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How to browse Facebook without registering

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How to browse Facebook without registering: Are you considering subscribing to Facebook, but before you create an account on the most famous social network in the world, do you want to make sure that some of your friends are present in it so that you can immediately get in touch with them? Would you like to follow the updates of a given fanpage on Facebook without having to create your own account on the service? Well, know that carrying out these operations is possible and, I’ll tell you more, to do so it is absolutely not necessary to be a hacker of the worst kind. If the thing interests you, I can therefore explain to you, step by step, how to browse Facebook without registering.

How do you say? Being unfamiliar with the Internet and computer science, do you fear that this may be too complicated for you? Well, know that you are wrong, and also quite wrong. Contrary to appearances and beyond what you might think I assure you that surfing on Facebook without registering is simple, very simple indeed. All you have to do is go to the Facebook page dedicated to searching for people, enter the names to find and that’s it. There are also other methods which, depending on the different needs and preferences, can be particularly useful in this regard.

To know all the details (and some other “tips” that you might need!), Continue reading my tutorial on the subject. You will see, in the end you will be ready to say that surfing Facebook without registering was actually a real breeze not to mention that, of course, you will be happy and satisfied with what you have learned. What do you say, we bet?

Note: Although the guide explicitly refers to the use of the computer, all the instructions below to surf Facebook without registering can be put into practice without any kind of problem even from smartphones and tablets. In this case, however, it may be necessary to enable the desktop version from the settings of the web browser for the mobile device in use (e.g. on Chrome just press the button (…) at the top right and tick the option Request desktop site).

Method 1

If you want to know how to surf Facebook without registering to check if one of your friends is registered on the social network, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the site by starting the web browser that you generally use to surf the net from your computer, by typing in the address bar and pressing the key Enter on the keyboard then you have to click on the item People located at the bottom of the screen, in small size.

On the page that opens, if requested, type correctly the text displayed on the screen to pass the security check and click on Send After that, you can choose whether to browse all the people registered on Facebook in alphabetical order – but if you want some advice, that’s crazy! – or whether to carry out a direct search using the appropriate bar located at the top right.

Then, you can click on one of the names in the search results and view the details of his profile, such as some of his personal information and the pages he “liked”. However, keep in mind that by doing so you will only be able to view public information and not posts or content that the user has decided to share only with their friends. To view more details, you will need to create your own account on the social network and request a friendship from the person in question.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding what you need to do to browse Facebook without registering because you want to view the pages of a given product or company on the social network, the artists registered to it, the places and maybe even the games, you must proceed in a slightly different way from what I have just indicated. To begin with, you have to go to the Facebook home as seen above and then, if you want to view the pages on the social network, click on the item Pages always placed at the bottom of the screen and you can browse all the pages by name or directly using the search field at the top. Since the fan pages are public, in this case you will be able to view all the content shared on them without any kind of problem.

How to browse Facebook without registering

By clicking on the links instead Places and on that Games (always present at the bottom of the Facebook home), you can, respectively, view all the various locations that have been registered on the social network and consult any related content (clubs, events, initiatives, etc.) and view all the games available on Facebook, the level of users’ satisfaction and read the relevant information. In both cases, you can either browse the contents, scrolling and clicking the results on the screen, or carry out a direct search, using the appropriate field located at the top.

Method 2

I’m sure it may seem like an emeritated banality but keep in mind that too Google it can be a good ally to be able to browse Facebook without registering. You ask me how? Well, simple: by exploiting the power of “big G” to quickly identify social profiles, pages and various other contents on the number one social network in the world, a bit like doing a common search on the net.

More precisely, to browse Facebook without registering thanks to Google, just type in the address bar of your favorite web browser, press the button Enter on the keyboard and enter in the search field in the center of the screen displayed the name of the person whose Facebook profile you want to view, that of the fanpage you are interested in and so on followed by the word Facebook (ex. salvatore aranzulla facebook). Then, press the button Enter attached to your computer keyboard or on the button Search with Google visible on the screen.

Once this is done, you should see a whole series of results that are relevant to the previously typed search terms and which should almost certainly link to content on Facebook. If you are particularly lucky you should be able to find what you are looking for right away!

Then click on the search result that you think might be of most interest to get more details. In principle, the results referring to Facebook are those that have the wording in the title | Facebook (ex. | Facebook) and in the relative link (ex.

How to browse Facebook without registering

Eventually, you can also refine the search results that are shown to you using the appropriate items located under the bar at the top. In particular, the command might be convenient for you Images, which allows you to search by images, and that Instruments, through which you can choose to view only the elements that have been published on the network since a certain date, only those in a specific language, etc.