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How to ban on Fortnite

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How to ban on Fortnite: Lately, you ‘ve been playing a lot of Fortnite , Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale title, and you’re having a lot of fun. However, a player has begun to annoy you repeatedly and you would like to put an end to this situation. You have tried in every way to block it, but you have not found any option to do it. It went like this, didn’t it? Then don’t worry: if you want I can help you and explain how to solve the problem.

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will tell you how to ban Fortnite by showing you the procedure to block a player and report it to the managers of Epic Games. I will not fail to provide you with further details on the causes and consequences that the ban in the most famous Battle Royale of the moment may entail.

Courage: all you need to do to end the unpleasant situation you are in is to follow the quick instructions below, which are valid for all versions of Fortnite. I do not go further with the chatter: I wish you only a good read and I will give you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

How to ban a player on Fortnite

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to ban on Fortnite , I think you may be interested to know more about the causes and consequences of a ban in the famous Epic Games title.

The ban, as you certainly know, is a drastic measure that is adopted when a player does not respect the rules imposed by a certain title. For example, using tricks in an online game will almost certainly lead to ban, as well as start annoying other users via voice or text chat. In short, the ban is the punishment that is inflicted on those who do not behave well.

The ban involves the total exclusion of the player from all activities related to that account or to a specific game. As you may have already guessed, it is not the users who decide which players should be banned, since their judgment may not be impartial.

The final choice is always up to the game managers, Epic Games in the case of Fortnite, and the user can only send reports to the latter, in order to facilitate their work.

Block Fortnite player

Having said that, there is something that we players can do alone: ​​each player, in fact, can decide to block the people who annoy him, so as not to meet them anymore in the game world and no longer have to interact with them.

By acting in this way, the user being blocked is not banned from the game but can no longer interact with the person who applied the restriction against him.

To find out more, read on: in the next chapters, I will explain both how to send a report to Epic Games, so that the latter checks the situation and proceeds to a possible ban of the reported user, and how to block a specific player. Enjoy the reading!

How to ban a player on Fortnite

After explaining what a ban is, I would say that you are ready to take action and have nothing more to do with that player who is disturbing you so much on Fortnite!

Epic Games account

Block Epic Games Launcher

If you want to avoid a player on Fortnite, I advise you to block him directly through the Epic Games account , so that he can no longer interact with you on any game platform.

To proceed from a PC, open the Epic Games Launcher and log in, entering your e-mail address and password in the appropriate fields and pressing the green LOGIN button (if required). After that, click on the Friends item on the left and press on the name of the player you want to block. At this point, select the BLOCK item and click the Yes button to confirm.

In case of second thoughts, just perform this procedure again and select the UNLOCK item , after selecting the name of the blocked user , then sending a new  friend request to the latter.

If, instead, you want to block a player directly from the game (PC, console or mobile device), all you have to do is start mode Battle Royale of Fortnite , to bring to the screen Friends (using the touchpad of the PS4 controller or the icon at the top left on mobile, for example), press on the name of the user to be blocked and first select the LOCK item and then select Yes . This way, the selected player will no longer be able to interact with you and bother you.

Obviously, there is no lack of the possibility to report a player to Epic Games and request a ban. To do this, you must wait to be defeated by the user involved and select the Report player item that appears at the bottom right.

At this point, you just have to select the reason for the report from those proposed (eg. Cheats and hacking ), press on the name of the player you are interested in among those present in the game, declare whether or not you know that person and press the ACCEPT button . You may also be asked to enter a brief description of the problem.

Fortnite Player Reporting

Epic Games will receive your report and check if what you say is true, proceeding to the player’s ban, in case there is clear evidence of his behavior against the rules.

Console account

Block PlayStation 4 player

If you play Fortnite from the console , I advise you to block a player through the internal account of the latter (as it is a profile that manages friends differently than the Epic Games account).

To block a player on console, you must use the native functionality of the operating system implemented in it. For example, if you have a PlayStation 4 , you have to go to the top toolbar of the main menu and press the X button on the controller on the Friends icon (the one with the two smiley faces).

At this point, select the All friends item on the left and press the X button on the pad above the name of the user to be blocked. I remind you that you can also use the Search item on the left and search for the nickname of the player you no longer want to deal with.

Now, press the (…) key and select the Block item  twice in a row. Perfect, now the selected user can no longer disturb you in Fortnite and any other PlayStation 4 title.

In case of future thoughts, just go back to the PS4 menu dedicated to friends , press the Unlock button and send the friend request again to the unlocked user. For more information on this procedure, I invite you to consult my guide on how to add friends on Fortnite .

If, on the other hand, you want to request a ban from a specific player, all you have to do is go back to the Friends tab (the one with the two smiley faces) and select the  name of the user you are interested in.

Once this is done, press the Options button on the pad, select the Report item from the menu that opens and choose the reason you want to report the player.

  • Behavior during the game or things created or shared within the game – this option is used to report a player who has behaved badly within a certain title. Often, however, the PS4 will invite you to use the game’s internal signaling system (you will therefore have to follow the instructions that I have given you in the previous chapter ).
  • Something created or shared outside the game – I recommend choosing this option in case the annoying user has sent you inappropriate content outside the game. For example, if you were insulted for no reason after a game of Fortnite. The PS4 will ask you to select the “offending” content and send a report starting from the latter. All you have to do is therefore open the message, the photo, the comment etc. to report, press the Options button on the controller, select the item Report from the proposed menu and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Something in the profile – this is the option you need to select if the user you want to block has an unpleasant online ID, real name, description or profile picture on the PlayStation Network. To proceed, you will be asked for the reason for the report (eg I think it should not be on PlayStation Network , Contains harassment or hate speech or Requires account data and personal information ) and you will have to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Ban PlayStation 4

For more details, I invite you to consult my guide on how to ban on PS4 . In case you have an Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch instead, I suggest you take a look at the official guidelines of Microsoft and Nintendo respectively .