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How to build a city on Minecraft

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How to build a city on Minecraft: After collecting a lot of resources during your adventures in Minecraft , you decided to invest them for the realization of a large construction project. Among the ideas that came to your mind, the one that most captures your interest is that of creating a city . Since, however, you have no idea where to start, you have done research on the web, stumbling upon this guide of mine.

Things are this way, am I right? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s tutorial, I will provide you with many suggestions on how to build a city on Minecraft . First, I will give you some information about this project and the resources that you could use to carry it out. Next, I will give you some advice on structures and other elements that you can add to your construction. Finally, if you don’t have much time, I will explain how to build a city in a few clicks, thanks to a mod for Minecraft.

I bet you can’t wait to get to work, did I guess? If so, don’t delay any longer and immediately start reading the tips in the next few chapters. What you need to do is simply make yourself comfortable and pay attention to the advice I will give you. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to create a city on Minecraft

If your intention is to create a city on Minecraft , in the next chapters I will show you some tips and ideas on how to create a city in this video game. Good fun!

Preliminary information


Before I talk to you about how to build a city on Minecraft , I need to make some important premises. First of all, it is necessary to consider the time to spend to face a project of this magnitude: surely you will have to devote many hours of your free time to build all the structures you need.

Given the large amount of time that you will have to spend on this project, I suggest you, therefore, not to be in a hurry and to also devote yourself to other activities, other than Minecraft, so that you can cultivate many other interested parties or create new ones. After all, it doesn’t change anything if you had to take several days, am I right?

Having said that, to build a city you have to get a lot of resources, which depend on the type of structure or element you want to include in your city. For this reason, I will postpone this discussion directly in the individual chapters that make up this guide.

In any case, one of the materials that you could certainly use is concrete : it is a very solid and resistant material, to which it is possible to attribute different colors. It is, therefore, a very versatile material for the realization of different structures and elements and it will certainly be indispensable for this your project.

If you want to know more about this resource, I recommend you read my guide on how to make concrete on Minecraft .

Building houses

Home on Minecraft

To undertake the construction of a city on Minecraft, you must first know where you are going to position each individual structure, to avoid having to demolish already built elements, and thus risking frustrating part of your work.

My advice is to put a work plan into practice with a sketch on paper or by marking the positions directly in the video game, so you know immediately what you will have to do. This phase is important precisely to understand where you will have to build the houses of your city.

You could also take advantage of an existing village and, starting from the latter, expand it with new buildings. Regardless of all this, it’s up to you to decide which type of houses will be built. In this regard, I can recommend some guides I have written on this topic: you can read the one on how to build a house on Minecraft or the one to build a modern one .

You can also decide to create a residential neighborhood with houses , where you can place some domesticated animals, such as horses , cats or even pandas or dolphins , if you also add swimming pools .

If you then want to take some time to furnish these buildings, I recommend you read my guide on how to decorate a house on Minecraft or other specific guides, such as the one I wrote to make a kitchen or the one that concerns the construction of a bathroom .

Building a school

School on Minecraft

A city cannot be such if there is not at least one school . Although it may be a structure that you will not use, it is definitely a building that you need to include in your project. In this regard, you can read the tips I have written for you in my guide on how to build a school on Minecraft , in which I have shown you all the operations you need to put into practice in this regard.

If you want to give a usefulness to this structure, you can think of creating a library inside it, in which to place a table for spells or any other tool that allows you to create or work resources. In this case, you can read the tips I gave you in my guide on how to make a table on Minecraft .

Build other buildings

Castle on Minecraft

In addition to the advice I gave you in the previous chapters, you could also think of adding additional structures, such as a palace or a castle , in case you were creating a medieval type village. Maybe you could consider one of these structures as the seat of the town hall of your city on Minecraft: it could be a good idea, right?

In any case, following the advice I have given you so far, you will be able to build all the buildings you want. If you have any doubts, you can always search YouTube for tutorials made by other Minecraft fans like you. All you have to do is type in the terms relating to the structure you want to create, taking care to also indicate the word “minecraft” (for example “minecraft fire station” ).

Building roads and bridges

Road on Minecraft

To connect each building in your city on Minecraft, you need to build roads . Not sure how to make one? Nothing could be simpler: what you need to do is remove a layer of blocks from the surface of the soil and fill it with blocks of other materials.

You can use stone blocks for this, just to give you an example. My advice, however, is to use black concrete blocks , in order to perfectly simulate the road surface. To this, you can alternate between white or yellow concrete blocks , to outline the lane separation strip or any other road signs you want to include.

In addition to roads, you can also create bridges , in case you need to connect two areas of cities that are separated by a waterway. In this case, you can follow all the procedures that I suggested in my guide on how to make a bridge on Minecraft .

Building vehicles

Auto on Minecraft

Do you want to move from one point of the city to another with a vehicle , such as a car, a motorcycle or an aircraft? In these cases, unfortunately I have to warn you that you can’t do anything like this on Minecraft. Nothing prevents you from building a vehicle of this type, but this will not move, as it is not possible to motorize it.

Fortunately for you, however, you can use mods that implement this feature, having the possibility, therefore, to create all the vehicles you want: you can create vehicles on the road by consulting my guide on how to build a car on Minecraft , or boats or planes .

Building decorations

Fontana on Minecraft

If you’ve built all the structures your city needs on Minecraft, the only thing you need to do is decorate it. How? For example, by adding statues or fountains , which can embellish the streets and squares you have built.

If you are interested in building statues, I refer you to my guide dedicated to the topic. If, however, you are oriented towards the implementation of a fountain to be placed in the town square, then you can refer to the procedures that I have indicated in this other guide of mine .

Mod to build a city on Minecraft

Don’t have time to build a city in Minecraft? Well, if you want I can help you too: what you need to do is download Instant Structures Mod ( ISM ), an add-on for Minecraft Java Edition , to create in a few simple clicks any structure present in its database.

But before talking to you about this mod, it is important that you install Minecraft Forge , a mod management tool for Minecraft. To download it, go to its official website and press the Installer button to download the related .jar file . After downloading the latter, double-click on it, press the OK button and you’re done: you’ve successfully installed Minecraft Forge.

At this point, proceed to download the ISM mod : first take its .jar file from its official website , pressing the Download Instant Structures Mod button and selecting the version of Minecraft you play.

Now, move the .jar file of ISM in the folder mods , which are in the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft . Can’t find this folder? Create it manually, reading the advice I gave you in this guide .

Once this is done, start Minecraft and click the icon , next to the Play button . In the box that is shown to you, select the Forge item and press the Play button , so as to allow Minecraft to support the mods. I warn you that a second screen will also start, that of ISM , which will serve you to browse the database.

ISM to build a city on Minecraft

Well: now you just have to enter a new world or an existing one and, through the ISM screen , press on the Browse item , to access the internal search engine. Type the term “city” and press the Search button . You will then be shown a list of projects relevant to your research.

When you have identified one that you want to implement in the world of Minecraft, click on its thumbnail and then press on the brick icon . Finally, click on the Place Structure button and wait for ISM to do its job, at the end of which you can continue playing on Minecraft, finding the city you have chosen to create. Comfortable, right?