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How to block unwanted emails

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How to block unwanted emails: Since you have been looking for a job, you have had to type in your email address on several Internet sites and, in some cases, make it completely public on the web in the hope of being contacted by a temporary agency or directly by a company looking for staff.

Unfortunately, however, this has meant that lately you are receiving numerous unwanted emails: your inbox is in fact full of messages and you are desperate because you have not yet been able to understand how to block unwanted emails while preserving the ones you want. continue to receive.

Well, then know that you are in the right place, because in this tutorial I will devote myself to solving this technological problem of yours by explaining in detail how to block the receipt of unwanted emails via the main Webmail clients, such as Outlook and Gmail. , as well as using the main programs for managing e-mails. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


How to block unwanted emails on Webmail

If you agree, let’s get straight to the point and see how to block unwanted emails on Webmail . If you were going to act from the browser, this is the part of the article that interests you most closely.

How to block unwanted emails on Gmail

If you have a Gmail account and you need to block unwanted emails that you receive continuously, you have the option to proceed in two different ways: mark an email as junk (quick method) or set a filter for specific incoming emails (advanced method) ).

Regardless of the approach you want to proceed with, you will first need to log in to your email account via Google’s official Web Mail service , by entering your login credentials.

Once this is done, open an email from one of the addresses that send you unwanted messages, click on the symbol of the three vertical dots (top right) and, in the opened menu, select the item Block [sender] . To conclude, confirm the operation by clicking on the Lock button in the box that appeared in the center of the page.

Alternatively, you can create a filter and block unwanted messages in advance. To do this, click on the gear symbol (top right), so as to go to the settings of your Gmail account, and click on the heading View all settings . Select, therefore, the Filters and blocked addresses tab on the page that opened and click on the item Create a new filter (located a little further down).

In the opened box, write the email address to be blocked in the From text field , click on the Create filter item at the bottom right and, after placing the check mark on the Delete box , click on the blue Create button . You can also filter messages by other parameters besides the sender, such as Subject , Contains words , Does not contain , Size , and more.

To delete the filter and unblock senders previously blocked (perhaps by mistake), go to the Settings menu> View all settings> Filters and blocked addresses of your Gmail account and delete the previously set rule.

If you want some more clarification on how to block an email address on Gmail, take a look at the in-depth study I dedicated to the topic.

How to block unwanted Outlook emails

Have you come to this article to find out how to block unwanted emails on Hotmail , Outlook or Live ? Well, in that case, know that Microsoft’s Webmail service also offers this possibility. Let me tell you how to use it.

To begin with, log into using your Microsoft account login details and then right-click on the message from the address the unwanted emails come from. Now, select the items Security Options> Block in the menu that opened and block the “offending” address by clicking on the OK button that is present in the box that appeared on the screen.

Another thing you can do is create rules. How you do it? To begin with, select a message from an address you want to block, click on the (…) button ( top right) and select Create rule from the menu that opens. Finally, select the folder where to automatically move unwanted messages (eg junk mail ), using the appropriate drop-down menu and then click on the OK button (twice in a row).

Note: by clicking on the item Other options you can also create filters based on other parameters, for example Subject , Priority , Keywords etc.

In case of second thoughts, to delete a previously created rule, go to the settings (by clicking on the gear icon (top right), click on the items View all Outlook settings> Mail> Rules , click on the dustbin icon located in correspondence with the rule you want to remove and then click on the OK button in the box that appeared on the screen.

How to block unwanted emails on Libero

Libero mail

If you have a Libero account and want to know how to block unwanted e-mail messages, know that even in this case you can act by blocking the sender of your interest or by creating a rule using the special function available in the famous Webmail service.

To proceed, after logging into your account from the Libero Mail main page , click on the Mail tab located at the top left, open the message from the sender whose emails you want to block and, after clicking on the item (≡ ) Other actions (above), click on the items Block sender and Block .

To create filters , on the other hand, after opening a message from a sender you want to block, open the Other item menu located at the top, select the Create new filter item from the menu that is proposed to you and assign a name to the filter you are creating , using the Rule Name text field .

Using the Conditions section , define the conditions that must occur to block messages from a certain address, by clicking on the Add a condition item and then selecting the option of your interest. Finally, associate the condition with the action that the filter must carry out, by first clicking on the item Add an action (eg Move to folder ) and then clicking on the Save button , located at the bottom right.

If you want some more details about how to block unwanted emails on Libero, take a look at the guide I dedicated to the topic.

How to block unwanted emails Yahoo!

Block emails from Yahoo

In case you have a Yahoo! Mail , you can take advantage of a special function useful for the purpose, through which it is possible to block unwanted messages in a rather simple way.

To proceed, log into your Yahoo! from the main page of the service, open the message coming from the address you want to block and click on the Spam button . By doing so, emails from the address in question will automatically be moved to spam.

To completely block the receipt of emails from a specific address, instead, click on the gear symbol (top right), select the item (…) Other settings and, in the new window that opens, click on the word Filters (on the left ).

Then write in the text field Add new filters and fill in the form that appeared on the right with the information necessary to block unwanted messages, using the text fields and menus in the sections Filter name , Set rules and Choose a folder to move to . . Finally, click on the Save button to save the filter.

How to block unwanted emails on clients

Let’s see, now, how to block unwanted emails on clients . If you want to work from the program you use to manage e-mail on your PC, you will find the following information useful.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook you can block unwanted e-mail messages using the appropriate function useful for this purpose.

After starting the program and identifying one of the unwanted messages from the “offending” address, right- click on it, select the items Junk> Block sender from the opened menu, go to the Home tab and then click on the button (… ) located at the top right. Then select the item Junk mail from the opened menu and click on the item Block sender .

If you want to create rules , instead, go to the Home tab of the program and, after clicking on the button (…) (top right), select the item Rules , click on the word Create rule … in the menu that has opened and check the rule of your interest, choosing one of those present in the sections When receiving messages that meet all the selected conditions (eg From [address] ) and Perform the following action (eg Move item to Junk Mail folder ).

Should you have second thoughts, you can restore the default settings by going to the Home menu> (…)> Junk mail> Junk e-mail options and then clicking on the Blocked senders tab and, after selecting the address of your interest, clicking on the relative Remove button .

Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10 Mail

If you use Windows 10 Mail , be aware that the pre-installed email client on Windows 10 does not offer useful functions for blocking unwanted email messages.

Therefore, if you use Windows 10 Mail, the only thing you can do is act from the settings of the mail services added on the client in question, perhaps helping you with the indications I have provided in the previous lines .

Apple Mail

Apple Mail

If you have a Mac and use Apple Mail , macOS’s default mail client, know that blocking unwanted messages is not only possible, but it’s also super easy to do.

To do this, go to the Mail> Preferences menu (top left, in the macOS menu bar), select the Rules tab (in the opened window), click on the Add button and indicate the name to give to the rule in the Description text field and set the option all occur in the drop-down menu placed between the items If and conditions below .

Next, set the drop-down menus of the first blue line to From and is equal to , write the email address to be blocked (presumably the one from which the unwanted emails come from), using the text field next to it. Once this is done, set the drop-down menus in the second blue line on Move message and Junk mail , click on the OK button and you’re done.

In case of second thoughts, go to the Mail> Preferences> Rules menu and remove the rule you set to block unwanted messages.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

The ability to block unwanted messages is also offered by Mozilla Thunderbird , one of the most popular free and open source email clients, compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

To proceed, after opening the program, click on the button (≡) located at the top right, select the items Tools> Message filters and, in the opened window, make sure that your email account is selected , then click on the New button .

At this point, give a name to the filter you are about to create, choose the Match all conditions option, set the Sender option in the first menu, the option is in the second and, then, indicate which email address is to be block using the appropriate text field. Then define any other conditions to be met to trigger the rule.

Then, select the options Move message to and [Your email address> Junk mail] from the drop-down menus located under the heading Perform these actions , click on the OK button and you’re done. By clicking on the + button , you can enter other addresses to be blocked within the rule you just created.

Should you have second thoughts, you can delete an address from the list of blocked ones: just go to the menu (≡)> Tools> Message filters of the program, select the rule created and delete it or review one of the addresses contained in it.

How to block unwanted emails on Android and iOS / iPadOS


Do you want to know if it is possible to block unwanted emails on Android and iOS / iPadOS , in a similar way to what we have seen in the previous lines? The answer is yes.

To do this, it is possible to act from Webmail, following the instructions I have already given you in the previous chapters , or by acting from the specific settings of the email client in use on your mobile device, as I specified in my guides on how to block unwanted emails on Android and on iPhone.