house, I can still help you by recommending some  Minecraft mods that can help you achieve your goal. You don’t know what a mod is? Mods are tools developed by other users that allow you to add or improve the basic functionality of the game.

There are several mods that you can use to achieve your goal, but the one I recommend you use is Instant Structures Mod (ISM) , available on its official website . To use this mod, however, Minecraft Forge , a tool for managing Minecraft mods, is required . So go to the Minecraft Forge website and press the Windows Installer item to download the installation file. Once this is done, double click on it and, in the screen you see, press OK to install.

At this point, open the Windows File Explorer and go to the .minecraft folder located in C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming . You should find a folder called mods ; if you don’t find it, create one with that name.

Now you just have to download Instant Structures Mod , through the website I have provided you: then click on the Download Instant Structures Mod button and choose the version of ISM compatible with Minecraft Forge .

After taking the JAR file , place it inside the mods folder and start Minecraft . Then click on the ▲ icon next to the Play button  and choose the Forge profile . Now, press the Play button to start the game with the active mod, which will show you a management screen on the desktop.

At this point, enter a Minecraft game or create a new one and, in the ISM screen , search for the terms ” modern house “, using the search engine above.

Then choose the project you like best and click on it, press on the icon with a brick and finally press on Place structure . The building you selected will be placed in the blink of an eye in the current game. Comfortable, right?