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How to block live streaming on Instagram

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How to block live streaming on Instagram: Instagram it’s your favorite social network and you spend a fair amount of time using it by browsing the content of your friends, famous people you follow, and pages you like. You also like to create your own content and you usually do live shows to share particular moments with your followers. There is, however, a problem: you would like some of your contacts to be excluded from your direct and therefore not be able to see and interact in them, but you have no idea how to block them.

This is the way it is, right? Then I am happy to inform you that today I am here to provide you with solutions to this problem. By continuing to read this tutorial, you will find out in fact how to block live streaming on Instagram to contacts who do not want to follow them, using your smartphone (therefore the official Instagram app) or your computer (mainly through the web version of the social network).

In addition to this, I will also show you some solutions so as not to be bothered by others’ direct by blocking this specific type of content created by other accounts. How do you say? Can’t wait to start making your live broadcasts, choosing who can follow them and who can’t? Well, then read on: everything is explained below. Have fun and good live!

How to block live on Instagram to people

Do you usually do direct on Instagram but do you want some of your contacts not to see them and not be informed of them? There is no problem! Among the functions of the famous social network there is, in fact, the possibility of choosing who to block to ensure that it does not receive any notification and cannot see the live shows you are doing. Find everything explained below.

From smartphone

To proceed via smartphone you must first have the official Instagram app available for Android (on Play Store and on alternative stores) or for iOS (downloadable viaApp Store).

If you don’t have it yet, look for it in the store you normally use by writing its name directly in the search bar in case of device Androidor by tapping on the tab Search for and then typing the name in the bar if you use a iPhone. Once identified, press the button Get / Installif necessary, authorize the operation and wait for it to be downloaded and then press the button You open to start it.

At this point, log in to your Instagram account by entering the credentials of your profile in the appropriate spaces, or by accessing through the quick procedure (which consists simply of pressing the button Log in and then on your own profile name) if the data was previously saved on the device.

Now you just have to proceed as if you were starting a direct: through the Feedtap on the item Your Story and swipe in the bottom menu, until the voice is activated Live / Live Video.

Now click on thegear located at the top, to access the Settings; in the new screen that opened, tap on the item Livethen press in the space under the wording Hide live video post at and, in the new screen that has opened, select the account you do not wish to be able to participate in your live broadcast.

Once you have checked all the profiles you want to block, click on arrow pointing left and tap on the item end. In this way you will see the number of people to whom the live broadcast is hidden and the setting will also be saved for all subsequent live shows.

If you don’t find the setting I just told you about, you have to act through the settings related to the stories. After selecting thegear icon press, therefore, on the option History and go up Hide the story a and finally, select the users you don’t want to see your videos live. Once this is done, go back by clicking on the icon arrow and then on the voice endto save what has been done.

You can also perform the same operations through your account settings by going to the your profile pagethen tapping on the three horizontal lines and finally on the voice Settings. Then follow the path Privacy> Live (or Privacy> History if you don’t see the first path) and select the accounts to exclude.

When you start your live these people will be automatically excluded and the audience will be limited to the contacts you have chosen to leave. Also note that the live broadcasts are linked to Instagram storiesso the latter will also be blocked for the people you have selected.

Another, more drastic solution that you can resort to is the block a contact: operation that will prevent the latter from viewing your content, as well as contacting or tagging you. To do so, go to the profile of the person in question, tap on the i icon three dots placed at the top and, from the opened menu, press on the item Block.

Then choose whether to block the account and all subsequent ones that the owner could create or whether to limit yourself to blocking only the account he currently owns, placing a check mark next to the item you prefer. Once this is done, click on the button Block to confirm the operation. For more information I leave you to my guide on how to block on Instagram.

Another piece of advice I want to give you is to make your profile private, to ensure that only your selected contacts (future, previous ones will all continue to see your content) can see your live and what you post. The operation to do this is very simple: press on the del tab your profile (represented by your photo or a little man) and then tap on the icon of three horizontal lines. From the opened menu, then select the items Settings And Privacy and move the lever up ON next to the option Private Account. For more information, read my tutorial on how to put private profile on Instagram.

From computer


If you do not currently have a smartphone but only a computer and you want to know how to block live streaming on Instagram using this device, I am sorry to inform you that, at least for the moment, this operation cannot be done by computer.

There web version of Instagramin fact, it only allows you to view your own and others’ stories, but not to create them, and the same rule also applies to live videos.

You can, however, block accounts and make your profile private. To block an account, search for it through the search bar at the top and select it from the list that appears by clicking on it. Once on the profile, click on the icon of three horizontal dots and from the opened menu, select the item Block this user and come on confirmation.

To make your profile private and consequently prevent anyone from seeing your content (other than existing followers and those you will authorize in the future), click on the your image at the top right of the screen and, from the pop-up menu, select the option Settings. Then select the item Privacy and security and check the box next to the item Private Account. Done!

How to block a person’s Instagram direct

Unfollow Instagram profile from app

Among your contacts there are people who are constantly making direct and would you like to find a way to block this function of the social network so as not to see them again? I’m sorry to inform you that, at the time of this writing, this feature is not available.

There are, however, some “tricks” you can use to reduce this nuisance. The first is to go to delete notifications live videos of all your contacts. However, I would like to specify this: use this method only if you do not follow anyone’s live stream, since the procedure hides the notifications of any user’s live stream.

In short, if only one user is “bothering” you, then perhaps it is not worth stopping receiving all updates. Better maybe stop following him: for delete an account from the people you follow, all you have to do is visit his profilepress the button Follow already and select the item Don’t follow anymore from the menu that opens.

If, on the other hand, you are convinced of adopting the more “drastic” solution and you want to block notifications for all live broadcasts, tap onyour profile picture (or oflittle man), at the bottom right, press the icon of three horizontal lines present on your profile page and, from the menu that opens, select the item Settings.

Now, tap on the items Notifications> Live Video and IGTVunder the heading Live video put the check mark next to the option NO and you will no longer receive notifications when a contact starts a live.

The same thing can be done via computer: log in to your profile via the web version of Instagram or theWindows applicationclick on yours profile picture (top right) and, in the new page opened, press the icon of thegearin order to access the Settings.

Now, click on the entry Notifications from the menu that opened and select the item Push notifications from the list located on the left of the screen. Then scroll the page opened to the bottom and put the check mark on the option NO related to the item Live video.

In addition to silencing notifications there are other more effective methods you can use to eliminate the problem: silencing the stories of one or more accounts, unfollowing people who continuously direct or directly block those accounts (as seen above).

For silence the stories what you have to do is go to the profile in question, press the button follow and select the item Silence from the menu that opens. Next, move the toggle up ON next to the item Stories And that’s it. More info here.

If what you want, on the other hand, is to follow the live stream but not to appear among the linked accounts, thus avoiding that people can recognize you through your comments or your presence in the direct of others, you can proceed creating a sub account and using that to follow other people’s live content. In this case, I recommend that you read my detailed guide on how to have two Instagram profiles: a main one and a secondary one to use for this very purpose.