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How to bend an inscription with Photoshop

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How to bend an inscription with Photoshop: You are creating a banner or logo in Photoshop, would you like to insert a curved writing in it but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t panic. Among its infinite functions, the Adobe photo editing software also includes filters that allow you to distort the texts and make them assume a curved or wavy perspective.

If you have never heard of it before, read the instructions I am about to give you and I promise you that, in a few minutes, you will learn too. how to bend an inscription with Photoshop. I bet you will be surprised by the simplicity of this operation. For completeness of information, in addition to explaining how to proceed from the desktop version of Photoshop, I will also show you what you can do through its web version and that for mobile devices.

Since I see you quite taken by the subject, I would say not to waste any more precious time in chatting and to immediately delve into the Vibo of this guide. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and implement the “tips” I am about to give you. Enjoy your reading and have fun!

How to bend an inscription with Photoshop on a PC

If you want to learn how to bend an inscription with Photoshop on a PCyou have to start the program, select the tool that allows you to create a writing, select or type the text to be modified and then proceed to bend it using the specific integrated functions.

To proceed, therefore, the first step you must take is to select it Text tool from the program toolbar (it is the button with the letter icon T.) and select or type the text you want to curve. At this point, click on the button Create altered text located at the top of the Photoshop window (it’s the one with the letter icon T. in perspective) and, in the window that opens, use the drop-down menu Style to select the type of curvature to be assumed by the writing.

You can choose the options Arch, Arch top perspective or Lower perspective arch to make the text you have selected take on an arched shape, the style Flag to create wavy lettering and so on.

Curving an inscription with Photoshop on PC

Now, click on the button OKto apply your text changes immediately, or move the option slider Crease, to precisely customize the level of curvature of the writing. It is really very simple, right?

You need how to curve text in Photoshop starting from a written already rasterized (and therefore not freely editable as text)? Also in this case something can be done, but with less freedom of modification than what we have just seen together for the “pure” writings.

First, you need to select the layer with the inscription from the layer management panel, at the bottom right. If this is not possible and the writing to be curved is on the same level as other elements of the image (e.g. the background), you must recall the magnetic lasso tool from the Photoshop toolbar and select, as precisely as possible, the text to be edited. At the end of the selection, click on the button Refine Edge (located at the top right), to remove any imperfections.

Once you have selected the level or the text in the image, go to the menu Edit> Transform Photoshop, select the item Alter from the latter and use the mouse to shape the selected writing, so that it assumes the desired level of curvature. When the operation is completed, press the button Enter on the PC keyboard and that’s it.

Curving an inscription with Photoshop

Once you have made all the desired changes, save the output image: go to the menu Fileselect the items Export> Export as … from the latter and choose the format in which to export the edited photo (eg. PNG, JPEGetc.).

How to curve an inscription with Photoshop online

Curving an inscription on Photopea

You’re going to find out how to curve an inscription with Photoshop online? Unfortunately, the online version of Photoshop does not allow you to do this (at least not at the time of writing), but you can still take advantage of some free alternatives, such as the excellent Photopea. It is a web application that works without registration, without additional plugins and for free (you can subscribe to the $ 3.33 / month subscription).

To use it, go to the Photopea home page and open the menu Archive> Open to upload an image on which to insert a curved writing or go to Archive> New to create a blank worksheet using the panel proposed on the screen.

Next, call it back Font tool from the toolbar on the left, define size And font of the writing using the menus at the top and type the word or phrase of your interest, using the text field that appeared on the screen.

Then click on the button Alter (top), select the menu Style and choose one of the bending options from those available (eg. Arch). Finally, using the appropriate adjustment bars, set the degree of curvatureOf vertical distortionOf horizontal distortionetc., click on the button OK And that’s it. Finally, go to the menu Archive> Export As and choose the export option you prefer.

How to bend an inscription with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets

Curve mobile lettering

You currently don’t have your computer handy and would like to try curving an inscription with Photoshop on smartphones and tablets? I’m sorry but, as of this writing, none of Photoshop’s various free mobile transpositions allow you to do this.

However, you can resort to third-party apps that offer functions suitable for the purpose, such as the very famous Phontoavailable for both Android that for iOS / iPadOS. Basically, this solution is free but to unlock all available fonts and remove advertising, you have to buy the paid version, which costs 3.49 euros.

After installing and starting Phonto on your device, grant it the necessary permissions to function properly. Then, tap on an “empty” point on its main screen, select the item Images and tap onpreview of the photo of your interest, so as to upload it to the app.

At this point, press the pencil symbol in the upper right corner, type in the field Add Text the text you want to insert in the image and, using the button Font, select the font you prefer to use. When you are ready to do so, enter the writing in the image by pressing the item Done.

Now, tap on the writing, press the button Style located in the box that appeared on the screen and, in the opened screen, select the tab Curving (you have to scroll through the tabs at the bottom to view it). Using the appropriate adjustment bar, then, adjust the angle of the curvature and, when you are ready to do it, press on the item Save (top right) to apply the changes.

To save the output photo locally, then, tap on the symbol of arrow pointing down (top right) and, after choosing the format in which to export the image, tap on the item Save.