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How to block an email address on Gmail

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How to block an email address on Gmail: After chatting live, you gave your Gmail e-mail address to someone you met for a short time, to allow them to send you the files you needed; this person, however, turned out to be one serial spammer, ready to clog your inbox with event-related messages that, frankly, you really don’t care much about. This is the reason why, tired of the situation, you are looking for a method to block this person and you asked Google for information about it, ending up on this guide of mine.

Well, I want to tell you right away that you have come to the right place, at the right time: by following to the letter the instructions that I am going to give you, in fact, you will learn how to block an email address on Gmail in no time at all, acting from the Web, from the most well-known e-mail clients for computers and even from smartphones and tablets. These are extremely simple procedures and truly within everyone’s reach:! Even for those who, like you, have never had an excellent relationship with the world of technology.

So what else are you waiting for to get started? Take some free time, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to explain to you on this topic: I guarantee you that, after reading my guide, unwanted spammers and promoters will only remain a bad memory for you . Ready to get started? OK let’s go!

Block email addresses on Gmail from the web

The version Web Of Gmailthe one accessible through any computer browser, has a very simple sender blocking feature that can be activated in just a couple of clicks.

How? I’ll explain it to you right away: first of all, connect to the main page of Gmailenter thePostal address and the password that you usually use to access the service and, once the incoming mailopen any of the messages received from the contact you want to block.

Once this is done, press the button (⋮) located to the right of the message box, next to the button Forward (on the same line in which the date of receipt of the same is specified, so to speak) and, in the menu that opens, presses on the item Block SenderName and confirm the willingness to proceed by clicking on the button again Block.

To unblock a blocked address, again from the main Gmail page, you must instead click on the icon located at the top right, choose the item Settings and then go to the card Filters and blocked addresses. Once inside, identify the sender to unblock in the box dedicated to Blocked addresses and click on the item Unlock corresponding to it.

Block email addresses on Gmail from client

You don’t rely on the web version of Google’s email service, but have you set up the account in your favorite email program? Then this is the section for you: I intend to explain below how to block email addresses on Gmail from the most popular e-mail clients. Keep in mind that the operation can be replicated in a very similar way on other programs not present in this guide.

Outlook (Windows / macOS)

After following my guide on how to configure Outlook with Gmail, you were able to happily consult your e-mail using the program included in the Microsoft Office suite and now, to keep your mailbox clean, you have every intention of blocking the addresses that you feel inappropriate, avoiding receiving unwelcome messages from them.

Doing so is really simple: after starting Outlookopen the folder Incoming mail and identifies, in the left part of the program, the preview of any of the messages received by the “offending” sender. At this point, do right click on the preview in question, click on the item Indesid mail. from the menu that opens, repeat the operation for the item Block sender and presses the button OK to complete the procedure.

If you need to unlock a previously blocked account, click on the tab Home located at the top of the program screen, then on the button Indesid mail. and, again, on the voice Junk Email Options … placed in the menu that opens. Once this is done, click on the item Blocked sendersselect the address you want to unlock and then press the buttons Remove And OK.

Mail (Windows 10)

If you consult Google email through the program Windows 10 Mailthen this is the section for you: you can block an unwelcome sender (and the messages coming from it), even in this case, within a couple of clicks.

To start with, start the program and click on the folder Incoming mail associated with your Gmail account, do right click on the preview of one of the messages received from the address you want to block and select the item Move to junk located in the menu that opens: in this way, the message is immediately moved to the aforementioned folder and the sender’s address blocked.

Thunderbird (Windows / macOS / Linux)

If you are going to block an email address on Gmail and consult the e-mail through the client Mozilla Thunderbirdyou need to set up filters so that messages from this address are deleted as soon as they are downloaded to your computer.

To do this, start the program, click on the icon resident at the top right and select the items Message Filters> Message Filters from the menu that opens. Arrived in the new window, make sure that in the drop-down menu Filters for your Gmail address is specified and start creating a New one filter by clicking on the appropriate button.

At this point, indicate the Name of the filter that you are about to create (eg. Senders block) in the text box, select the option They meet all the conditionschoose the item Sender in the first drop-down menu, enter the item And in the second drop-down menu and, in the text field immediately next to it, type theemail to block. If you wish, you can add further senders by clicking on the button [+] immediately adjacent to the field just filled in.

Finally, choose your options Move the message to And Unwanted on [tuo indirizzo Gmail] and confirm the activation of the rule by pressing the button OK: the game is done! If you had to think again, you can unblock blocked senders by going to the section again Message filters and deleting the rule created, or deleting the address you are interested in unblocking from those specified within the rule itself.

Mail (macOS)

You have set up your Google account on MailMac’s default email client, so you want to know if it’s possible block email addresses on Gmail also on this program? Of course yes! All this leads to the creation of a special rule that immediately moves the messages received from a certain sender into the folder Junk Mail.

How? Very simple: first, click on the menu Mail located at the top left, select the item Preferences and click on the tab Rules resident in the window that opens. Once this is done, press the button addindicate the name you want to assign to the rule (eg. Senders block) in the field Description and set the drop-down menu next to the item Self on the option All of the following conditions are true.

At this point, move to the drop-down menus immediately below and set the first from the left to the item Fromthe second on the voice It’s equal to and type in the adjacent text box theemail address to block. If necessary, you can carry out the same operation for multiple senders by pressing the button (+) placed immediately next to the text box in which you indicated the “offending” email.

Once this is done, move to the second block of drop-down menus, setting the first from the left to the item Move message and the second on Unsolicited; finally, click on the button OK to save the changes: starting from this moment, all messages from the senders indicated will be immediately redirected to the folder Junk Mail.

Note: should it prove necessary, you can unblock senders simply by returning to the section Rules and deleting the newly created rule (or, alternatively, deleting the address you are interested in blocking from the list).

Block email addresses on Gmail from smartphones and tablets

You did not find the suggestions explained in this guide of interest to you, since you access your e-mail mainly through the Gmail app for Android And iOS? Don’t worry, you can block email addresses on Gmail in an extremely simple way.

First, start the app by recalling it from the drawer of the Android device or from the iOS Home screen, open an e-mail message received from the contact you want to block and press the button (⋮)the one located next to the button Answers: at this point, all you have to do is touch the voice Block [nomemittente] to stop receiving messages from the contact in question.

At this point, you are familiar with the simplest and most effective techniques for block email addresses on Gmail, so this topic, for you, should no longer be a taboo. If you want to know the techniques to do the same for other mail providers, such as, iCloud, Yahoo Mail and so on, I recommend that you take a look at my tutorial on how to block unwanted emails – you will surely find what you are looking for!