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How to backup Samsung

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Do you have a Samsung device and would like advice on how to backup the data inside it? You’re lucky: there are, in fact, many applications that you can turn to to complete this operation and today I’m here to explain how to use them.

Believe me, you are really spoiled for choice! To backup Samsung you can use the official programs of the Korean giant that allow you to save photos, contacts and many other data on your computer; you can take advantage of the cloud services of Samsung and Google to keep a constant backup of photos, videos, messages, contacts and other important information; or, not least, you can turn to other generic rescue systems for Android.

So, without hesitating one more second, make yourself comfortable and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I guarantee you that, once you have read this guide, you will be perfectly able to complete the goal you have set for yourself. , without a hitch. Happy reading and good work!

How to backup Samsung to PC

Do you need to make a backup that you can restore after formatting the device? In this case, you can take advantage of the Samsung Smart Switch program , which is the official solution made available by Samsung for the management of its devices.

To get it, connected to its home page , click on the Download button for Windows and, once the file has been downloaded, start it; now, click on the Yes button , put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and click on the Next and Finish buttons , to complete the installation of the program and start it. At the first start, you may be asked to install the available updates: after completing them, wait for the program to restart automatically and ask you to connect the device via USB .

Therefore, carry out this operation using the supplied cable, unlock the smartphone or tablet (if necessary) and tap the Allow button that appears on its screen, to authorize the program to access it. Now, click on the Download Smart Switch button which should appear on your computer display and tap the Yes button which should appear on your mobile device screen within a few moments.

Once connected, click on the Backup button resident in the Smart Switch screen on your computer, put the check mark next to the items to be saved (for some of them, you can define the saving options by clicking on the gear symbol ) and click on the button OK , to archive the data on the PC. Be careful not to close the program or the Smart Switch app until the procedure is complete, otherwise it may fail and you may have to start all over again.

How to backup Samsung to PC

Alternatively, if it is your intention to secure a copy of your personal files (photos, videos, etc.) while leaving out the aspects relating to apps and the operating system, you can copy the data through the Windows File Explorer.

To do this, connect the devices together via cable, then unlock the Samsung smartphone (or tablet) and call up the Android notification area (with a swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom); then, tap on the message indicating the word Android system twice consecutively and put the check mark next to the item File transfer / Android Auto located in the panel that appears.

Once this is done, start the Windows File Explorer (the yellow folder icon that resides in the taskbar), select the item This PC from the sidebar of the new window that has opened and double-click on the name of the Samsun g device which, at at this point, it should “open” like any other Windows folder.

To browse the internal memory, go to the internal shared memory folder ; if there is a microSD formatted as an external storage space, you can access its data by going to the External Memory / SD Card folder ; to copy files to your computer, use the classic copy and paste.

How to backup Samsung on Mac

How to backup Samsung on Mac

As for Macs , the paths that can be followed, albeit with some small differences, are almost the same as already seen for Windows: create a backup copy of the data using the proprietary Samsung Smart Switch software , or copy the device files directly to the computer, using a program called Android File Transfer .

To install Samsung Smart Switch on the Mac, connected to its official website , click on the Download iOS button and, once you have obtained the .dmg package , start it: then double-click on the SmartSwitch.pkg file residing in the screen that appears, authorize its installation by pressing the Allow button and then click on the Continue (two consecutive times) and Accept buttons .

Now, click on the Install button , enter the Mac password in the dedicated box and press the Enter key on the keyboard, to start the installation of the program. After a few minutes, you will be prompted to unlock system extensions related to Smart Switch: click the Open Security preferences button , unlock the changes by clicking on the locked lock icon visible in the lower left corner of the new screen and, when necessary , enter your computer password and press the OK button .

We’re almost there: press now the button Details … located at the bottom, affix the check mark next to the items Samsung Electronics and DevGuru Co., Ltd . and click on the OK and Restart buttons , to confirm the willingness to activate the extensions and make them operational. At the next access, start Smart Switch by recalling it from the Launchpad and proceed with creating the backup, following the same instructions seen in the chapter on Windows : the steps to be taken are almost identical.

How to backup Samsung on Mac

If, on the other hand, you prefer to opt for the “direct” copy of the files, you can take advantage of a free program called Android File Transfer , which allows macOS to recognize Android devices (including Samsung terminals) and copy their files.

To get it, connected to its home page , click on the Download Now button and, once the installation file has been downloaded, start it and drag the Android File Transfer icon into the Mac Applications folder , using the window that appears on the screen. Then, go to this last folder and start the program.

Once this is done, connect the Samsung device to the Mac via USB cable and, after unlocking it, set it in File Transfer / Android Auto mode by calling up the Android notification area (with a swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom) and tapping on the notification relating to the Android system , twice in a row.

Finally we are there: now go back to the computer and call up the window of the program installed just now, to view the contents of the memory of the Samsung terminal (if necessary, tap the Allow button that appears on the screen of the device in question, in order to authorize the comunication). To copy a file or folder, locate the item on the Android File Transfer screen and drag it to the macOS desktop (or anywhere else you want).

How to backup Samsung online

How to backup Samsung online

If you prefer to store your device content online, there are several avenues you can take. For example, you can save part of the data associated with the proprietary apps installed on the device using Samsung Cloud , the online storaging service integrated in the smartphones and tablets produced by the Korean giant.

To do this, access the Android Settings by touching the gear- shaped icon that resides on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device, tap on the wording Accounts and backups and, subsequently, on the Samsung Cloud item .

Now, if you have not yet configured the service, you will be offered a wizard to do so: if you have a Google account or a Microsoft 365 profile and want to use one of the two options to quickly access Samsung Cloud, tap on the ” appropriate button and when requested, enter the credentials associated with the chosen service.

Alternatively, touch the button to create a new account , touch the Samsung Account item and fill in the form proposed with the requested information: a valid email address , a password to be used for future access, your name , surname and date of birth . Once this is done, tap the Next button , Accept the terms of use of the service and wait a few seconds for the account association to be completed.

Following this operation, the device should immediately start synchronizing the apps installed on the device and the data related to the Internet history, reminders, calendar and Samsung address book. More info here.

If, on the other hand, you have already logged in in the past or you still want to make a manual backup of your data, tap on the words Synchronized applications , move the lever corresponding to the apps of your interest to ON ( Bluetooth , Calendar , Internet , Address book and Notes ) and start data synchronization by tapping on Synchronize now , visible at the bottom.

Now, return to the previous screen and tap on the Back up data option , in order to create a copy of the information belonging to the system apps: then select the apps of your interest (to choose from Call logs, Messages, Device contacts, Device calendar, Clock, Settings, Home screen, Applications and Voice recordings ) by placing the check mark next to the respective names, or touch the Select all item to select the entire list and touch the Backup item , which resides at the bottom, to start saving the data.

How to backup Samsung online

To complete the work and also save the data relating to Google apps and services (Address Book, People Details, Calendar, Chrome, Drive, Gmail and so on), go to the Settings menu > Accounts and backup> Backup and reset> Data backup personal Android and move the lever corresponding to the item Activated to ON .

Now, go back to the Accounts and backup menu , open the Accounts> [Google account name]> Synchronize account sections and turn the switches corresponding to the apps for which you want to save data to ON . To synchronize immediately, touch the button (⋮) located at the top right and choose the Synchronize now item , attached to the displayed menu.

If you use the Google Photos app to manage your images (I remind you that the online synchronization of the Samsung Gallery has been permanently disabled starting from 5 October 2020), you can easily make a backup of the same on the Google Drive space associated with yours. account: tap on your avatar located at the top, select the item Activate backup from the menu that is proposed to you and, after choosing whether to archive the photos in original quality or in high quality , tap the Confirm button to start uploading the Images.

In this regard, I remind you that high quality images uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not affect the space available in Google Drive. For more information about Google Photos, I refer you to reading my specific tutorial on the subject.

Other methods to backup Samsung

Other methods to backup Samsung

In addition to the methods I have indicated to you a little while ago, there are many other techniques, programs and applications that can facilitate the onerous task of securing your personal data, which can be used not only on Samsung devices, but on almost all commercially available Android smartphones and tablets.

If you want to have a complete overview of alternative backup solutions to those made available by Samsung, but still fully compatible with the devices produced by the Korean big, you can take a look at my guides on how to backup Android and how to connect Android to PC: I’m sure they will come in particularly handy!

How to backup Samsung broken screen

How to backup Samsung broken screen

Do you have a working smartphone or tablet, but whose screen is broken and therefore unusable? In this case, you may be able to unlock the screen remotely using the Samsung Cloud Find My Device service .

For your information, the latter allows you to carry out some emergency operations on the device, such as localization, recovery or, again, unlocking the screen. For this technique to be usable, however, the device in question must be turned on and connected to the Internet (even if it is blocked); furthermore, the specific function must have been previously activated from the menu Settings> Biometric data and security> Find personal device> Remote unlock (generally everything is activated automatically during device configuration).

Having clarified this aspect, let me explain how to proceed: if you have not already done so, turn on the device with a broken screen, wait a few minutes for it to start completely, then connect to this website from any computer (or smartphone) browser / tablet) and press the Login button .

How to backup Samsung

Now, enter your Samsung account credentials in the appropriate fields, press the Login button and, if necessary, press the Continue and Accept buttons , to accept the terms of use of the service.

Wait, therefore, for the side toolbar to be completely loaded and, to create a cloud backup of the data belonging to the system apps, press the Backup button visible on it, make sure that all the boxes are checked and press the Backup button again , to proceed.

Now, to remove the screen lock, click on the Unlock button twice consecutively and, when prompted, re-enter the password of the Samsung account associated with the device: after a few moments, the smartphone or tablet screen should unlock. When this happens, it connects the device to your computer via USB cable and proceed by making a backup of the data through Smart Switch or manual copy, as I explained in this chapter (for Windows) or this one (for Mac).

If, for some reason, the procedure should not be successful, you can groped to cope with the thing using a mouse and / or a USB keyboard or, again, acting through the Recovery (ie the “emergency” operating system pre-installed on the Samsung devices) and ADB software : I explained how to proceed in my guide on how to recover data from a broken phone.