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How to authenticate Skype

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How to authenticate Skype: You asked a friend of yours to format your PC and install on it all those programs that he, as a computer connoisseur, considers essential. So today you made your first meeting with Skypeyou learned that it is a very famous program for chatting and phoning over the Internet, but trying to launch it you were unable to access the service as authentication is required.

What is it about? Don’t worry about anything complicated or expensive. Indeed, it’s all free. All you have to do is create a free account on the Skype network and then you will be free to use the program as and as much as you want. The only exception should be made for calls to standard telephone accounts, for which you have to purchase Skype Credit, the rest is free. But now let’s not digress too much and find out how to authenticate skype in a little while.

All you need to find out how to authenticate skype is to start the application and click on the item Create an account located under the service login form. A web page will automatically open with the Skype subscription form: fill it in with your personal data, email, username and password you want to use to access the service and click on the button Agree – Next to complete the operation.

If you don’t feel like filling out the form and you already have an account Facebook or Microsoft (Hotmail / Live), you can sign up for Skype using data from these two services. Just click on the item Microsoft account or Facebook account which is at the top of the page, log in to your profile and that’s it.

Once you have signed up for Skype, you can use the program simply by entering the Skype name and the Password you chose when creating your account and clicking on the button Log in. For more information on the Skype sign up process, see my guide on how to sign up for Skype.

By default, Skype stores the user’s login information and automatically authenticates the account each time it is opened. If you want to prevent this from happening, you must log out of your Skype profile and log in again by choosing not to store your login data.

Put simply, this means that you have to start Skype, select the voice Go out from the menu Skype of the program and log in to the service again by removing the check mark from the item Authenticate me when Skype starts.

You are already subscribed to the service but you are unable to authenticate Skype why did you lose the password to access your profile? Then start the program, click on the item Authentication Problems? lying on the field Password and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing your e-mail address.

You will receive an email with a code a special link through which you can temporarily access Skype with a code and you can reset your account password. For more information on this procedure, read my article on how to recover Skype passwords.

Even if you enter your username and password correctly, you can’t log into your Skype account because the program gives an error or goes to freeze? Then try doing this:

  • Go to the Windows Desktop;
  • Right click on an empty spot, where there are no icons, and select the item New> Link from the menu that appears;
  • In the window that opens, type the path “C: Program Files (x86) SkypePhoneSkype.exe” / legacylogin if you are using a 64-bit operating system or “C: Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” / legacylogin if you are using a 32-bit operating system and click on Forward;
  • Type any name to assign to the link (eg. Skype) and click on end.

A new Skype icon will be created on the Desktop. Start the program through the latter, try to authenticate yourself and this time everything should go the right way. I cross my fingers for you!