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How to block a number on Android

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How to block a number on Android: Despite the courtesy with which you have repeatedly declined their offers, do you continue to receive calls from companies offering you the purchase of any kind of product or service? Is there an acquaintance who is a bit too petulant who calls you many times a day and you don’t know how to get rid of him? If you have an Android smartphone I can give you a hand, indeed, the apps I will talk about today can give it to you.

I am referring to some formidable free applications that allow you to block calls from annoying people completely automatically, just create a “black list” with unwanted senders and their calls are blocked in the bud: you don’t even hear a ring!

There are also apps with public blacklists that allow you to automatically block calls from scammers, telemarketers and other known annoyances. Do not you believe it? Does it sound too good to be true? Then run to download one of the applications I’m about to suggest and find out right away how to block a number on android exploiting its infinite potential. I bet you will be amazed at how simple it is.

Calls Blacklist

One of the first apps I recommend you to try is called Calls Blacklist. As the name suggests quite easily, its main function is to create a black list with the numbers to block by preventing them from receiving calls.

To install Calls Blacklist on your smartphone, start the Google Play Store, look for it inside the latter and press the buttons Install And I accept to start the download.

Once installation is complete, you can block a number on your Android smartphone by simply starting Calls Blacklist and pressing the “+” button located at the bottom right. In the menu that opens, select the item From the call log if you want to block the number of a person who called you recently, the voice From contacts if you want to block an address in the address book, the entry Enter the number if you want to block a number by typing it manually or the wording It starts with if you want to block phone calls from all numbers starting in a certain way.

From this moment on, whenever you receive a call from the numbers entered in the blacklist, you will not hear the smartphone ring and the sender of the call will receive the signal of the busy line after the first ring. Of course Calls Blacklist will warn you of the blocked call with a notification.

To unblock a number after entering it in the blacklist, start Calls Blacklist, select the contact number to remove from the blacklist and press the button Cancel which appears in the center of the screen. To view the list of blocked calls, go to the tab instead Register of the app.

Caution: Calls Blacklist includes an additional SMS blocking feature that in Android 4.4 and above (due to limitations imposed by Google in its operating system) requires the app to be set as the default message management software. This operation, however, according to the testimonies of some users on the Play Store, could lead to the charge of unwanted costs in case of sending new SMS. I advise you not to activate it or, if you have already accepted its activation, to disable it by going to the Calls Blacklist settings (the gear icon located at the top right).

Should I Answer

How to block a number on Android

Do you want to block advertising calls from call centers? Then try Should I Answer. This is an excellent free application that uses a public database, also built thanks to the contribution of users, to block the numbers of all the “known annoyances”: telemarketers, scammers, etc. It also allows you to block calls from those who disguise their number with anonymous and unwanted numbers set by the user.

To protect your smartphone with Should I Answer, download the application from the Google Play Store, start it and press the button Keep it going to accept the conditions of use. If you do not want to send anonymous statistics relating to incoming calls to your mobile phone, uncheck the item Send anonymous statistics on incoming calls on the app home screen.

At this point, go to the tab Blocking of Should I Answer and choose which types of calls to block automatically by choosing one or more options from the menu Block incoming calls from. I advise you to activate the functions local numbers evaluated negatively (the numbers added by you to the blacklist), numbers rated negatively by the community (the numbers of known annoyances reported by users of the application) e hidden numbers (who calls anonymously), but you can also block i foreign numbers and all numbers not stored in contacts of Android.

Once you have activated the filters of your interest, you will be able to sleep reasonably peacefully: all calls from annoying people, unwanted numbers, etc. they will be blocked automatically. You will not hear the phone ring (you will only see the blocking notification) and the sender of the call will hear the line drop after the first ring.

To add a number to your personal blacklist, select the tab Assessment of Should I Answer and presses on “+” button located at the bottom right. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with the number and data of the contact to be blocked and press the button Save to complete the operation. If you do not want to share the block with other users of the application (as perhaps it is only a somewhat petulant friend and not an alleged scammer) activate the option Private rating or number.

Alternatively, you can add a number to your personal blacklist also by choosing it from Register Should I Answer, i.e. from the list of recent calls, and pressing the button To block. In case of second thoughts, you can unblock a previously blocked number by pressing on it and selecting the item Delete from the screen that opens (bottom left).


How to block a number on Android

Another great app you can through block a number on android is TrueCaller which, in addition to “silencing” calls from unwanted numbers, automatically blocks calls from annoyances and anonymous numbers thanks to databases containing the numbers of call centers, scammers and other known “nuisances”. It can even display the identity of unknown numbers calling you and help you easily identify them (only if they are included in the public lists from which the app gets its information).

Using it is very easy: after a short initial configuration procedure, during which you must confirm your phone number and your email address, you can check the activation of the filters against annoyances and anonymous numbers by selecting the tab Unwanted of the app by going to Lock settings and making sure that the options related to Stop major annoyances And Block private numbers are set to ON.

To add custom numbers to the list of senders to block, go to the tab Unwanted by TrueCaller, presses on “+” button located at the bottom right and then choose whether to manually add a phone number to the blacklist (Enter number), whether to block a number in the directory (Select from the address book) or whether to import a contact from recent calls into the blacklist (Select from the history).

At this point, when you receive a call from the blacklisted number, you will not hear your smartphone ring. Whoever is on the other side will receive the signal of busy line after the first ring and a notification about the blocked call will appear on the smartphone screen.

To unblock a number previously blacklisted, start TrueCaller, go to the section Unwanted / Unwanted View of the app, select the name to remove and press the appropriate button. If, on the other hand, you want to look for the holder of a number, go to the form Research application and enter the number to be identified in the search field.

Caution: by subscribing to TrueCaller, your mobile number will automatically become traceable in the service database, together with your name which, however, will only be visible to other registered users. You can request the cancellation of your telephone number from the TrueCaller database through the service site (but first you have to delete the account and application from your smartphone).

Android call blocker

How to block a number on Android

In conclusion, I remind you that Android includes a function that allows you to forward all calls of a certain number to the voicemail. If the answering machine is not active, the call is simply dropped.

To take advantage of this feature, just go to the app Contacts of Android, select the name of the person to “silence”, press the icon of pencil and tick the option All calls to voicemail from the menu (…) located at the top right. If desired, it is possible to create a single contact with all the numbers to be silenced and thus create a unified blacklist.

Some manufacturers’ phones also have a function to block calls without diverting them to the answering machine. To activate it, you need to open the dialer (the screen where telephone numbers are dialed) and go to his settings pressing the button menu (or Other) located at the top right. Then you have to go up Other settings and select items Call barring> Voice call from the screen that opens. Easier done than said!