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How to ban on Chatroulette

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How to ban on Chatroulette: Since this is a service open to all that makes randomness its reason for being, Chatroulette it is often a harbinger of leisure and entertainment but unfortunately there are cases in which unpleasant encounters are held in which the participants become protagonists of embarrassing and / or offensive facts.

These are the occasions in which it is possible to report the inappropriate behavior of some users to the Chatroulette managers and push them to ban, or block, their users. Yes, but how do you see that key Report Was it removed after the last update of the site and no longer allows you to directly report people with incorrect behavior? Let us find out together with this guide on how to ban on Chatroulette.

As mentioned, the button Report which previously allowed to report users to be banned directly to the site management has been removed in favor of some automatic systems that should instantly punish violators of the rules of the site, so if you want to find out how to ban on Chatroulette you have to resort to alternative solutions, perhaps less immediate than the previous one but still effective.

First, the most obvious solution: if there is someone who bothers you, immediately stop the conversation with him (or her) by clicking on the button Next located at the top right. In this way, you will immediately move on and be put in contact with another person in an exquisitely random way.

Alternatively, if you care that the person on the other side of the webcam is banned, try to report it to the site management by clicking on the button Spam report located just above the chat panel. If other reports are made in addition to your report, it is likely that the wrong user will be banned (at least temporarily) from Chatroulette.

You can also ban on Chatroulette prevent some people from being “caught” by the site to talk to you. By clicking on the button Settings (top right) and going to the tab Search of the window that opens, you will find an option to block users based on their age.

For example, if you only want to talk to people under 30, you can put the check mark next to the entry 13-17 and speak only with people who are 13-17 years old or next to the voice 18-29 and speak only with those between 18 and 29 years old. It won’t be a permanent solution, but it can help.