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How to breathe underwater on Minecraft

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How to breathe underwater on Minecraft: Among the many adventures you face every time you play Minecraft , you have decided that it’s time to explore the underwater seabed, in order to visit new places that can hide so many treasures to discover. Unfortunately, however, this is not an easy task, because every time you dive you have a very limited time before you run out of oxygen.

That said, you got the idea that you absolutely must find a solution by looking for some useful information on the web to succeed in this. How do you say? Is this the way it is? Don’t worry, because I have all the solutions that are right for you: in today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to breathe underwater on Minecraft using some tools available directly in the famous video game of Mojang.

All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and pay attention to the suggestions that I will offer you in the next chapters, so that you too can explore the seabed in complete tranquility, without worrying about the oxygen reserve. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, have a good time!

Preliminary information

Seabed on Minecraft

Underwater exploration in Minecraft is an activity that can be very profitable, as it allows you to find many hidden treasures and to obtain very useful objects. For example, in the seabed then find ruins or wrecks, which I hide trunks, inside which there can be precious, as well as unique objects.

This operation, however, is limited, since the avatar has only a few seconds, about twenty, before he begins to lose health points, forcing the player to rise to the surface.

However sufficient this time may seem, you must also consider that, as you go deeper and deeper, you have less visibility and you are forced to take more time to orient yourself and get an idea of ​​the surrounding environment.

For this reason, what you will have to do is follow the instructions that I will give you in the next chapters, in order to be able to extend your stay underwater, without any risk.

How to breathe underwater on Minecraft

If you want to know how to breathe underwater on Minecraft , I recommend that you carefully read the tips that I will give you in the next chapters.

Potion to breathe underwater

Alembic on Minecraft

If you are looking for a method to breathe underwater on Minecraft , you can rely on the use of potions . Among these, the only one that can make sure that you can achieve your goal is the one called Aquatic Breathing Potion .

This potion is available in different versions: the one lasting 3 minutes and the one that allows you to breathe underwater for 8 minutes. Obviously you will need to obtain different materials and suitable tools to create this potion: I will provide you with all the information you need in the next paragraphs.

First, you need to build an Alembic , an essential object for creating potions. To make one, you need 1 unit of Blaze Rod and 3 units of Rubble , to be placed on a workbench. The Blaze Verga site can be found by defeating Blaze , the creatures that are in the Nether .

Next, you will need ampoules , which will contain the potion you are about to create. This item can be easily obtained by putting 3 Glass units together on a workbench . Not sure where to find glass? I told you in detail in this guide of mine .

At this point, you must fill the ampoules with water: you can do this simply by interacting with them on the surface of a block of water or using a cauldron , previously filled with this liquid with the help of a bucket .

Now that you have obtained the Water Vial , you must place it inside the Alembic , in one of the three slots reserved for this object, which you can find on its screen. To activate the reaction, you need a reagent and a fuel.

Regarding the latter, you must first obtain the Blaze Powder , you can easily get dismantled, in a workbench, a Blaze Verga . As a reagent, however, you must use the Nether Wart . As you can guess, it is an object that you find in the Nether: to be exact, it is a plant that you can easily locate in this place.

By combining a Nether Wart with a Water Vial , you will make a Strange Potion . This potion is the basis for obtaining an Aquatic Breathing Potion . Therefore, leaving the Strange Position inside the Alembic , use its upper slot to add a Puffer Fish as a reagent. You can find these cute little fishes in the ocean.

If you have followed my instructions to the letter, you will have made the Aquatic Breathing Potion , which will help you breathe underwater for 3 minutes. If you place the latter inside the Alembic , using Redstone Powder as a reagent, you will get a more powerful potion, with an effect duration of 8 minutes.

Breathing enchantment

Enchant a helmet on Minecraft

Another useful tip I can give you to be able to breathe underwater on Minecraft , is to enchant a helmet with the Breathing bonus . This particular effect allows you to extend your stay under water for 15 seconds longer than normal, at level 1 of the enchantment, up to a maximum of 45 seconds, for level 3.

All you need is any helmet and an anvil , the tool that allows you to apply this bonus, in the form of an enchanted book , to your equipment. As for the Anvil , you can create one with 3 Iron Block units and 4 Iron Ingot units . If you have any doubts about it, you can consult my guide dedicated to the creation of this tool.

To get the book containing this effect, I suggest you consult instead what I explained in my guide on how to make a book on Minecraft . When you have everything you need, open the Anvil interface and insert, in the appropriate slots, the Helm and the Enchanted Book with the Breathing bonus .

Conducted Energy Enhancement

Energy Conducted on Minecraft

Another solution that you can put into practice is to use the Conducted Energy bonus , which you can get by building a specific structure in the seabed. In fact, you must know that there is an object, called Conduit , which applies this bonus to the player nearby, guaranteeing him to breathe and see better underwater, as well as being able to dig faster.

To use the Conducted Energy bonus , you must first have between 16 and 42 blocks of Prismarino , a material found near oceanic ruins, and a Conduit . The latter is obtained in a workbench, combining 1 unit of Cuore del Mare and 8 units of Nautilus shells .

As for the Heart of the Sea , this can rarely be found in trunks buried in the ocean, while Nautilus shells are obtained by fishing, by zombies in the water or by exchanging them with emeralds at a wandering merchant.

Once you get the Conduit , you need to build the structure to activate the Conducted Energy bonus . As I anticipated, you need a variable number of Prismarino Blocks , as this bonus can be applied to 16 blocks of distance for every 7 blocks used in the structure. You can therefore get a bonus that covers up to 96 blocks away.

First, place 9 units of blocks on the seabed to create a cross. Once this is done, place 1 block unit on each end. At this point, he places a square structure on the next upper level, consisting of 16 blocks .

Conduit Structure

After performing this operation, you need to build the next two levels in a mirror way, adding the 4 blocks on the sides of the square and the 9 blocks to make the cross. You will therefore find yourself in front of a structure, inside which, exactly in the center, you have to place the Conduit . Therefore, use any block, just to perform this procedure.

If you have done what I explained in the previous paragraphs to the letter, you will have built the structure for the Conduit, which will be activated immediately and the Energy Conducted bonus will be applied within its range of action, guaranteeing you all the effects I have told you about beginning of this chapter.

Activate Creative mode

Creative mode on Minecraft

Another quick solution that you can put into practice to breathe underwater is to use the Creative mode . In this specific game mode, in fact, the avatar is immortal and will not suffer any negative effect when he is underwater, being able to remain in apnea without risking negative consequences.

You can create a new game in Creative mode , directly from the world creation menu. If you already have a world started in Survival mode , you can change it via the command console : to do this, press the Esc key during a game and, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the Open in LAN button . At this point, press the Commands button , so as to display the wording Yes , and confirm the operation by pressing the Start the world in LAN button .

Now, press the T key , to open the chat, and type the command / gamemode creative , followed by pressing the Enter key . By doing this, Creative mode will be activated and you can safely swim underwater, without worrying about the oxygen level. You can return to Survival mode at any time by using the / gamemode survival command .

Alternative solutions for breathing underwater

Bring underwater on Minecraft

In addition to the solutions I told you about in the previous chapters, other quick and easy-to-use tips for breathing underwater on Minecraft may also come in handy.

An example is to use a simple door , to be placed on the backdrop, so that an air pocket is created between the water blocks, which allows your avatar to catch his breath. To build a door, simply place 6 units of wooden planks on a workbench.

In fact, you can use any object that does not entirely occupy the space of a block, so that an air pocket can form between the water and the object itself. For example, banners  can be useful for the same purpose, placing one on top of the other.