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How to associate Android with Google

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How to associate Android with Google: As you surely know, Android is an operating system for smartphones and tablets developed by Google. This means that if you have purchased a mobile phone based on this platform and want to take advantage of all the services it offers, you must have a Google account and connect it to the device.

With today’s guide, I therefore want to illustrate you how to associate android with google and immediately start using the Android Market or services such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Reader and YouTube, on your new smartphone using the same Google profile you use on your computer. You’ll see, it’s a real breeze!

If you want to learn how to associate android with google, all you have to do is go to the smartphone application menu by pressing the blue button located at the bottom right of the Android main screen and select the icon Settings (the blue gear).

Then scroll down the menu that opens, select the item Accounts and synchronization to access the settings relating to the accounts to be connected to the phone and first press the button Add account (placed at the bottom) and then on the item Google to start the wizard for associating a Google account with Android. To complete this process, you must be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cellular data network).

In the screen that opens, press the Next button and, depending on whether you already have a Google account or want to create a new one, tap the button Log in or Create. Assuming you already have a Google account and have therefore selected the entry Log in, now you have to enter your Google profile login data in the fields Username And Password and press the button Log in.

It then waits for the connection to be made for associate Android with Google and, if everything went well, a screen will appear asking you if you want to activate the backup and synchronization of your mobile phone data with your Google account. In this case, leave everything as default (i.e. with the backup enabled) and press the button first Forward and then on Finish configuration to complete the operation and save the changes.

Done! Now your Google account is connected to your mobile phone and you will be able to freely access all Google services, as well as theAndroid Market, without having to authenticate. I told you it was so easy!.