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How to become animals on GTA 5

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How to become animals on GTA 5: You are a big fan of GTA 5 , the famous Rockstar Games title originally released in 2013, and by now you have “stripped it” of all its possibilities. However, this game is a constant surprise and only recently have you discovered that you can play as some animals. You are therefore intrigued and have carried out an online search, arriving so far. This is how it is, isn’t it? Well, then I’d say you’re in the right place!

Soon, in fact, I will explain in detail how to become animals on GTA 5 . In case you are wondering, I will guide you step by step on how to exploit this functionality, giving you useful information on everything related to the topic. In short, if you intend to face this “challenge”, I would say that this tutorial is for you. I almost forgot: there will also be a way of talking about * completism *, that is, how to transform into all animals.

What do you say? Are you ready to learn how to play GTA 5 this way? In my opinion, yes, since you’ve made yourself quite comfortable and you are reading this guide with interest. Well, everything perfect then: you just need to take some free time and follow the quick instructions below, which will lead you to your goal. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Pyote plants hallucinogenic effects GTA 5

Before going into detail on the procedure on how to become animals on GTA 5 , I think you might be interested to know more about this possibility (available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game).

Well, Rockstar Games has decided to implement multiple “surprises” within GTA 5. Among these, there are peyote plants scattered around the map. By interacting with the latter, it is possible to transform the character into an animal and play in his shoes. Obviously, this is the hallucinogenic effect of the plant and not a “physical” transformation of the character.

There are several playable animals: from the boar to the hen , passing through the seagull and the pig . In short, it is a particularly funny “gimmick”, which can keep you entertained for several hours. In any case, there are dozens of peyote plants to find and animals to discover, but I don’t feel like getting too many spoilers.

How to become animals on GTA 5 PS4

Just know that you can go wherever you want with the animal : you will become “human” again , for example, after getting run over by some machine or by pressing the button you used to eat the plant.

After the animal dies, you will no longer be able to harvest the associated peyote plant , as it will be saved in your progress. I advise you, therefore, to be careful and have as much fun as possible if you like to control that animal.

How to become an animal on GTA 5

Eat peyote plant GTA 5

After explaining in detail what this feature allows you to do, I would say that the time has come to take action and find out how to become animals on GTA 5 for PS4 and for all other platforms: the steps to be taken are always the same.

Well, all you have to do is find a peyote plant (it is distinguished by the presence of a pink “flower” and by the fact that it emits an “animalistic verse”), position your character next to it and press l special button that appears on the screen (e.g. right arrow on PS4 ).

In this way, a movie will start in which the character you are controlling will eat the peyote plant and turn into the associated animal . Once the “transformation” has been performed, the keys to move , run and attack are usually the same (eg analog to move, X to run and R2 to attack on PS4 ).

Wild boar GTA 5

This clearly varies from animal to animal, but I will not provide you with other indications so as not to get too many advances. In any case, the keys to be used will be indicated on the screen and therefore you should not have any problems.

How to find all peyote plants

How to find all GTA 5 peyote plants

As mentioned earlier, there are several peyote plants on the GTA 5 map, for a total of 27 . How do you say? You don’t know where to find them? Don’t worry, I can assure you that by following the list below, you won’t have any problems.

  • In the middle of the ocean, on the seabed east of the Humane laboratories , there is a peyote plant, a bit “hidden” by some wreckage;
  • In the depths of the canal between the airport and the port of Los Santos . You shouldn’t struggle to find it in the midst of algae;
  • Vase in Mirror Park . The peyote plant is located on the back of a house facing south in this neighborhood;
  • Hillside north of Fort Zancudo . You will certainly find it a bit difficult to find the peyote plant, but in reality I assure you that it will be fun;
  • High up in the Raton Canyon , there is a kind of area from which to admire the landscape. Not far from the only wooden platform, there is also the peyote plant;
  • Seabed near Paleto Bay . It is difficult to give you precise indications, but you will have to search carefully among the rocks;
  • Hillside, not far from the Redwood Lights Track construction site . It may take you some time to find the plant, but it’s worth it;
  • One of the most difficult plants to find is in the depths of the Alamo Sea , in a cove in the north-west;
  • Terrace of the Gentry Manor Hotel in Vinewood . The roof of the building can only be reached with an airplane;
  • In an elevated position in the Raton Canyon , on the edge of some rocks. It is not very easy to give you precise indications, but know that you can only get there by an aircraft;
  • Monte Chiliad, near two poles with red ribbons that are located on a rocky ledge;
  • Vinewood Hill, in the middle of the bushes near the road leading to the Galileo observatory . Paying some attention, you shouldn’t struggle to find the peyote plant;
  • On the border between La Puerta and Chamberlain Hills there is a baseball field. There, behind the “net”, you find the peyote plant;
  • Tree on the edge of a lake in Monte Gordo . You shouldn’t have any particular difficulty finding the surprise waiting for you;

Animal machines GTA 5

  • El Burrito Heights , in the midst of plants near the parking lot;
  • On the terrace of the Venetian Hotel , there is a surprise. The roof of the building can only be reached by an airplane;
  • Los Santos Customs near Los Santos airport . You can find the peyote plant near an abandoned bus;
  • Island southeast of NOOSE In the middle of the bushes there is a nice surprise;
  • Next to a caravan in the field of the Ron Alternates wind farm . Once you reach the place, it is not very difficult to find the peyote plant;
  • West of Sandy Shores airstrip , near cacti. Maybe it may take some time to find the surprise waiting for you;
  • Vinewood Hills, hillside . Here it is a bit difficult to give a precise indication, but suffice it to say that it is not very far from one of the houses in the area;
  • Exhaust pipe in the north of Vinewood Hills . Difficult to give precise indications, you will have to search a little;
  • Ocean floor, west of the Great Ocean Highway bridge . You will have to search through the rocks to find the peyote plant;
  • Park of Paleto Bay , near one of the benches with trash. Looking closely at the park, you shouldn’t have too many problems;
  • In the seabed under a wooden pylon of the Del Perro pier ;
  • In the Tongva Valley, more precisely in Two Hoots , there is a waterfall. In the rocks that surround it there is a nice surprise;
  • At the top of Mount Chiliad , the peyote plant is located in a glimpse from which Paleto Bay is visible.

In short, Rockstar Games has hidden peyote plants almost everywhere, between the seabed, hills and whoever has more. Some may not be very easy to find: on the other hand, it is a challenge and for this reason it must test you. Definitely, it’s an interesting goal that can guarantee you several hours of fun.

Search for peyote plants GTA 5

If you have particular problems finding some peyote plants, I invite you to consult the map created by fans posted on Reddit .

For the rest, you can find other ideas for your game sessions by consulting the page of my site dedicated to GTA 5 , where you can find countless tutorials dedicated to the title of Rockstar Games.