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How to block email

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How to block email: You have been receiving emails from unwanted senders for some time now, and despite your repeated requests for unsubscribing from the recipient list, there is absolutely no way of stopping the distribution of this electronic correspondence. Fear not, I can understand that it really is a hassle, but fortunately, in cases like these where good manners are useless, you can opt for a technological solution.

What I suggest you do is to completely block the receipt of emails through a procedure that I will show you step by step. In the course of today’s tutorial, in fact, I want to explain to you in detail what you will need to do to block the sender of an email and thus avoid receiving their emails in the future. This is a procedure to be used as a last resort: in this tutorial, in fact, I will not talk to you about how to block unwanted emails by moving them to the junk mail folder (because that way you will continue to receive them), but I will directly explain how to create rules that, automatically, will send to the trash or delete emails from a specific email address.

Now that we have clarified the subject matter of this tutorial I would say that we can begin to see together how to carry out the procedure, step by step. All you need is a few minutes of free time: sit in front of the PC and give me all your attention; I’m going to explain to you how to block emails in the main Webmail services. Are you ready to get started? Have a good reading.

How to block email on Gmail

To block the emails you receive from a specific sender on your Gmail email account, you can proceed by setting up a custom filter, so as to automatically move all the emails received from that sender into a mailbox you set up. such as the Trash box.

To proceed with what I mentioned above, you will first need to log in to your e-mail account via the official Google portal relating to your Web Mailentering your credentials.

Now, to block an email from a specific sender, you will need to reach the Gmail settings; click ongear icon located at the top right. Then click on Settingsin order to open a new window that contains all the settings of your e-mail account.

Then to set the filter, click on the tab Filters and blocked addresses and then click on the entry Create a new filter, which is located at the bottom. In the new window that will appear, you will need to enter some data in order to create the filter: then type the email address of the sender you want to block in the text field From and then click on the entry Create filter with this search, located at the bottom right. On the next screen, put a check mark in the box Delete and click Create filter. In this way you will have created a filter that will move all the emails received from that sender set by you directly inside the box Trash can of your Gmail account.

If by any chance you want to unblock a sender you previously blocked via filter, you will simply have to go back to the section Settings> Filters and blocked addresses and click on the item Deletecorresponding to the sender’s email address you want to unblock.

How to block emails in Outlook

If you have an Outlook, Hotmail or Live email account, I would be happy to know that you can block emails directly via the Web Mail panel. You can proceed by creating a custom rule to move messages directly into the box Deleted mail.

I will show you in the following paragraphs how to proceed in your goal, but, first of all, you will need to log in with your Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail or Live) through the link I provided.

As soon as you are logged in, you will need to click on the icon with the gear symbolwhich is located at the top right and then, from the context menu that will appear, click on the item Options. On the left you will be presented with a menu, from which you will have to click on the item Automatic processing> Inbox and organization rules. Then click the button [+]found under the heading Inbox rules, so you can start configuring your inbound filter. Start by entering the name to identify your new regular (text field First name) and then reach the drop-down menu a little further down When the message arrives and meets all these conditions. From this menu, select the item Was sent or received> Received by and enter the email address of the sender for which you do not wish to receive their messages, then click on Ok. In the next drop-down menu Perform all of the following actionsyou will have to choose the voice Move, copy or delete> Delete the message. Then click Ok and then again on Ok so as to confirm your new filter.

How to block email on iCloud

You receive annoying messages on your iCloud email account that you would like to block. However, you don’t know how to proceed to block these unwanted senders? Then you are reading the right guide. On iCloud you can set filters for the automatic removal of messages that meet particular requirements set by the user himself.

To access Apple’s Web Mail service, you need to go to the Web Services Portal Log in with your credentials and select the application Mail. Now, click on the icon with the gear symbol which you can find at the bottom right and select the item Rules.

In this new window you will find all the filter rules you have set up on your account. Obviously, if you have never configured any rules, the window will appear blank. Click on the entry Add a rule and, from the first drop-down menu, select the item From. Then type the email address of the person you want to block in the field Name or email address. In the next drop-down menu, select the item instead Move to trash and click Save and then again on Save.

From now on, all messages received from that specific sender will be automatically moved to the mailbox Trash can of your email account.

How to block email on Yahoo

How to block unwanted emails on Yahoo via Web Mail

On Yahoo email accounts, it is possible to block messages from specific senders through a special address blocking section. The procedure is quick and I will explain it to you in the following paragraphs. The first step you will need to take is to log in to the Yahoo Mail Web Portal with your credentials, using this website address.

Once logged in, click on the icon with the gear symbol which you can find at the top right. From the context menu, then click on the entry Setting. A new window will appear with a menu on its left. Click on the tab Blocked addresses and type, in the field Add address, the email account address of the user you want to block. Then press the button Block and finally confirm everything by pressing on Save.

How to block emails via the Yahoo Mail app

If you use the Yahoo Mail app on your smartphone Android or iOS, you will be able to block email messages using filters. If you are interested in this possibility of blocking through the Yahoo app, continue reading this guide.

First open the Yahoo Mail application and click on the icon with the symbol , which is located at the top left. Now tap on the item Settings and scroll through the list of items until you find the one named Filters. Then tap on it and select the email account on which you want to set your filter. You will see a screen with a button with the symbol [+] at the top right, on which you will have to tap.

Through the field Filter name type the name to assign to your filter and then in the field Sender type the sender’s email address to block. Scroll to the bottom and tap on the item Move this message to and select Trash can. Finally, to confirm the configuration of your filter, tap the icon with the V symbollocated at the top right.

How to block emails on Virgilio

You can block incoming messages from Virgilio accounts via the tool Block sender. Did not you know? There is always something to learn. However, before starting to describe the procedure to be performed, you must log in to Virgil’s Web Mail with your data.

From the side menu on the left, click Mail arrived and open any email from the sender you want to block. Click the button Other, located above the newly opened message, in the horizontal bar. Then select the item Block sender from the context menu. With this simple but effective procedure, you will have automatically set a filter on your email account that will prevent the receipt of messages from that specific sender.

However, it may happen that you want to unblock a sender, perhaps because you simply blocked it by mistake. So would you like to know how to unlock it? Nothing could be easier, I’ll explain in a few steps how to manage the list of your blocked senders.

Click the icon with the gear symbolwhich is located at the top right and select the item Settings. Then click Mail> Blocked Senders (from the left menu panel) so you can manage your list of blocked users.